As The World Turns Update Tuesday 12/19/00



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 12/19/00

By Bethany Tedder

Chris and Nancy are having breakfast at Al's Diner and he quizzes her on what should he get her for Christmas. Nancy tells him that she has everything that she could ever want and as the Christmases go by, she realizes that the most important thing is family. About that time Emily comes in and Nancy makes no bones about the idea that she sometimes thinks that she actually may have more family than she really needs. Chris tries to get her to see Emily's good points to which Nancy ask and they are what? Chris continues to try to state Emily's good points but when an impatient and rude Emily demands service from the grill, Nancy has to wonder where Chris got the idea that she has any. Emily is still demanding the service that she feels that she deserves as Chris coerces Nancy into inviting Emily to the table. He approaches Emily and she has the attitude that she had rather eat nails than deal with the Hughes Monarch and her lectures. Chris finally gets her to the table with Nancy and the conversation is pleasant enough until Emily gives her version of the Christmas holidays, Bah Humbug. With that, Nancy excuses herself to a waiting Kim and Chris asks Emily why she couldn't have tried a little harder to talk with Nancy. Emily says that it is because that she will never be accepted by Daniel's paternal family and that no one cares about the fact that she is his mother. She changes the subject and asks Chris what he is getting Gram for Christmas and he says exactly what she want, he is spending the day with her and he won't take no for an answer. Chris tries in vain to make a reservation for his Aunt Penny to come from London for the holidays. Emily takes the phone and threatens to expose the overbooking practices of the airline in the Intruder and miraculously an opening for the woman to come to Oakdale and Emily thanks him and Chris kisses her for helping him make his grandmother's Christmas dream come true.

Back at Java Underground, Bryant is stunned to see Ruby fingering and admiring a bracelet that fits the description of the one that was lost in the restaurant earlier. She admires the thing and shows Bryant all of its obvious qualities and Bryant asks where she found the thing. She claims that she found it in the ladies room. She asked if the lady and her son have left and Bryant says yes but he may have a way of tracking them down and while Ruby continues to admire the expensive bracelet, Bryant hurries off to see if he can indeed find the owner of the jeweler that Ruby seems quite taken with. When he returns, he is disappointed to discover that the lady and her son paid cash for the meal and he has no way to track them down. Ruby is like, "Oh well, finders keepers." Bryant is horrified at her lack of compassion for the owner. Suppose the bracelet is an heirloom or something he asks her? She decides that he did everything to track down the owner and can he honestly say that the bracelet doesn't look stunning on her and she uses her womanly wiles on the more naive Bryant. Ruby is bound and determine to keep the bracelet and she states her plans to have the bracelet appraised. Bryant stalls her by offering her a drink on the house. The woman's words echo into Bryant's head and he counters Ruby with an offer. How about he buys the bracelet from her instead of her selling it after she has it appraised? Ruby is amused by his offer, the bracelet would look terrible on him she says. Very funny he says. He was going to give the bracelet as a Christmas gift. To Jennifer she asks and he says that he thought it might make a good gift for his mother and he offers her $300.00 for it. Ruby is no one's fool and wonders exactly what it is that he is up too. Fine, tell him what she will sell it to him for and she says $1500.00. He says that he doesn't have that much in the bank and she says that she will just take her chances with the jeweler tomorrow. As Bryant watches the waitress count the money in the register, he says maybe there is a way after all for him to come up with the money and she says that is what she likes to hear and kisses him passionately as Jennifer enters the club and is clearly disturbed by what she has witnessed. Jennifer flees unseen by either Bryant and Ruby and he tells Ruby to have a seat while he comes up with the $1500.00 that she requested for the bracelet. As she has a seat, Bryant takes the money from the register and deposits it in Ruby's hands. She stalls briefly but finally gives him the bracelet and asks him one last time if he actually has any idea what the bracelet is worth and he lies about the conversation that he overhead the woman say about the bracelet being worth $10,000.00. She kisses him passionately and leaves.

Back at the Munson house, a furious Jennifer arrives home and tells herself that she and Bryant are through. The phone rings and it is Bryant requesting that she meet him. She is not meeting him anywhere without an explanation and he tells her that he has something that he needs to show her. Fine, she agrees to meet him and she has a surprise for him too as well. Great, Bryant thinks, what is it? Something that he has been waiting a very long time for she tells him.

