As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/17/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/17/01

By Laurie

Jake and Molly are at their apartment and he asks how she slept. She said she did not have any nightmares and she's happy because it's their first day of them officially living together. Jake suggests that they go shopping to decorate their apartment to her liking. The doorbell rings and it's Kim. She says she wants to talk to Molly about something important.

Holden goes to "The Intruder" to talk to Chris. He tells him that the guy who sold Flashdance is the same guy who took Carly to Hong Kong. Holden says that Gus Phillips must involved in the international smuggling ring with Winston Lowe. They agree to go talk to Phillips in prison to ask about Henry. Just as they were leaving, Henry shows up and insist on knowing what they are up to. They say nothing and leave.

Simon is at his place and is thinking about Lily. Katie walks in and tell Simon how nice he has been to her and she wants to make it up to him.

Lily and Rose are at Lily's house. Lily tells her that she wants to spend time with Simon, but she can't because of the INS Agent Halliwell, wants to talk with her about Lily and Simon's relationship. Agent Halliwell wants an appointment with her, but she wants to see Simon. So, Rose suggests that they switch places and she pretend she is Lily and talk to Halliwell. Lily agrees and Rose leaves to change. Lily makes the phone call to Halliwell for an appointment.

Kim tell Molly that she is back at WOAK and they are desperate for an evening News Reporter. She asks if Molly will do it.

Katie tells Simon that she is sorry for her behavior and they should be friends. Katie gives Simon a gift. It's a guitar. He is very happy and plays a song.

Halliwell is out of the office and Lily was unable to make an appointment. Rose comes out and dressed like Lily, Lily is amazed at their similarities. Lily said that now she knows why everyone mistook Rose for Lily. The doorbell rings and Lily answers the door. It's Agent Halliwell. He insists on talking to her. She says it's not a good time and he said he needs to talk to her right then. She lets him and Rose hides. Lily doesn't see Rose and makes an excuse to leave the room. Lily finds Rose in the other room and they switch shirts. Lily leaves the house to see Simon and Rose talks to Halliwell.

Holden and Chris go to the prison to talk to Phillips. Holden tells him that he needs information about Flashdance. Phillips said that the horse was supposed to be shipped to Europe to Winston Lowe. He said Isaac had set it up. But then Holden bought the horse at the show right under him.

Molly tells Kim that she needs to think about the job. Kim says OK but they really want her back. Molly said she will keep in touch. Kim leaves. Molly tells Jack that she is worried about taking the job because of all the stress she's been under because of Vicky.

Katie and Simon talk about his guitar. She says her Mom knows people and maybe he can make a career of playing his guitar. Lily walks in and Simon goes to her and asks if she is OK. She tells him that Rose is taking her place to talk to Halliwell and that they can spend some time together. They leave. Katie is very angry at this and calls Henry.

Rose (in place of Lily) is talking to Halliwell and he is questioning about her whereabouts on New Year's Eve. She tells him that she was at a private party with her husband. He asks her if she was in Bay City with Simon and she gets angry and tells him no. Halliwell says that her separation from Holden has everything to do with the case. He brings up other things about Simon and Lily's relationship. Halliwell said that Lily and Simon damaged her marriage to Holden because they were stranded on the island and that they are still involved.

Jake tells Molly that everything's is OK with them. He is proud of her that she got asked to do the job and says that he wants her to take it.

Holden and Chris want to know about the markings on Flashdance. Phillips said he wasn't giving anymore information unless they paid up. They asked about Henry and he said that he only gave Henry money to take the tape of the horse show. Holden asks Phillips about why Henry is so worried about things. Phillips won't tell him and leaves. Holden tells Chris that he wants to know the connection between the horse, Winston and Henry.

Henry goes to Katie's. he is not happy to be there and is not very friendly. He asks what she wants. She says she wants to "pick his brain." He says that he wants a favor in return. He says that Chris is snooping around if wants to know if he calls her. Henry wants to know what he wants and what he says about him. She agrees. Katie tells Henry that she has feelings for Simon, but all his attention is on Lily. Katie and Henry wonder how to keep Lily away from Simon.

Rose (still as Lily) tells the agent that Simon saved her life and they have a bond. She swears that they weren't together on New Years and she will take a lie detector test. Luke then walks in and wants to show her a picture he made. He then calls her Aunt Rose.

Molly and Jake are still talking when a coffee mug falls on the ground. Molly says it was Vicky. Jake said that's silly the mug was too close to the edge of the table. Molly agrees and calls Kim to accept the job.

Rose tells Luke that he must smell Aunt Rose's perfume on her. Luke thinks this is OK, and leaves to go play. Halliwell is still there and sees and hears all of this. The doorbell rings and Rose goes to answer it. It's Holden.

Henry suggests that they fix Lily's brakes. Katie suggests that they do something that is not illegal. Henry then says that he has an idea.

Lily and Simon are in an abandoned house and they kiss. She tells him that she has to be with him. He asks her if she is serious. She says that she is and is willing to give up everything to be with him. They kiss again.

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