As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/20/00



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/20/00

By Bethany Tedder

Lily arrives at Al's Diner after seeing Simon in the park. When she has a seat, her cell phone goes off and she answers it to find Lucinda on the other end inquiring if she is the grinch that stole Christmas? Lily promptly hangs up on her to which Lucinda redials and announces that she was disconnected. She tells Lily that she has trees, hams, turkeys, and carolers and everything for a Merry Christmas but Lily is still furious at her mother for her part in Simon almost deportation. Does she think that everything will just disappear with Santa Claus? If it weren't for Faith and Luke, she had no intentions of doing Christmas at all. She hangs up and Rose walks in wearing a vest that plays Jingle Bells. Lily asks her to cut it off. Wow, Rose wonders, does she have no Christmas spirit. She has enough for them both Lily decides and her idea of Christmas is Bah, humbug. Rose goes on about wanting to have a Christmas that will make her know how thankful she is to Lucinda for all that she has done for her. She tells Lily about her plans to have a Christmas/birthday party for Lucinda and Lily says that this is a fine idea but to count her out. She and Lucinda will not be celebrating anything together this year. She says that Simon's marriage to Katie has created a whole new set of problems that she has to deal with and Lucinda is the one that created the situation in the first place. Rose says that she knows that they have not been sister's long and they had sure had there share of fights and they are about to have another one now about Lucinda. Rose lays the ultimate of guilt trips on her newfound sister and asks if she can't just try in the spirit of the season to make nice with her mother. At least she has one, her mother is dead now. Lily ponders the thought and Joe appears and Rose introduces them to each other. Lily leaves to hopefully follow some of her sister's advise and Joe marvel how great it is that they are actually getting along as a family. He produces the letter that Rose has been looking for. He begs her not to open it as she has a nice life now and is making a new life for herself with her sister. It would be like opening the Pandora's box of misery. Rose is too intrigued to stop and opens the envelope and begins to read the letter of long ago that was written by Caroline Carpenter. She make no mention as to the value of the diamond but she has enclosed a copy of the adoption papers that clearly show that Rose is the elder of the two by 3 minutes. Rose interprets this as legal proof that she had rights to the diamond and things that Lily has been afforded all her life. Joe tries his best to talk her out of starting a feud with Lucinda and Rose is more interested in getting what she thinks is coming to her. She and Joe struggle for the letter so that Joe can do what he originally thought about doing with it, burning it as Lily walks in and wonders what is really going on there, family feud? She tells Rose that she saw Lucinda and that the party is still on and Rose gives Lily a present. After she leaves, Joe tells her that this something that money can't buy and reluctantly, she gives Joe the papers back. He turns his head for a moment and she quickly retrieves the papers from Joe's pocket without him realizing it.

Joe and Nancy stroll the park and look at the decorations and trees. Joe tells Nancy about the Christmas' past that he and Rose shared. He intends to make up for all the Christmas that they missed together and he shows Nancy a letter that he believes will change Rose's life. He goes on the explain how the letter arrived in a box with a piece of what they thought was costume jeweler with a note stating that the gift was from Rose's biological grandmother. He and his deceased wife hid the letter years ago and just gave her the piece of glass that turned out to be the Rose of Sharon diamond. They told her it was from a great aunt that was the end of it until the events of the summer took place and Rose realized what she had and lost. She still blames Lily for losing the diamond and the letter couldn't have turned up at a worse time in his opinion. Rose is just beginning to get her life back and Nancy tells him that she had heard about the deal Denise and she have struck to teach dancing to children together. Joe decides that the best thing to do to the letter is to burn it before it causes any more trouble and takes out his lighter to accomplish this. Joe tries vainly to get the lighter to light and burn the letter but the flint seems to be out of the lighter. Nancy uses the opportunity to tell Joe that he should give the letter to Rose and leave it to her to do the right thing. She will respect him for giving her the chance to make the right decision and Joe decides that maybe she is right. He thanks her for her part in bringing him and Rose back together and kisses her on the cheek and leaves to meet Rose.

