As The World Turns Update Tuesday 1/9/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 1/9/01

By Glynis

Hal arrives home and everyone is out. Barbara is gone. She left early in the morning, and hasnít been back since. She called to tell Adam to put dinner on, but he is going out. Adam leaves and Hal picks up the phone to call Barbara at work. She apparently left early he finds out. He thought that she was working late, but he must have been mistaken. He is sure that she will be along in a minute. He puts the phone down and says to himself that things are going to end right now. He is gong to make sure that Craig understands that as well. He gets his coat and leaves the house.

Carly is with Craig at the penthouse. He is up to something, but all he will tell her is that "Tonight is the night". The charges against his son are going to go away for Bryant. Isaacís back is against the wall and he is going to take the path with the least resistance. Craig can force him to do what he wants. Carly thinks that he always gets what he wants. He tells her to go and take care of her errand with Molly. He warns her not to keep him waiting. As she opens the door to leave, she finds Lisa there. She ahs come to see Craig. Carly leaves. Lisa shows him the check that she has written for him. It is to help Isaac out. She holds it out to him.

Vicky has appeared to Jake and he is asking her what she wants. She tells him that she wants him to believe in her. She is sure, that he knows that it is really his wife. He turns from her and she asks him to feel and not think. He begs her not to do this to him. She remembers how it used to feel when they touched. He begs her to stop. She asks him if he remembers the touching. She walks up behind him and actually touches him. He turns to her and canít believe it. He touches her back and realizes that he can actually feel her. He starts to tear up. He questions what is happening to him. She tells him not to think. They kiss each other. It is very warm and soft. He starts to cry. He tells her that he misses her so much. He kisses her some more. They hug tightly. Vicky asks him why he wonít let her go. Jake tells him that he can feel her, and he doesnít understand why he canít have her back. She doesnít have the answer to that. She knows that she has been in some sort of limbo. It is so hard for her to be there, it makes her weak. The kiss has been everything that he has ever dreamed of. It is a miracle. Like the first time that they kissed, like they were kids. He is sure that they can do this. She closes her eyes. She tells him hat she canít do it. She is so tired and it takes so much energy for her to do this. He begs her to stay. She knows that she is running out of time. She tells him that he has to open his eyes. She tells him to listen to her. She needs his help. Molly believes. Molly knows that Vicky canít stay in this world and Jake needs to understand that too. She was the one that Ďmade" Jake feel the kiss, she made him understand. She wants him to help her die. She is stuck. He doesnít want to lose her all over again and he canít do that. She knows that he is hurting. She can even hear him sometimes. She misses him and the boys. She canít stay there. She is afraid that she is going to be stuck there. She begs him to help her. She starts to get more and more invisibleÖShe disappears. He runs to where she was standing. He tells her that he will help her, but he doesnít want her to leave him alone.

Holden confronts Isaac about the horse. Holden picked up the wrong horse and it almost cost Isaac his life.

Carly visits with Molly and Molly tells her of the ghostly experience that Jake has had with Vicky. Carly thinks that this may not be good for Jake. Molly thinks that the whole thing is crazy. She is afraid that she may lose Jake to a ghost. She thinks that she might have to face Jake leaving her. Carly thinks that Molly should give Jake an out. She thinks that Molly should move back to her place until Jake gets over this ghost thing. She is sure that Jake is going to love her for it. Molly will offer to move out, but she is going to mean it. Carly thinks that is an unnecessary risk. Molly is not into tricking him into anything. Nothing is going to be settled until he works things out with Vicky. Carly has to leave. Molly tells her to be careful, she has the creeps about Craig. Carly leaves.

Hal has made his way over to Craigís house. He is looking for Barbara and she isnít there. Hal is in an ugly mood and tells Craig that the next time that he sees him, he will be slapping handcuffs on his wrists. Hal walks out. Craig goes to the phone and calls Barbara who has just arrived home. He tells her to come over. She was just starting dinner. Reluctantly, she agrees and he tells her to hurry.

Barbara arrives at Craigís home for dinner. They are clearly flirting with each other. He tells her that it seems that they have gone beyond just enjoying each otherís company. He touches her hair. She tells him that he is not crazy and she moves towards himÖHe moves away and pours champagne. She tells him that things are complicated because she is married to Hal. Craig assures her that this is not some kind of trump card. Barbara doesnít want to be the pawn in some game either. She doesnít want to be some "Get out of Jail Free" card. She also mentions that Hal is possessive and old-fashioned. Some of that is very sweet, and some of it isnít. The family even lives off his salary alone. With her money, he makes her put it in her piggy bank. He isnít threatened by her independence. He thinks that she is more intriguing. She tells him that she is separating from Hal. The kids donít know it yet. Craig is not sorry. Barbara didnít come with any expectations. They seem to understand each other. She isnít very hungry after all. They stand very closely together. He is hungry, but not for food. They kiss. Soon they are on the couch laying down with Barbara on top of Craig. Carly comes home and lets herself in with her key. She canít believe what she is seeing. Yuck!

Jake talks to Isaac about his problems. He is getting obsessed with Vicky everyday. He knows that he can lose Molly.

Hal gets a visit from Holden. He tells him that he went to the police station first, but then decided to come see Hal at home. He needs some help. No one is in danger, so Hal tells him that he is going to have to wait. Hal is in a mess right now and when he has some time he will give Holden a call. This case happens to be personal.

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