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As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/24/01

By Laurie

Lucinda goes to the airport to see Sierra off and Matthew is there instead. He tells her that Sierra went somewhere and will be back shortly. Lucinda sits down and waits. Gabriel Frank sits next to her.

Bryant is at his house when his Mom (Sierra) comes and says she wants him to leave Oakdale with her. They'll go to Florida first then off to Montega. He gets angry and tells her no.

Craig is in his suite and listens to his messages. It's the hotel manager telling him that he is extremely over due in his payment. If he does not pay, he will be asked to leave. So, Craig tries to call Mei Lin in Hong Kong for money.

Jack and Julia are talking at their home and she sees the baby's blanket. Jack says he will put it away. She snaps at him and says not to touch it. She says she is not ready to put away the baby's things. Julia said it's a reminder of all the love they had. Jack says he is not going to forget the baby and he just wants to hold her.

Adam arrives home from Tom and Margo's. Hal says he needs to talk to him. Jennifer asks if he wants a soda. Adam wants to know what is going on. Jen tells him that his dad and her Mom are splitting up. Jen tells Adam that Barbara found another man, Craig Montgomery. Hal tells Adam that they will have to move out since it is Barbara's house. Jennifer asks him to wait and Hal says he can't.

Sierra tells Bryant that she didn't send him to live with Lucinda because of Craig's attitude, but because she wanted to protect him. She said she couldn't handle Bryant's questioning and disappointments toward her for divorcing Craig. Sierra tries to persuade Bryant to leave with her. He says he can't because of Jen. He said it's time he takes care of himself. Sierra tells him the story of when Craig was in an airplane crash and she was worried that he would never know his son. She said Craig loves him very much. Sierra hugs Bryant and leaves.

Gabriel Frank starts talking to Lucinda and introduces himself as "Mr. Young". He says he is a big fan of hers. Frank says that he is a single parent like herself and wants to provide for his daughter like Lucinda has for her kids. Frank says Lucinda must've started early and that he should probably start a trust fund. Lucinda tells him that it is bad form to question a lady about her finances. He apologizes and that his is trying to start his own business. He asks for advice. Lucinda suggests that he get life insurance. He asks about trust funds and what she thinks that is a fair amount. She won't tell him what she put in her kids and grandkids, but says that a trust fund shows how much a child is spoiled.

Jennifer and Adam can't believe that their parents are splitting up. Jen says that they need to go to the old Mill to talk to Bryant. Adam doesn't thinks its a good idea because of their parents situation. Since Bryant is Craig's son. Jen tells him that it will be OK, and they leave.

Julia lays down with the baby blanket and the doorbell rings. Jack goes to answer the door and it's Hal. He asks Jack where he has been. Jack tells Hal that they need to talk outside. Jack tells Hal that Julia lost the baby. Hal apologizes. Jack says that it is all his fault that Julia miscarried. Hal says no, it's Craig Montgomery's fault.

Craig is trying to get a hold of Mei Lin when Sierra comes to the door. She says she needs to talk to him. Sierra tells Craig that she is worried about him. He puts on a front and she tells him to stop that she knows him better than that. She said she just wants him to be happy, that is all she ever wanted. She then asks how their marriage got in the way of his business. Craig said he needed 'more'. Sierra said that the hotel recognized her and gave her the bill to his room. She said she is worried about Bryant because of Craig's influences. Sierra then hands Craig the bill and tells him she paid it.

Jen and Adam meet Bryant and Abigail at the mill. Bryant tell them about the scam and that he faces 2-5 years in prison unless he finds Gabriel Frank. Adam tells him that Margo told him he is dead. Bryan says he is not dead and to prove it the are going to dig up his grave.

Jack tells Hal that it is not Craig's fault Julia Miscarried. Hal said he poisoned his family now he is going to poison Jacks too. Jack tells him no it's his fault because he wasn't there for Julia and he was always working on the case. He said that Julia saw him with his arms around Carly. He said that he also told Julia that he had feeling for Carly then she miscarried that night. Hal says it was Craig's from the beginning of the investigation. Jack tells him to stop and that he doesn't want to hear it, just because Hal is angry about his home life. Hal tells Jack that when he is ready, he can return to work. Jack says he doesn't know when he will be ready. He tells Hal that Julia thought the baby was a boy and that Jack made a sled for his son.

Sierra shows up at the airport. Lucinda asks her where she was. Sierra tells her that she said good-bye to Bryant then went to see Craig. "Mr. Young" looks on and listens. Sierra asked Lucinda if she knew about Craig's money problems. Lucinda said no. Sierra showed her a copy of the hotel bill. She says she is worried about Craig. Lucinda says she shouldn't worry. Sierra says that she wishes she did things differently with their marriage. Lucinda tells her that the problems aren't relevant now. Lucinda says she will take care of Bryant but his relationship with his dad is up to him. Sierra asks her to keep an eye on Bryant's trust fund. Lucinda says not to worry-she's make sure he doesn't touch it until she says so. Ruby shows up at the airport and gets Gabriel's (Mr. Young) attention.

Abigail says she is not going to dig up anyone's grave. Adam says he wont either and they both agree that the spirits should be left alone. Bryant says that all Abigail has to do is drive them there. If he doesn't get help he could go to prison for up to 5 years. Adam says that they don't even know where the grave is. Bryant told him to look in Margo's files and get the address for them. Jennifer asks them to please help. They can't do it by themselves. Abigail and Adam agree to help. They will meet that night at 7pm. Adam says he will look through his mom's papers for the address.

Bryant thanks Jen for backing him up. He says that he'll tap into his trust fund and get back on his feet and make a better life for himself.

Adam gets his moms files and he and Jen find out where the cemetery is and write down the address. They start to leave and Adam finds the letter he wrote to Tom and Margo thanking them for dinner. He says he should just toss it because he'll be living there soon anyway. Jennifer tells him that no matter what happens with their parents, he and Jen will always be family.

Hal walks in his house and goes to pack away Adams backpack and books, then changes his mind and sets them by the door. He sadly walks upstairs.

Lucinda and Sierra hug good-bye while Gabriel and Ruby look on. Lucinda looks at the hotel bill.

Craig looks at his copy of his hotel bill and throws it away.

Julia looks at the baby's sonogram.

Jack is looking at the sled he made, outside alone.

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