Bryant arrives at the Synder barn looking for Jennifer and he finds her. She is dressed provocatively and is coming onto him in ways that he only thought was possible in his dreams. After inviting him to take her, he decides that she is ready for sex and when he makes his first move, she slaps him and tells him that if he wants it that bad, to go and get it from Ruby. He asks what is wrong with her and she is more than happy to tell him about witnessing him and Ruby at Java underground locked at the lips together. He had to humor a woman like Ruby but ironically, she is responsible for the surprise that he has for her. He tells her to close her eyes and he produces the elderly woman's bracelet that Ruby found in the ladies room. Clearly stunned, Jennifer asks if it is valuable and Bryant says that it is worth a fortune. They are rich. Jennifer ask why Ruby would sell the bracelet to him and how much did he pay for it? $1500.00 he tells her and she asks if he is crazy? Where did he get the money and Bryant confesses that he took it from the register. Once a great business deal comes along, you have to strike while the deal is around. Suppose the bracelet is hot or a piece of junk, Jennifer ponders? Bryant assures her that he knows quality when he sees it and this a quality piece of jewelry. They can sell it for 10 times what he paid for it he explains. She inquires about how he is going to get the money back in the register before Isaac discovers that it is missing and Bryant says that he will find a jeweler and sell the bracelet first thing in the morning and replace the money before Isaac comes in. Suppose he come in early, Jennifer counters? Well, if worst comes to worst, he will tell Isaac what he has done and will repay the money with interest. He will fire him but Bryant seems unconcerned with the money he anticipates the bracelet netting. Jennifer is disturbed by the idea of selling the ladies bracelet and rushes him out to do something before it is too late.

While Lucinda is opening her Christmas cards, Lily arrives and stuns Lucinda that the reason she is there is because of Rose. She tells Lucinda that Rose apologized to her and Lucinda is thrilled. The subject of Simon supposed deportation comes up and Lucinda tries to make Lily see why she would have interfered in the process for her and her marriage. Lily stuns her with the news that Simon was not deported that he married Katie Perretti and Lucinda marvels at God's apparent sense of humor. Lily is not amused and tells her mother about her part in stalling the INS so that the ceremony could take place. Lucinda wonders what Simon could have done to her and she tells Lucinda that he has turned her into a woman like her. Lucinda is flattered that some of her ways have rubbed off on her daughter and congratulates her on the new her. Lily is not complimentary about the changes that have taken place in her over the last year. They talk about trying to put Simon and Katie behind them for the holidays and have a holiday with all the family. Lily asks if she means Holden too and she says that she can't promise that he would come to a family dinner.

Jennifer and Bryant arrive at Java Underground looking for Ruby. No one has seen her and Jennifer continues to berated Bryant about his lack of judgment in the bracelet situation. He finally admits that maybe he didn't think the whole thing through and admits that he is starting to worry some about the deal. Jennifer offers to get in touch with a jeweler that Barbara uses and try to get the bracelet sold and the money back in the register before Isaac discovers that it is missing. He thanks her and she leaves.

Bryant goes to see Lucinda and he tells her that he has problem. He needs to know what she wants for Christmas. Despite the fact that Lucinda offers him money for Christmas shopping he tells her that he is doing well and that he is only interested in what to get his favorite girl. Lucinda takes a call from Jennifer and hands Bryant the phone and leaves the room. She tells him that she has an appointment with the jeweler in the morning and he thanks her for her help.

Meanwhile, driving down the road are Ruby, the elderly lady that supposedly lost the bracelet and the son. The lady berates Ruby for letting Bryant have the bracelet for $1500.00. She produces a box with several of the bracelets in it. She says that Ruby is getting soft on them and she was able to obtain twice that from the last sucker. Ruby remarks that she has a soft spot for rich guys and will be glad that they aren't around when he gets creamed with the apparently fake bracelet.

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