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As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/15/01

By Laurie

Jennifer shows up at Bryant's house crying. He asks her if she is OK and she just asks him to hold her. He ask again and she kisses him. 

Hal and Jack are listening to Carly on her hidden wire in an undercover van outside The Lakeview. Craig asks Carly if she is betraying him by setting him up for Jack and Hal. She swears she's not. Jack is concerned that Carly is going to blow it and doesn't want Craig to hurt her. Hal says Carly can take care of herself. Jack wants to warn Carly that Craig knows about the wire. Jack calls on Carly's cell phone and she doesn't answer it. He calls back again so Craig won't be suspicious and she answers it, but Craig takes it from her. Jack doesn't say anything and hangs up. Jacks goes out of the van and goes to get Carly.

 Jennifer tells Bryant that her Mom (Barbara) is having an affair with his dad (Craig). Bryant didn't know about this, but is not surprised. Jen says that she just wants her family back together again. 

Julia makes a phone call to the police station to find out what is happening with Jack and Hal. They say the information is confidential and they cannot tell her anything. She leaves her house to find out herself. 

Craig continues to question Carly. She tells him she's not going to betray him because he is helping her get custody of Parker. Knowing that Hal is listening she brings up Craig and Barbara's relationship. He said it's private and pleasurable. He tells her to show him the little gift Jack left for him. She says that she doesn't know what he is talking about and at that same time Jack sets off the fire alarm for the hotel. The concierge knocks on Craig's suite and tells them to evacuate. 

Tom and Margo show up at Bryant's and informs him that the man he ID'd in the photos is not the man who conned him out of the $1500 because has been dead for 2 years. 

Isaac gets a liquor delivery from Gabriel Frank, not knowing its him. Isaac tells him about Bryant and his rich family. He tells Gabriel that his Grandmother is the richest woman in Oakdale and her name is Lucinda Walsh. 

Back at the hotel, everyone evacuates into the lobby. Just as everyone can go back to their rooms, the concierge wants to speak with Craig about his outstanding bill and wants him to pay for his room. He wants to speak with Craig privately. Carly is left by herself, but Craig is still keeping an eye on her. Carly sees Jack and she calmly walks over to him and he tells her to take her wire off because Craig know she has it on. Craig continues to argue with the concierge and with his back turned to Carly, she quickly removes the wire. Jack tells her to quit now. She says the deal is going to go down tonight and she wants to get it over with. She tells Jack she will be fine. Just then Craig comes back and takes Carly back to the suite. 

Tom and Margo tell Bryant that the man Gabriel Frank is dead and Bryant swear that he is the same guy he ID'd. Tom suggested he change his story because he should be honest with his attorney and himself. Bryant says he has been honest. Jennifer says that someone else must've seen Gabriel maybe even Ruby. 

Back at The Lakeview, Craig grabs Carly and feels for a wire and asks where it is at. She asks him what he is looking for and he says the wire. He tells her that he doesn't trust her and she says she doesn't trust him so, why not call the whole thing off? He says wait and hands her the microchips. Just as Carly leaves, Mei Lin comes to the door. Carly then leaves with Mei Lin to deliver the microchips. 

Bryant tells Tom and Margo that maybe Gabriel didn't work alone. Jennifer suggests that Gabriel and Ruby were partners. Tom then says, that there is no proof that they knew each other or that they even exist. 

Ruby and Gabriel are talking and he tells her who Bryant's grandmother is and he says he wants to "go for the gold" and Lucinda Walsh "won't know what hit her." 

Hal goes into the Lakeview and talks to Jack. Jack says it's taking too long and goes up to get Carly. 

Carly and Mei Lin take the microchips to Cindy and her computer expert tells them that the microchips are fakes. 

Jen tells Tom that she wants to testify on Bryant's defense. He says that it is all hearsay. She says she saw Ruby and the bracelet. But, she did not see Gabriel Frank and did not see them lose the bracelet. Bryant only told her those things. Tom and Margo leave. Jen tells Bryant that they should go find Ruby. 

Julia shows up at the undercover van and asks Hal how it's going. Hal tells her it's her fault that Carly is in danger and she is not wearing a wire anymore. Jack goes to Craig's room and Craig tells him that Carly left Jack looks though the suite and then leaves. 

Cindy is mad and says "they must be destroyed" Mei Lin and Carly think she is talking about them but she is talking about the microchips. The computer expert then destroys the microchips. Cindy takes the money and leaves. Mei Lin says the microchips had to be real. Carly said Craig will be very angry and he must not have known they were fake. She says she did it all for nothing. Mei Lin and Carly leave. 

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