As The World Turns Update Tuesday 1/23/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 1/23/01

By Glynis

Barbara, Hal and Craig are at Craig's apartment. Barbara has just arrived and Hal says to her that he writes her a card and she responds in this manner? She doesn't understand what is going on, but Hal doesn't talk with her anymore about it. He just walks out the door. Barbara comes in, but still is mystified about the words that Hal has spoken. Craig tries to make her stay, but she is sure that she has to go. She doesn't want to hurt Craig deliberately. Craig thinks that Hal was following her. She is sorry about the things that have happened that evening. She doesn't want him to drive her home. She just wants to leave. This is going to take a while to sort out. She thinks that she should go, but she will call him. He kisses her head and she leaves. He knows that she will call and after Hal is finished with her, she will be back and Craig will be waiting.

Molly is back to work and ready for anything. She tells Kim that she is ready for work and will not let anyone down. Kim welcomes her back with open arms and tells her that she just has to make herself happy. She feels that she has two jobs now. She is helping Vicky and she is back on the air. She gets the feeling that whomever needs her has to do with the number eleven. This is the feeling that she is getting. They have to do something because something bad is going to happen.

Hal has made it home and he sees the flowers on the table. He reads the note with it. "Miss you." He crumples up the piece of paper and throws it out. She didn't even read the note he had in an envelope. He rips it up and tosses it to the floor. He picks up the vase of flowers and throws it into the wall. Barbara arrives and Hal thinks that there is nothing to speak about. She tells him that she doesn't know what he stalking about. He tells her to forget it. He didn't know that she would be at Craig's. He told her that Hal threatened him. She thinks that she knows how Hal feels. Hal knows how Barbara feels now. She thinks that she can come and go as she feels whenever she gets the urge. He proves that her actions do not prove fatal to the both of them. He hopes that he still loves her after this is all over. He leaves the house.

Simon and Lily discuss that Katie may not be making up her pregnancy. He heard her throwing up. He believes that she is pregnant. Faith seems like she was getting a fever and Lily was thinking what if she wasn't there to be with her. Now there is another baby to consider. They would be destroying two families. Maybe this is life's way of telling them that they were not meant to be. She is thinking that maybe it is true that they should stay apart. He doesn't want her to give up yet until they are sure that Katie isn't pregnant. She tells him to find out as soon as possible. She will be waiting. Simon leaves.

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