As The World Turns Update Thursday 12/21/00



As The World Turns Update Thursday 12/21/00

By Bethany Tedder

Jennifer paces the floor waiting for Hal to leave so that she can let Bryant in the house to talk with the jeweler that she has told him about appraising the bracelet that Ruby has conned him into stealing money to buy. Bryant arrives at the house before she gets rid of Hal and she ushers him out the door before Hal realizes that he is there. She gets the paper and Hal thinks he heard someone at the door but she says that she just went out after his paper. He asks if she is ready to go and she stalls by saying that Bryant is suppose to take her to school this morning. Hal is less than thrilled but he has so much else going on, that he leaves his daughter at the house and Bryant enters the house as soon as Hal is out of sight. They discuss the deal that they are planning on making with the jeweler and Jennifer tells him that he should be grateful to her. There is not many girlfriends that would help him that had seen him lip-locked with another girl the night before. She says that he should be kissing her feet about now and he muses which one he should start with. Bryant does seem worried as to his fate if Isaac discovers the money missing before he can replace it.

As well he should, because at this very moment, Isaac has arrived at the club and is preparing to count the money in the register. He is distracted by the earlier appearance of Denise setting up for the dance club she and Rose are going to start up. He muses that he would know that figure anywhere. Things get heated when Denise brings up the present of Jack Synder in the club. Isaac's upbeat attitude changes quickly to that of almost hostile and Denise yanks down a poster that she has been hanging and vows to find a place that she can teach where the partner treats her with respect instead of someone to harass and talk hateful to.

Back at the Jack Synder's Julia shows Lisa an ultrasound picture of the future Synder baby. Lisa says that she can't male head or tails out it and Julia tells her that is because she has it upside down. Julia wishes that they knew if it were a boy or a girl but it is too early to tell. She says that Jack will be able to see the baby if Lisa can't. Jack comes downstairs as Julia puts the picture and a note for him into an envelope. He kisses Julia and Lisa wonders what she has to do to get one of those and he tells her it is easy, he is a sucker for beautiful women and gives her one of his famous hugs. Where is he going, Julia asks? And he says that he has to go to work. Has he forgotten that he promised to take the day off? This is the day of the second ultrasound and he was suppose to take the day off and go with her. Lisa tries to excuse herself while they argue. She is very unhappy and accuses him of doing it again. It is the Craig Montgomery case isn't it? He can't tell her anything but he has to leave to go to work because the case is coming to a head now. He asks Lisa to excuse them for a few moments and she places herself at the far end of the room so that they can talk in private. He assures her that the case is almost over and when it is, that he will give her and the baby his undivided attention. He refers to himself as a G-man and Julia becomes confused at the implications of the term. He says that it just slipped out and hurries out the door. Julia is clearly hurt by the fact that he didn't even see the letter with the baby's picture in the envelope. Lisa tries to reassure her that Jack loves her but Julia is too focused on the thing with case and the fact that Carly is also involved. Suddenly, she remembers that Isaac was somehow involved and she is about ready to blow off the doctor's appointment so that she can see Isaac. Lisa tells her that it is a bad idea but hurries off with Julia to see Isaac and go to the doctor.

Isaac stops Denise at the door and apologizes for being so rude to her and she accepts his apology. She tells him that it is time for him to follow his advise that he gave to her about not letting people shove him around and start taking control of his own life. She starts to place the banner and other items back in preparation for the dancing school.

Back at the Munson's the jeweler has arrived to appraise the bracelet. They tell the jeweler their plans for the money when he buys the bracelet and he takes the item and tells him that he is ready to make an offer. He place $20.00 on the table and tells them that this is even more than the item is actually worth as a distressed Bryant looks on. Bryant loses his cool and the jeweler says that he came as a favor to Barbara Ryan's daughter but with Bryant's attitude he deserves nothing and take the money back. But the bracelet has to be worth more than $20.00 and he wants a second opinion. The jeweler asks what he paid for the bracelet and he tells him over a thousand dollars. The jeweler tells him that the people that sold it to him had to know that this was merely glass stones glued into the settings and was not worth a fraction of that. He is sorry, but he has been conned, big time.

Jack arrives at the station a few minutes of Hal and plays the answering machine tape that Isaac left stating that he is of no more help to the police as far as the microchips are concerned. When Hal enters the room, Jack makes a half demanding statement to the effect as to where he was the night before. Hal says that he was busy dealing with a personal problem. Jack enlightens him that he has actually seen the microchips and that they were indeed hidden in the earring that Carly said that they were and now that they are in the safe at Java Underground. Hal says that Isaac is in as deep as Craig but Jack says that all Isaac knew until he investigated the earrings was that he had a pair of expensive earrings in the safe. He tells Hal about the message and that Isaac has refused to help them any further for unknown reason. Hal suggests that they turn to Carly for assistance and Jack says that he will turn in his badge before he works with Carly again. Hal sees no other alternative as far as getting Craig but Jack stands firm. He made a promise to Julia and that is that. Hal is less than thrilled and does his best to get Jack to reconsider working with her but Jack says that he can't. She did everything she could to drive a wedge between him and Julia but she failed. The fact that she failed leads Hal to believe that with the right equipment, namely a wire, that Carly could be beneficial to them. Jack says to let him talk to Isaac one more time. Maybe he can get him to reconsider but Hal has his doubts.

