As The World Turns Update Friday 1/19/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 1/19/01

By Laurie

Lily is in her home when the doorbell rings. She thinks it may be Simon. She answers it and it is Lucinda. She asks Lily to come to Sierra's going away party. Lily says she can't because she is waiting for something. Lucinda says she knows Lily is waiting for Simon. Lily says that Simon is telling Katie that their marriage is over. She then tells her that she is going to tell Holden that their marriage is over as well and that she loves Simon. Lucinda tells Lily she is out of her mind.

Simon is stunned to find out that Katie is pregnant. She reminds him that it only takes one time to become pregnant. He says that tonight was the night that was supposed to change his life forever. But Katie wants to know about their future.

Jack and Holden are at the stables looking at the horse. Jack tells him just to keep the horse and don't worry about where it came from. Holden says he is worried about Abigail riding it. Jack said if something was going to happen to her it would have already happened. Holden said that he is worried that someone might come look for the horse. Jack said to drop it because if Carly is their only lead then he can't help him.

Carly takes Julia to the hospital. Julia is having cramps and is bleeding. John tells Carly to take Julia to a cubicle. Julia wants to know why Carly is being so nice to her. Carly says because there is a baby involved. Julia tells her that if she loses the baby, she loses Jack too. Carly tried to get her to relax. Julia wishes Jack was with her. Carly said that when the doctor comes in she will go look for Jack. Julia tells Carly that she thought Jack was with her because Jack said his feelings for Carly won't go away. Carly leaves to find Jack.

Simon asks Katie if she is sure she's pregnant. She says yes even though she didn't take a home test. She said that she wasn't sure the last two months because she is irregular anyway. Then she says that she saw a doctor in Peoria and he confirmed it. Simon asked his name and she said she couldn't remember. Simon doesn't believe her and she says she is sick and she leaves the room.

Lucinda asks Lily what about Simon she can't resist. She says it must be the accent because of Derek and Damien. She reminds her that those relationships didn't last. Lily says she doesn't have to tell her. Lucinda shows her the picture Luke drew of Lily, Holden, Hope and himself. Lily then tells Lucinda that she always had different men when Lily was growing up. Lucinda then crumples up the picture.

Jack tells Holden that he won't let Carly get involved with the horse. Holden asks Jack if he is still in love with Carly. jack says that he has a family and now a baby to think of. Carly walks in and tells Jack that she needs to talk to him. Holden leaves them alone. Carly tells Jack that he needs to go to the hospital because Julia is in the hospital and the baby may not make it.

Julia wants to find out what is wrong with her baby. Dr. Samuels leaves to get the sonogram results. Julia confides in John how happy she was about the baby. She said she never felt alone when Jack wasn't there because the baby was with her. Jack comes in then Dr. Samuels says the new isn't good. She says the sonogram said the baby is not alive. Julia is in denial and Dr. Samuels says it's over, there is no heartbeat.

John tells Carly that she found Jack quickly. She told him Julia told her where to look. He then asks about Parker. They see Julia being wheeled out of her cubicle and John says," The people should have babies, can't and the people who shouldn't-- well you know the rest." Carly tells him thank you for taking care of Julia.

Katie puts eye drops in her eyes to make it look like she is crying. She tells Simon that she just wants him to believe her. He says he only want to make sure there haven't been any mistakes. Katie says that he was to blame too. He threw the condom out and she says that she should have stopped herself. But they conceived a child and she is happy about it. She then says she will be fine. Simon says that he will help her and she's not alone. Katie then asked Simon what he was going to tell her when he first came in.

Luke and Holden are playing in a fort they made in Emma's kitchen. Lily walks in and Luke asks her if she will play with them. She plays "Tiger" with them under the sheets of the fort. Emma walks in and sees them happy and playing.

Simon says that what he was going to tell Katie was not important. He then tells her that he will take responsibility for the baby. It will just take time for him to get used to it. He then asked her when the baby was due. She said she forgot to ask. He says he has to leave for a minute. While he's gone, she calls Henry and gets his machine. She says that the plan is working, but she needs a doctor ASAP from Peoria. She then calls Margo and asks her if she can go over to talk.

Luke tells Emma about his day with Holden. Lily says that whatever they do together is special, because he is his father. Luke wants Lily to stay for dinner. She agrees then they all race to the pond.

Carly asks jack what's happening with Julia. He said he didn't know. He says Julia wanted this baby and she was already a good Mom. He says he wasn't there for her. Carly tells him that they will always love this baby. He thanks her for helping Julia. Jack says Julia will need him now more than ever. He feels guilty because he wasn't there for her for doctors appointments or emotionally. He cries and says it hurts so much. Carly tells him that she is there for him. Jack then talks to Dr. Samuels. She says Julia is fine and is sleeping. She says it is common for a miscarriage to happen in the first trimester. It's natures way of telling them that there was probably something wrong with the baby from the beginning. She tells him that he and Julia can try to have another baby again soon.

Katie goes to Margo's and says she wants to start a new job in print journalism. She starts talking about teenage pregnancy and wants to write about it. She asks Margo all about pregnancy -- symptoms and when they start. Margo wants to know what she 'really' wants to know. Katie tells her that she thinks she is pregnant. Margo says that now Simon will have an American child.

Lily was eating dinner at Emma's when Simon called on her cell phone. He tells her that Katie is pregnant with his child.

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