As The World Turns Update Friday 2/2/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 2/2/01

By Glynis

Molly and Jake are looking for clues as to what happened to Vicky. A man that has information on Vicky is confronting them. He starts talking and they hear noises from the back of he room. Molly looks behind a curtain and they see a doorÖa door that Molly saw in her dream. The door has a cross on it and they can hear a woman screaming it seems from behind it. Jake recognizes the voice as Vickyís. The man that they are with is holding a gun on them. They tell him that the person that is down behind the door is Vicky. He wants no part in whatever they are involved in. Molly gets his attention and Jake fights the man throwing the gun out of his hand. The man still gets his hands on the gun, but it flies out of the manís hands and into Mollyís. Molly gives the gun to Jake and he holds it on the man. The noise and rattling behind the door continues and Molly implores Jake to put the gun down. She tells Jake that Vicky canít be brought back, and this could ruin his life. He needs to forget about the man and go ahead and see what is behind the door. The door is shaking and the screams are louder. Jake reaches for the door handle to open it.

Emily and Isaac are together talking of Craig and how he runs the show. She would like to get rid of him. She knows that Isaac knows something about that slime. She assures him that his secret is safe with her. He doesnít trust her exactly. She wants a bit of information on him. Isaac thinks that she would put the information on the front page of her rag. She thinks how cool and ingenious it was of him to get out from under Craig. Isaac had to get Craig out of his life or die trying. She thinks that he could tell her about his tactics. She strokes his hands in a sexy manner. He thinks that they have a win-win situation. He tells her that they should go to his place. She stalls and tells him that they should finish their drinks and talk some more. He tells her that there is a name for girls like her. Isaac agrees to help her out so that Craig can be taken down a notch. He will only help if she doesnít use his name. He tells he that the cops are after Craig and if they keep searching, they are going to find something. Craig has some hot property but he doesnít know yet. The property is worth 10 million. That is grand larceny and they could put him away for years. Craig is not the only one after this property and they are not very nice. Someone even got knifed over it. He warns her to be careful.

Julia meets with John at a restaurant. She tells him that she is fine. Jack wanted her to talk with someone because he doesnít think that she is acting right since her miscarriage. There is no rule book for that. She wants medical advice from him. If she has an emotional problem she could talk to Dr. Michaels. She canít talk to someone that she doesnít know yet. He doesnít know what she wants from him. She doesnít understand people thinking that she is acting strange. She is more worried that she is losing her husband than anything else is right now. John tells her that losing a child can take a strain on a marriage. They can stick together and toughen up together. She will do anything for Jack. She has to think of herself as well as Jack. This depression can be delayed. How can she be depressed when her problem is losing Jack, not the baby? John tells her that there are symptoms to this depression. It can last a lifetime.

Jack and Carly are talking about his situation. Julia is in bad shape and every time that he comes home, he is walking on a tightrope. He knows that she is mourning her baby. They had problems before the baby but he just didnít see it. They never argued. They were playing house. They didnít get to know each other. They never said anything to each other that was of substance. He is not sure that they can talk together now. He thinks that it may be too late for them. He doesnít know if one or both of them changed, but it doesnít feel right anymore. He feels like he is sharing his life with a stranger, and he has a lot of feelings for her. What he feels for Carly is different it is deeper. They have compasses that point to each other. All Julia lives for is to please him. He is going to end the marriage. He has to. Is this meaning that there is a chance for Carly and Jack after all? He canít walk away right now. Carly needs to know what he sees when he thinks of the both of them. It is too soon and he is not going to make the same mistake with Carly. It is going to take time. It is not impossible though. This is the first time that he is not saying no. She can wait for as long as it will take. She will be happy to dump Craig at the nearest carousel. She will be careful, but she thinks that she can get out. She wants him to concentrate on Julia so that she can get on with her life. She has had a lot of practice waiting and she has gotten really good at it. She kisses his cheek and he kisses her fully on the lips. They share an embrace.

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