As The World Turns Update Thursday 1/25/01



As The World Turns Thursday 1/25/01

By Glynis

Emma and Lily are discussing her action lately. Lily didnít want this to happen. Emma assures her that she doesnít hate her. Emma tells her that everyone loves beginnings because they are new and exciting and then those days pass. That time might come with Simon when he wants a normal life and what is she to do then. Emma is not judging her, but she has lived a long time and the most wonderful moments of her life is looking into the eyes of her husband and finding those moments again and again. She wonders if Lily choosing Simon means that she doesn't have any feelings with Holden anymore. Lily loves Holden and seeing him with their children makes her very happy. Holden has been waiting for Lily for weeks. There is no telling how long Holden will wait for her. Lily knows that she has to see him. It isnít fair for Holden to take her back when she loves another man. She will loose everything.

Rose and Holden are together outside her door and they talking about the night that they spent hanging out together. It brought back many memories for her. It was a lot of fun. The night is over now and she thanks him for the great time. She has to get her boots off because her feet are killing her. She invites him in to warm up. She lets him into her home. He walks in and tells her that he canít stay very long, he has to get up at the crack of dawn. She shows him things in her room. Mitzy has been sending her stuff. She offers him Italian wine that she got from her father. She asks him to do the honors. She gives him a glass and pours him a drink. They drink and he has a seat on her bed. It is really bouncy. She sits with him. They decide to drink to a new beginning and their friendship. Rose is really nervous sitting in her room with her dream man. She canít believe it. She offers him more wine, but he refuses it. Holden takes her hand and finds that it is cold. She must have a warm hand. He thinks that it is fun to live in the moment. Whatever happens, happens. He kisses her. She canít believe it. He tells her that he knows exactly who he is and what he wants. He is doing what feels right. What he wants. He touches her face and kisses her again. Soon they are both kissing each other and falling over in the bed. Rose cannot believe her good luck or that Holden is choosing to be with her at that moment.

Chris and Emily are together talking about starting over. He kisses her.

Matthew, Abigail, Jennifer and Bryant are at the cemetery. They find what they are looking for her. The teens shine a light on the tombstone and know what they must do next.

Lucinda comes to see Craig and asks him why Bryantís trust fund if frozen. What kind of man steals his own sonís trust fund money? She demands an answer from him for his actions. Craig is looking very stressed out at her questions.

Lily is at the farm. She is looking around by herself and thinking of her life and itís options. It is nice to be alone on the farm. She thinks of her life and wonders what is the right thing to do.

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