Back at the club, Denise continues to set up things for her dance classes while she tries to get Isaac to see the sense in taking control of his life and not letting people walk all over him. The words that he spoke to her worked on her so why not take his own advise. While this is going on, Isaac has assembled the last night's receipts and the money from the register so he can prepare the bank deposit. Suddenly, Julia appears and asks Isaac for a favor. Denise excuses herself and Julia wastes no time is asking the $64,000.00 question. She knows that Jack has been coming there a lot lately. Is it because he is working on a case or is he trying to avoid having to come home. Isaac, for once in his life, is speechless. He is of little help and tells her that he will tell her the same thing that he told Jack the last time he was here, he doesn't do the go between thing anymore and Julia backs off but she asks Isaac not to tell Jack that she was there and he does agree to keep her secret. Denise shows them the banner and asks their opinion as Jack enters the club and sees his wife there. What is she doing here he asks? Isaac covers for Julia and tells Jack that he called her to discuss an ad for the new dance classes that Denise will be teaching. Julia and Jack go off by themselves and Jack wonders why she didn't keep her appointment. She tells him that the reason for the appointment was so he could see the baby too so she just told the nurse that her husband the G-man couldn't be there and she needed to reschedule. She leaves and tells Jack that she will see him when he can find the time to come home. Denise exits and leaves Jack and Isaac alone. Jack does his best to get Isaac to reconsider what he is doing. He needs him, the case is taking a toll on his marriage and Isaac says so he noticed the tension. Isaac finally says he wants the chips, fine, he will give him the chips and goes to the safe to retrieve them. He comes back and tells Jack that apparently, Craig came in before him and has emptied them out of the safe. Jack says he doesn't believe him and Isaac invites him to look at the safe himself. Isaac refuses any further involvement with the case and Jack tells him that when Craig comes breathing down his throat, not to expect him to help him at all.

Back at the Munson's, Bryant paces the floor while the implications of the bracelet's invaluable worth set slowly in. The jeweler explains how the scams usually works in amazing accuracy as Bryant has flashes back in his mind about the past few days and weeks. The jeweler tells them that he is truly sorry as Jennifer apologizes for wasting his time. Please don't say anything to her mother and he promises to keep the incident between them. After he is gone, Jennifer says that she is sorry to say that she told him so but she honestly thought that the only thing that Ruby was after was him. Bryant can't even begin to thing about Ruby, he has to come up with $1500.00 now before Isaac realizes the money is missing. They ponder how they can come up with the money to replace what he stole and Jennifer calls Abigail but she only has about $200.00 and that will not be enough. Jennifer suggests asking his father or Lucinda for the money and Bryant niches the idea. Suddenly, he remembers that Isaac usually only counts the money against the receipts once every two weeks and he did that yesterday. So if he can get to the receipts and destroy enough to cover the $1500.00, Isaac won't know the difference. He tells Jennifer to go ahead to school and he will meet her later as he hurries to implement his plan.

Hal comes home for lunch and wonders exactly why Jennifer is still there. She tells him not to worry that she has no morning classes and Bryant was unable to take her to school after all so she will just ride her bike. Without revealing that it is Bryant that she is talking about, she ask Hal about the possible penalties for employee theft for a class project. Hal stupefies her with the possibility of 2 to 5 years. She leaves the house for either home or the place that she and Bryant were suppose to meet.

Back at the club, Isaac begins to count the money against the receipts as Jack's words ring in his ears. He doesn't need anyone he decides. Doing it on your own only makes the victory sweeter. He realizes that he is short on the first count so he proceeds to count again. He mutters to himself, unless he has made the same mistake twice, he is $1500.00 short.

Jack arrives home and finds Julia asleep on the sofa. He finds the note and picture that she left for him earlier and he is clearly moved by the sight of his prenatal son or daughter. His cell phone rings and it is Hal asking about Isaac. Jack tells him about Isaac refusal to get involved after the chips came up missing again and Hal says that he can put off the inevitable or he can come to terms with the fact that Carly is their only hope. He tells Hal not to mention her name to him again. Julia awakens and Jack is ready to finish the conversation that they started at the club. Julia tells him not to worry about it but asks if he has a little time and he says that he does. She turns the TV on and on the screen in a video of the newest member of the Snyder family. They bond together over their child.

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