As The World Turns Update Friday 1/26/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 1/26/01

By Laurie

Molly and Jake are trying to figure out what November 11th means. They make notes and still haven't found anything useful, yet.

Kim and Barbara are talking about Barbara and Hal's relationship and that they are getting a divorce. Hal comes home and asks where the kids are. Barbara tells then they went out.

Bryant, Adam, Jennifer and Abigail find Gabriel Frank's crypt. Bryant wants to open it to prove that Gabriel is not it in. Abigail and Adam don't want to. They want to leave.

Gabriel and Ruby break into Bryant's guest house and start to look around.

Lucinda asks Craig what he did with Bryant's money in the trust fund. Craig says Bryant can't touch his fund for 3 years and by then it will be put back. Lucinda asks him what he is doing with the money and Craig won't tell her. Lucinda also reminds him that Sierra paid his bill for the hotel and he should be grateful or else he would have been on the streets if it weren't for her.

Barbara and Hal start arguing about the kids. Kim is still there, but they still continue. Kim suggest counseling. Hal says it's not a bad idea, they should. Barbara said that it's too late she doesn't want to. Kim said that they should try it for the kids.

Bryant tries to open the Crypt. Jen says she will help and Abigail and Adam said they are going home. Then they hear someone coming and they hide. The groundskeeper comes in and looks around. He doesn't see the kids, but sees the damage on the Crypt and calls for the police on his radio.

Hal calls Molly and asks if Abigail knew where Jennifer and Adam was. Molly tells him that Abigail and Adam went to the movies. Hal and Barbara both apologize to Kim about their arguing. She tells them both that they should still work it out.

Craig suggests to Lucinda that she pays for the loan so Bryant will have his trust fund out of collateral. She laughs at him and says that he stole the money not borrowed. Lucinda tells him that he would have needed her signature and threatens to tell Hal about it.

The kids are still hiding and Adam and Abigail distract the groundskeeper and take off running. He runs after them and Jennifer and Bryant are alone in the Crypt. Abigail calls Molly and tells her that they did not go to the movies but they would be home soon and Jen and Bryant were with them. Molly hangs up the phone and tells that November 11th was the day that changed her life. That was the day that she was going to change her life and make a better person of herself and that was also the day she had lunch with Abigail's mother. She wanted to make a good impression. Jake brings up Vickie's boys and tells her how hard it was to tell them about their Mom dying. Jake says maybe Vickie wants them to look after the boys. They decide to go to the City Times to look up articles on November 11th. Before they leave, she calls Barbara and tells her that Abigail called and the kids are fine and Jen is with Bryant. Hal goes to Bryant's house to wait for Jen.

Bryant gets the casket open and Jennifer sees a skull and screams.

Gabriel and Ruby still in Bryant's house looking around when Lucinda shows up, knocking on the door. They hide.

Bryant takes the skull out and looks at it and it's a fake. There is a note in the skull and it says "Gone Fishing." Jennifer gets mad then and says that they won't give up until they find Gabriel Frank.

Lucinda lets herself in to Bryant's house and Hal comes by and tells her that Bryant and Jen are together. She asks him if he is still interested in nailing Craig. She says that she will give him some information if he eases up on Bryant's case. Lucinda tells Hal that she will keep in touch. Hal leaves and then Lucinda leaves. Gabriel and Ruby come out of hiding and then leave also.

Craig calls Barbara and asks her to come to his suite for lunch the next day. She agrees.

Jake and Molly go through the news articles and can't find anything. Jake goes to shut the door and then there is a strong wind that blows all the papers on the ground except for one. It's a memo from Canada. It says that a man found a woman's body in the Great Lakes and that nobody had identified her. Jake says that is near where Vickie's plane crashed.

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