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As The World Turns Monday 1/8/01

By Glynis

Molly tells Jack that she understands how he is felling. Apparently, she doesn’t because he thinks that the vision was something else. He is sure that wasn’t Vicky. He got caught up in the whole thing and then he remembered that he doesn’t believe in ghosts. He only believes in the here and now. He was sent a copy of the tape, but he threw it in the garbage. Molly doesn’t think that the ghost buster was a quack. She insists on seeing the tape. Jake still doesn’t think that they tape is proof of anything. It is nothing but a sick joke. She saw his eyes and she knew that it wasn’t a joke. It is simply easier for him to doubt what he has seen. Molly looked at every other option than the one that Victoria really existed. Jake is sure that there is no other side. Vicky is dead. He doesn’t understand why Molly is doing this. He has to say goodbye to her again. How does he ever let her go. Molly thinks that he never let her go. His question will never be answered if he keeps that tape in the trash. Why can’t he accept that she might still be around?

Rose’s dad comes to see her and he sees right away that she wants to find a way to spend time with Holden. He tells her that he is not going to let her do it. He talks to her about the letter that she stole from him. She tells him that she only borrowed it. He tells her that if she gets the money she won’t be happy. Rose thinks that she will be happy. Her father thinks that the children will be devastated if their Aunt Rose takes the place of their mother. The kids are little and when they get older, they ask questions. He thinks that the children’s hearts might get broken. He was the one that told her to follow her dreams. She is just taking his advice.

Katie is talking to Lily and telling her that if she doesn’t keep her hormones in check, they are all going to end up in jail. She explains that being with Simon doesn’t make her 2nd best. Lily tells her that Simon wouldn’t be with her if he didn’t want his more exciting relationship. Katie tells him that she has 2 years to make Simon love her. She will do anything to make him love her. She has 2 years to do that. Lily thinks that she still holds the cards, but that is Katie’s job right now. In a very confused fashion, Katie says, "Simon talked her into this, she was confused and now she realizes that Simon had no intention of being her husband." She is sure that saying something like that will give her immunity. She thought about blowing the whistle, but then decided against it. Lily tells her, "Go ahead, and blow the whistle." She really doesn’t care. Katie needs her to realize that she holds the cards now. Simon is all hers, or not at all.

Holden is talking to his son who is begging him to come home. Holden doesn’t think that is a very good idea. He does love Lily but in a different way. He explains the different types of love that people have for one another. He loves Lily differently because things just happen that way, but they will always love him. Unknown to the two, Rose is behind them listening to their conversation. She jumps in to offer the boy some goodies that she has in her car. The child runs out and goes to retrieve the goodies. Holden remarks that his son is scared and smart at the same time. Rose tells him that she never wanted to hurt the kids. Holden thinks that the problems with Lily started way before she got involved with them. He tells her that his anniversary is coming up and it was for the wrong wife. He bought a present and he bought it when he was with Rose. He gives her the gift and she takes it but doesn’t know what to say. She runs over to the table and opens the box. She finds inside….

Katie’s mom and Simon are sharing a drink at the club. They are discussing Katie’s life as a child. Her father died when she was very young. She found all the photographs of her father and pasted them next to hers. She did that every year. She found some letters of his and she tried to imitate his writing. It must have been rough. Katie was always smiling and trying to make her mother happy. She really wasn’t handling things. She tried to be perfect at everything. Everything was great until she came to Oakdale. She met Holden and stole a job. She even fell for a marriage man. Then she turned to Craig, then Simon. Simon reminds her that this arrangement that he has with Katie is very temporary. If he hadn’t been the one there for her, it would be someone else. She is looking for a father figure. Simon told Katie that he is not in love with her. Lila tells him that Katie only wants to hear what she wants to hear. She warns him not to break her heart.

Rose if back with her father. She is showing her father the present that Lily got from Holden. It is real leather, but he gave it to her anyway. Rose is sure that he is head over heels and won’t admit it to himself.

Lily is alone after her horrible visit with Katie…She picks up the phone….

Vicky appears to Jake. He asks her, "What do you want?" She says to him, "I want you to believe in me…"

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