As The World Turns Update Monday 1/29/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 1/29/01

By Laurie

Craig is still trying to reach Mei Lin in Hong Kong. Carly comes in and he tells her to leave because he has a lunch date with Barbara. She says that he should be careful with Hal and he says that Hal will not be a problem.

Hal tells Barbara that if they don't try to work out their problems, the kids will think that they don't care about them. He suggests counseling again. She agrees unwillingly and he calls to make an appointment.

Lily waited in the barn all night for Holden to come home. Emma sees her asleep and covers her up.

Holden wakes up in Rose's hotel room and he remembers that their night when they made love. Rose comes in from getting donuts and asks him how he fells about the night before. He says that the whole evening was fun and that he had a good time. She says that she has no expectations from him.

Hal makes an appointment with the counselor for that afternoon. He tells Barbara that they have a lot to fight for and that she should give it a chance. He said if she still wants to split up afterwards, he won't put up a fight. She agrees.

Carly tells Craig that his obsession with Hal is getting in the way of getting Winston's money. Craig says if she sabotages the relationship with him and Barbara she'll regret it. He leaves and Lucinda sneaks in. Lucinda compliments Carly's clothes and says she admires her. Lucinda questions Carly and Craig's relationship. Carly assures her that they are only friends and there is no romance. Lucinda tells her that Craig is broke.

Craig goes to Barbara's house with flowers and she tells him that her marriage is in trouble and that they are going to see a marriage counselor that afternoon. Craig tells her to follow her heart and don't go with the advise of the doctor.

Holden tells Rose that if he didn't want to be there he wouldn't have gone to her hotel room. He says she makes him smile and he has a good time with her. He said that they should follow their relationship wherever it leads.

Barbara tells Craig that she is going to her appointment and will see him afterwards for their date. Craig leaves and calls someone for a "meeting."

Lucinda tells Carly that Craig is penniless and that he borrowed against Bryant's trust fund illegally. She says that she will take care of Carly by setting up a place for her to live and money if Carly find out what Craig is doing with his money. Carly refuses because she doesn't need the money, because her and Craig are going to get Winston's money soon. Lucinda tells Carly that Craig shouldn't get any of that money because she is Winston's widow.

Margo gives Hal a note from the commissioner saying that he needs to meet with him in an hour. Hal says that he will have to call Barbara and tell her that he will be late for their appointment.

Lily and Joe talk about Lily's problems with Holden. He tells her that she has changes and that she needs to accept the change. He says she needs to be happy for herself not for anyone else.

Holden tells Rose that they will take one day at a time. He leaves and says he'll see her around.

Lucinda tells Carly that Craig has brainwashed her and he doesn't know everything and everyone. Lucinda tells Carly to work with her and she will make sure Carly gets all of her money. Lucinda tells her to think about it and leaves.

Barbara goes to the appointment and the doctor tells her that Hal will be late. Barbara starts to leave for the waiting room and the doctor tells her she can start without him. Barbara tells the doctor that her marriage is over and nothing and nobody will change that.

Hal goes to his appointment with the Commissioner and Craig is there. Craig is filing a complaint against Hal for slander.

Lily thanks Joe for the advice when Holden walks in.

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