Margo arrives at Craig's and he tries to pick her for information that she has about the ongoing investigation that Hal has waged against him. She tells him that she can't discuss the case with him but advises him to stay out of legal entanglements including traffic problems or he will be faced with Hal's wrath. While he is at it, could he possibly help her with Katie as well? She explains that Lila is coming for the holidays and she enlists him help in trying to get Katie out of the ridiculous marriage that she has entangled herself into. Just as they are discussing it, the door bells rings and it is the devil herself, the new Mrs. Simon Frazier. Margo says that this is his chance as Craig opens the door to his sister. Katie comes in the suite and is surprised to see that Margo is also at their brother's. Margo says that she is leaving and with that, she asks Katie if she will be seeing her over the holidays and Katie says not if she sees her first. Annoyed, Margo heads out the door but not before giving the Craig a sign to talk with her and to stay out of legal problems. Katie says that she came up to see him and he tells her to cut to the chase, what does she want? Is she having trouble in marital paradise all ready? Annoyed that Margo told him about the marriage before she could she tells him no but she needs a favor that only he can give her. Fine, he will be glad to contact a lawyer about getting an annulment and she stuns him by saying that she wants a honeymoon instead. Craig can't believe his ears. She wants a honeymoon with Simon and she begs him for $5000.00 to take a trip to the tropics with. He finally agrees to give her a $1000.00 in return for her attending the family thing at Margo's. She agrees without finding out first that the get together comes complete with her mother too. Katie is confused as to why Lila picked this moment in time to reappear in her life. It is Christmas Craig tells her and besides a $1000.00 is not too much to give her to make up for the lack of participation in their mother's life lately. Katie decides that the money is to watch her squirm and says no way. Craig reminds her that at least at Margo's she will get a meal that doesn't smell like antifreeze and tells her that he can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shore in the tropics. Finally she agrees to go so she tells him to pay up. Not so fast, not until she shows up at Tom and Margo's with Mr. Perretti and a smile. Fine, she says, but she better find $1000.00 in her stocking instead of the coal he and Margo where discussing. By the way, she is still broke so don't expect any Christmas presents when she gets there.

In the park, Lily walks up to the Christmas tree that is in the middle of the park. She closes her eyes and makes a Christmas wish and when she opens her eyes, Simon is standing in front of her. She walks towards him and he warns her not to get too close and they go over to one of the benches and sit a safe and platonic distance from each other. Lily wonders if they met there by accident and Simon confesses that he followed her into the park but he made sure that he wasn't followed. They try to keep the conversation light and unromantic but Lily tells him that she misses him and would have called after the wedding had it not been for Hollowell's words ringing in her ears. How in the world will they be able to do this for 2 years Lily wonders and Simon corrects her and says that it is now 1 year 51 weeks and if she needs the days and minutes that he can provide them also as he is counting out the time that he must stay married to Katie. Lily wonders if she did the right thing by insisting that he marry her and Simon says that it is going to get a lot worse before the whole situation get any better at all. Back at the park while Katie is buttering up Craig for the kill, Simon and Lily discuss Katie's plan for the honeymoon. Simon thinks that they trip may have actual merits to it. Like what, Lily wants to know, besides sex. Simon assures her that this is not what the trip is about. They plan to use the time to learn basic things about each other that the INS may ask and they will be able to do that without the INS breathing down their necks. Finally, Lily sees the possible logic in Katie's plan but admits that she doesn't trust her. Simon says that all she has to do is trust him. Is the trip a done deal, she wonders and he says no. If she can't come to terms with it, then he won't agree to it. She tells him about the conversation that she had with Rose and that she accepted her apology for all the pain that she caused in her life and stuns Simon with the fact that she has laid everything on the line for them, she gave Rose permission to go after Holden, she has jeopardized her relationship with Lucinda and she has found a side of herself that she had long ago buried. She tells Simon that he must to what ever it takes for them to get together one day and if this what it takes, to go on the honeymoon with Katie. He asks if she is sure and she assures him that she is. They attempt to kiss twice, but passerby's spook them to the point that they settle for a sneak hand holding. Simon promises to make up for all the suffering that she has had to endure for him. He gets up to leave and they share a bittersweet farewell. He walks away leaving Lily to the park and the tree and her loneliness.

Simon arrives back at the apartment in the garage to find Katie decorating for the holidays. She tells him that she has been unable to find a job but she does have some good news. Simon asks what she has done and she explains about the $1000.00 Craig offered for the honeymoon and Simon surprises her by saying that he has thought about it and believes that it may be a good idea. Katie tells him that there is one small string attached and Simon asks what it is. They have to spend Christmas with her family and Simon is dumbfounded by the prospect of doing it. They have to do it. Without the money, they stand no prayer of being able to take the trip. And to boot, agent Hollowell has called to make an appointment and they had better have the right answers or he is going to Australia and she is going to prison. Fine, they will do it Simon agrees. Overcome by emotion, Katie nearly knocks him off his feet by kissing him. She tells him that this will be the best Christmas ever and Simon dreams of being with Lily.

Back at the park, a distracted Lily begs for another Christmas wish, an end to all the craziness so that she and Simon can be together.

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