As The World Turns Update Monday 12/18/00



As The World Turns Monday 12/18/00

By Bethany Tedder

Isaac arrives at Craig's after been summoned by him. He is not amused by being Craig's flunky. So far they are even because Craig is not happy about his newfound relationship with the Oakdale Police Department. He is furious that Isaac seems to have been having Jack over more and more. Craig says that Margo has been warning him repeatedly to keep his nose clean and that would lead him to believe that they are investigating him. He decides that Isaac has double-crossed him. Isaac tells him that yes they have been over a lot and yes they have been asking a bunch of questions just waiting for him to bite. Isaac says that the rumors didn't start with the donut shop and beauty salon and all. He accuses Isaac of betraying him. He tells Isaac that he has found a buyer for the earrings and that they had better be intact when he gets them back. Now they have a problem, he may just have to take his fists and beat Craig to a pulp. Craig warns him to control his temper. Isaac tells him that he is all ready turning a profit despite the fact that most businesses take 5 years and he has only been at it for one year. Craig restates his position that he expects to find the earrings in perfect condition and Isaac restates his position that he is a businessman and he plans to stay one.

Carly arrives at the Munson's to find a distressed Jennifer. Carly tries to tell her not to worry, that they are probably trying to work things out. Even World War II called a truce for Christmas. Jennifer is certain that they have given up hope.

Margo fields a phone call for Hal, and when he arrives, she gives him the third degree about what is going on in his life. Wasn't she supposed to take the afternoon off? Inspector Chinn called and there is a fax coming in about Craig and she is livid that he is still investigating her brother behind her back. How could he do it she asks, and he reminds her that this not her case. She flips off and a Merry Christmas to you too friend. Hal tries to explain what he is doing and that he is the chief of detectives and he doesn't have to clear any investigations with her. She is still mad because everyone is doing their parts to make Christmas merry and all he is doing is investigating her brother. More to the point, if he doesn't give her one good reason why he is doing it right now, she is going to the Police Commissioner and demands an investigation into why he is investigating Craig. Margo questions Hal's objectivity. Hal informs her that Craig has been dirty for a long time and Margo says that he is after Craig because of the incident with Bryant and the accident. Tom walks in and suggests that they move the conversation to somewhere more private and Hal and Margo continue to argue loudly and Tom stands back while they sling insults and innuendoes. Maybe they would rather provide the side shows for today, Tom ponders. Hal fumes that he only has 2 weeks to produce what he needs to prove that Craig is a dirty underground figure. Hal admits that Craig has been hanging around Barbara waiting to take what is left of his marriage as well. Hal talks about Isaac and Carly's connections to Craig and Margo says that there is nothing illegal about the connection with the two of them. Hal goes on and on about Craig's going-ons since arriving in town and Tom and Margo finally tell Hal that he is overreacting about Craig' s part in ending his marriage. They wonder where he would have gotten such an idea and Hal says from Barbara herself. She told him that the marriage was over and that Craig was the reason. Even Margo says that this would do it. Margo figures out that is why he needed the two weeks to prove to Barbara that Craig was a criminal. She has insisted that she has nothing to be ashamed of and Margo and Tom say that is good isn't it? But Hal isn't sure. They soften towards him and advise him to take the two weeks to show him that he is a good man and not what a bad man Craig is. After Margo leaves, Hal tells Tom that he wishes that he had never told her any of this. Tom says that she would have found out anyway. Hal decides the only way to get Craig and to get him first.

Jennifer tries vainly to call Bryant while Carly checks on Parker. While he is asleep, they use the time to have a girl talk. She wonders to Carly if it is all right to call someone at work and Carly counters that she shouldn't be checking up on someone. Carly muses that she came to the right place when she asks how a good girl can compete with a bad girl. Jennifer explains to Carly that Bryant is pressuring her for sex. Jennifer explains that she is afraid of what will happen if she doesn't give in to him. She could lose him. Carly decides that it might not be a bad thing if she did. He is looking for sex and she is looking for love. She tells her that there are probably no difference in her desires and his but she is confused as to how to handle them. Carly gives her the perfect pep talk and warns her against having sex before she is ready. Carly says that she is in no way condoning sleeping with Bryant and she wants to get that straight. Carly says that if and when she does sleep with Bryant or anyone for that matter, it will not make her a bad girl but she should be ready for the responsibly. There are no prizes for the girls that bring home the most men. Who is she competing with, Carly asks? Jennifer tells her about Ruby and her obvious attributes, and the things that every woman fears. Jennifer says that the only thing she is after is the thrill of the conquest. Carly admits that she played the power games and lost big time with Jack. Jennifer sympathizes with her and Carly says that at least she knows what it was like to really love and be loved by someone. Forget about Ruby and her games and just be herself. Do that and Ruby won't stand a chance. Carly pays Barbara the ultimate compliment, if Jennifer is a sample of Barbara's mothering skills, then she is one of the best. They continue to discuss Ruby and Jennifer frets that she is in a no win situation with Bryant. Carly advises her to not become a doormat for any man. Not unless it is Parker.

Bryant and Ruby have a talk about Bryant's mother and Montego. He gives her the complete history of Sierra's actions in Montego. Suddenly the waitress appears and says that there is trouble at one of tables and Bryant hurries over to find a distraught elderly woman and her 30 something son sitting and screaming that her bracelet has been stolen. Why did he insist that she come to this horrible place? She is certain that the bracelet is missing and she is not leaving until it is found. She accuses the waitress of stealing the bracelet and the son says that he took the bracelet to be fixed. Bryant softens when the lady begins to cry and offers to take the place a part to look for it. The son says not to bother and Bryant insists that he take a look and the son says that his mother is elderly and forgets things and perhaps he didn't hear him, don't bother. Bryant is crawling on the floor looking for the bracelet and Ruby asks what he is doing. He explains about the elderly woman and the son as an angry Isaac comes in and says that he hires him for behind the bar and not on the floor so get there. Isaac makes a quick call to Jack's answering machine and leaves the message that he can't help him anymore.

Bryant asks Ruby to leave because Isaac is back and in a bad mood. She says that she has something to put a smile back on his face.

Carly arrives at the hotel with Parker. Craig tells her that the sale is tomorrow at Jake McKinnon's apartment. Is he crazy? What is he going to do with Molly and Jake? There talk is cut short by Margo's arrival with the news that Lila is in town and he should meet Katie's new husband. Why did she do this? Was this with a bride and groom? Margo says that this depends on your take on the subject and that the groom only had eyes for the green card that came with the marriage. But Margo says for all of their sakes, don't even so much as jay-walk in front of Hal and he is not going to play by the rules anymore. She cautions him that Hal has big plans to make him pay in ways that he has never dreamed about for Parker and Jennifer's accident with Bryant. Craig takes the advise calmly and tongue in cheek because he has nothing to worry about he informs his sister.

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