As The World Turns Update Monday 1/22/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 1/22/01

By Laurie

Molly's first day at WOAK. Everyone is welcoming her and glad she is back. Jake and Abigail are her support system Vickie appears and she watches Molly, but nobody saw her.

Rose and Denise are at The Java Underground for their first day of The Raindancers. Denise is nervous, but Isaac tells her she will do fine. Ben walks in with Curtis.

Margo asks Katie if she really is pregnant. Margo threatens to call Lyla. Katie tells her not to. Margo asks again if she is pregnant and Katie throws herself at Margo asking for help.

Simon calls Lily on her cell phone while she is at the Snyder farm and tells her that Katie is pregnant. Lily takes her call outside because she is too upset. Emma and Holden wonder what is going on. Lily tells Simon that Katie is lying. Simon says he wishes he could change things. Lily tells Simon about all the lies Katie has told in the past. Now she is lying about the baby.

Margo asks Katie how this happened. Katie told her Simon will help her and take responsibility. Katie tells her that is why she asked her why she asked about pregnancy. Katie tells her that maybe it was a mistake to come by. Margo tells her to stay and tells her how it is to be pregnant. She tells Katie about morning sickness and mood swings. Margo gives her some books about pregnancy and wants her to make a Dr. appointment with her obstetrician.

Lily asked Simon if Katie has had morning sickness. He said yes she did that morning. Lily asked if Katie took a pregnancy test and if she went to the doctor. He said she did, but he hasn't seen any proof. Lily says that she wants the name of Katie's Dr. because she still thinks Katie is lying. Simon says if she is lying then he will handle it. If not then he will take care of the baby. Luke comes out and tries to get Lily's attention. Lily hangs up and Holden comes out to see what is wrong. Luke tells him that she had been crying. Lily said they had to leave.

Jake tells Molly she'll do fine. While Molly starts the news broadcast, Vickie appears in the dressing area and Jake sees her.

Ben and Curtis come and Rose says hello to them. Curtis is not too thrilled that he is the only boy in the class. Rose brings in the rest of the class which is all girls and they all introduce themselves. Denise asks Rose if she got the T-shirts and Rose said she did not because she had a lot on her mind. She tells Denise that Lily is telling Holden that she wants a divorce.

Luke asks Lily if they can stay a while longer. Holden tells Luke to go inside and help Emma with the pie. Holden tells Lily that he knows that she was talking to Simon. He says he knows she must have strong feelings for him. Lily says that she has to leave.

Katie starts yelling at Margo that she had seen a doctor and she can find her own. Margo says she is concerned about Katie because she lives in a garage. Katie tells her that she is always putting her down. Margo tells her that she is worried about her future.

Molly finishes her first segment and Abigail congratulates her. Molly wonders where Jake is. Abigail says she didn't know. Jake is talking to Vickie and he asks her why she s there. He tells her that she needs to go. Not only for herself, but for him and Molly as well. he just wants to understand why she is there. She says she can't leave and she says it is a matter of life and death. Her death. Jake says he is trying to help her. She says she need to see Molly right then. He asks her to wait. She says that she has to see her. Jake tells Vickie that it's Molly's first day and it's important to her. An assistant sees Jake talking to himself. Jake turns around to look at her and she walks away. When he turns to talk to Vickie again, she is gone.

Denise tells Rose it's awkward for her to hear Rose talk about Lily and Holden because they are friends. Denise says she knows how Rose feels to love someone she can't have. They start their dance lessons, but find out their CD's are missing. The DJ took them by mistake the night before. Ben says he will get then back and he leaves. Denise says they will improvise. They'll talk about the history of dance. The class aren't happy about that and Isaac shows them how to breakdance. He grabs Denise and she dances with him. All the class tries it except Curtis. Curtis then asks how long he has been after Denise.

Katie goes home and calls for Simon but he is not there. Just then he comes home and calls for her. She runs to the bathroom to throw up. She comes out to talk to him and tells him that she has had morning sickness all day.

Lucinda goes to Lily's house and tells her that she thought she has to wait for someone. That is why Lily couldn't go to Sierra's party. Lucinda asked Lily if she told Holden it is over. Lily said no. Lucinda asks her if she still loves Holden. Lily said yes. She asks if Lily loves Simon, and Lily said yes. Lucinda then asks which one will she choose.

Isaac asks why Curtis things he is after Denise. Curtis says he has eyes. Ben comes in with the CD's and Rose and Denise start their lessons. Ben explains to Curtis about love connections and sometimes love takes time. Ben and Isaac both admire Denise.

Katie tells Simon she told Margo about the baby. She then gets emotional and apologizes for her mood swings. She then grabs a bag of junk food and dumps it on the table. She starts eating everything. Simon tells Katie that they should go to the doctor together. Katie says that she already did but agrees to go together. Then she asks Simon to get pizza for dinner because she has been having cravings. Simon leaves and Katie calls Henry and tells him that she needs that Dr.

Abigail asks Jake where he went. Jake tells her that Vickie was there. He says she left, but is afraid that she will come back. Vickie is hiding in the rafters.

Lucinda hugs Lily and tells her everything will be OK. Lucinda says that it is not fair to Lily and the kids. Lucinda apologizes to Lily for trying to have Simon deported. Lily says that apologies don't solve everything. Lily said she has to read a bed time story to the kids and she leaves and then Lucinda leaves. Simon walks in the living room.

Rose, Denise, Isaac, Curtis and Ben celebrate the first day of dance class. Curtis asks Denise if she will have dinner with Ben and himself. She says she'll take a rain check and thanks Ben for getting the CD's They leave and then Isaac asks her if there is anything she needs help with.

Emma asks Holden if he needs anything. She leaves for a walk. The phone rings and it's Rose. She tells him that they've finished their first day of class and asks if he has seen Lily. He said he did see her earlier. She asks if he will go out to dinner with her and he says no he is not up to it and had a really big lunch. She hangs up and tells Denise that she is frustrated with Holden.

Lily runs into Simon. She says that the INS will find him there. He says he is not worried about them. He asks her what do they do now.

Molly goes back on the air and sees Vickie right before she is supposed to start. Vickie tells a stunned Molly, "Molly, they need you."

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