As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/31/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/31/01

By Laurie

Jack tells Hal that he won't have any part of the Craig Montgomery case. He says it got too personal last time because of Carly.

Holden arrives at Julia's to offer support and notices that she still has her prenatal pills.

Ben tells Curtis that he talked to the foster program and he will be adopting him soon. Meanwhile, Curtis tries to set up Ben and Denise and sends for flowers from Ben to Denise.

Molly and Jake prepare to go to Ontario to identify the body. The start to leave Jake's office when Vickie appears. Jake explains what he thinks the four ones mean, and that they are going to see if the body is hers. Vickie says to go ahead but it may be difficult for them. Molly tells her that they will do whatever it takes to find out what happened. They leave.

Ben tells Denise and Isaac that he will be adopting Curtis. The flowers come for Denise.

Julia tells Holden that the pills are an old prescription. She says that she is going to keep them in case she gets pregnant again. Holden tells her he is sorry for always keeping jack away. He had been working on his case about his horse.

Carly walks in on Hal and jack. Jack leaves and Carly asks Hal about Winston's money. He says to leave it alone. He then asks about what is going on between her and Jack. She tells him that she won't have any part in any of the case against Craig. Hal starts to tell her that her character has changed for the better and she has been acting so great towards Julia even after what Julia did to her. She asks what he means and he tells her that Julia is the one who called Craig and told him about the wire. She gets upset and goes to confront Jack.

Curtis asks Isaac to stay away form Denise so that she will have a chance with Ben. Curtis tells him that if he doesn't he'll lose Ben.

Jake and Molly go tot he police station in Ontario and asks to see the photo so they can ID it. The officer hands it to him and he looks at it for a moment and positively ID's it. He asks the officer why nobody contacted him. The officer explains that since she was presumed dead and there weren't any missing persons report, it was too difficult to find out who she was. Plus the plane crashed over Lake Michigan, they didn't think to look in Canada.

Isaac asks Curtis why he'll lose Ben. Curtis tells him that there's less of a chance that he'll get adopted by a singe dad. Curtis says he doesn't want to lose Ben because e finally he feels loved. Denise tells Ben that they can't get back together and shows him the card he "sent".

Jack tells Carly that Julia saw him put the wire on her and that she must've gotten the wrong idea and that she got a little crazy. Carly tells him that she has always been that way and reminded him that she knew Winston had her and that she shot David Stenbeck even though he was dead. Then this. She says that Julia should be locked up.

Holden tells Julia he has to leave and tells her to call if she needs anything. After he is gone, she looks through Jacks police files and sees one marked "Holden". She looks inside and reads about the horse and sees Winston's name connected to it. She thinks of Carly and crumples up the paper.

Carly tells Jack that he and Julia shouldn't be together because of Julia's lies. He says he has feeling for Julia. Carly says He has feelings for her too. She said Julia told her that Carly was in his blood.

Jake says he'll have a wonderful funeral for Vickie and invite all her friends and family. Molly says she has a feeling they aren't done yet. They start to leave when the door slams shut.

Ben reads the note. Denise tells him that she doesn't want to be with him because she would be breaking their vows. She says she is happy around Isaac, and he makes her feel free. He accepts that and takes the flowers with him as he and Curtis leave. Isaac asks Denise if she is ok. She tells him that her and Ben are finally settled. He then asks her out. She agrees.

Jack tells Carly that he is committed to Julia. Carly tells Jack that she still loves him and always will. But, she can't put her life on hold anymore for him and it's time for her to leave. He doesn't stop her.

The officer come back and tells Jake that Vickie died of a head trauma not of drowning. Plus, she didn't die right away. She died three days later on November 11th... (11-11)

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