As The World Turns Update Friday 12/15/00



As The World Turns Update Friday 12/15/00

By Jackye

Lily comes to Emma's for the kids. Holden says Emma is in town; he informs her that Faith is napping and he can bring her by later. She tells him her life is very chaotic right now. She says Simon wasn't deported; he married a US citizen. Holden asks if she was expecting it? She says yes and no, she doesn't expect him to understand. He asks if she and Simon are through? She says not exactly, she encouraged Simon to get married.

Simon is on the phone; he is calling Lily's answering machine. He tells her that he can't forget the look on her face and wants to see if she is ok. When he hangs up, Katie comes waltzing in with bags. She asks if she was missed, she says this is a little surprise. He says he thought she had changed her mind. He asks what is in the bags? She says maybe Christmas presents, but all for them. She shows him curtains, satin sheets, a teapot, and a miniature Christmas tree. She says her first task as Mrs. Simon Frasier is to redo the apartment.

Madam Jolien again calls for the spirit of Victoria McKinnon to show herself. Vicky says Molly, she replies yes? Molly opens her eyes and sees Vicky. Vicky says you can hear me can't you? Vicky says she has to listen to her. Molly asks what she is trying to do to her? Jake asks what she is talking about. Jolien faints. Molly tells Jake about seeing Vicky in Madam Jolien's place. Jolien says they need to stay calm, she explains she sometimes looses consciousness. Jolien asks if they thanked Vicky for coming, spirits go through a lot to come. She may not come next time they call. Jolien asks what happened? Donna asks what she says, Molly tells her. She says she is very sure Vicky will come back, because she wants something. Jake says he feels stupid, nothing happened. There is a knock at the door. Donna calls for Vicky, another knock at the door. Jake goes to answer it. It is Abigail and Adam. Abby says she has incredible news, she realizes they are having a seance. He says they should go see a movie, Adam says they brought their own. Abby says Vicky's ghost is real.

Lily tells Holden about the INS coming after Simon because of Lucinda. She says Simon was already there to get married, but he wouldn't have if she didn't want him to. Holden asks who is the lucky woman? Lily says Katie Peretti. He asks how she got involved. Rose walks in and says she can explain that one.

Katie tells Simon about when she was growing up, how she redecorated all of their apartments because they were all dumps. Simon says they need to talk about how to make this work, Katie says she made a list. She reads off the list, redo apartment - already worked on. Go away for a few days, get Simon a new career. He says she has to stop this right now!

Barbara sits on the steps. Hal comes in. He finds her on the steps and they discuss short December days. He explains he got done early and was hoping she had the time to talk. He says they hardly have time to talk. He remembers her saying that she is beginning not to care what he thinks. She says she doesn't want to argue. He says it's just a question, if she doesn't care what he thinks of her then what has become of their marriage? She says they are driven, passionate people. He says she forgot stubborn. She says sometimes that's what's exciting, sometimes not. He says not lately. She says she understands he is upset about her hiding the picture of Julia and Winston. H says it is because of her trusting Craig more than him. She says he is just trying to get a foothold in the town again. Hal says he is under police investigation. She says maybe it' because someone else can make her smile and laugh. He says he still has some principles, if he compromises now what will he have left? She says maybe his wife and family.

Simon sits Katie down and says he is thankful that she kept him in the US. He says he wants to be with Lily, she is just a roommate. He tells her he plans on an annulment when the INS is off his back. She reminds him that could take up to 2 years. He says he doesn't want to discuss honeymoons and changing careers. She asks if she can still paint and redecorate. He says yes.

Rose tells Holden and Lily about finding Katie and Simon in the car at the garage. Lily says she already knew, Simon told her it was a one-night stand. Rose says till death do us part, Lily says it is difficult enough already. Rose thanks Holden for introducing her to Denise. They are starting the school of dance for kids. Lily says you are staying in town? Rose says yeah, Lily says her day got worse. Holden says he has to go meet with a breeder, Lily agrees to stay with Faith. After Holden leaves, Lily tells Rose she can go to. Rose says she shouldn't have said what she said about Simon. She tells Lily that a few people have been coming down hard on her, and she owes Lily an apology.

Donna tells Abby that she looks like Molly. Molly introduces them to Jolien. Adam talks to her about spirits, he says she is rare because they can materialize. Jake tries getting Jolien to leave. Adam tells Molly that she had another encounter with Vicky's ghost. Jake says he forgot to turn the tape off. Molly says they need to see it now.

Rose fixes them some coffee. Lily notices that she puts the cinnamon in the coffee grounds. She says Holden does the same thing now. Rose apologizes for all the time she spent in the kitchen, her house and her family. Lily asks what Lucinda bribed her with. Rose says this is her apology and she can't be forced to do what she doesn't want. Rose tells her she got kicked out of the Walsh estate, she tells Lily she thought she didn't want to be found. She says maybe the two of them could have worked out the marriage, if she didn't sleep with Holden. She says she is truly sorry for hurting them all, especially the children. Rose says she had better go, Lily tells her not to leave yet.

Holden shows up with a bottle of Scotch for Simon and Katie. He tells Simon they should share a drink and he'll tell him what he's in for.

Jake says all he sees is Molly. Abby says did you see? They have to rewind the tape for Donna and Jake to see the lipstick moving by itself. Donna says Oh my God! Molly says it was Vicky. Jolien says Vicky is risking a lot, to move things is a lot of energy. Jake takes Jolien by the arm to take her to the car. They suggest doing the seance again. Jake says no, Jolien says Jake's negative energy will do no good. He takes Jolien to her car. Donna wonders why he acts like this, Molly says he won't believe it. Donna says her daughter was there, she knows it.

Holden pours a drink, he tells Simon about Katie doing little favors to start with. He says when she bats her eyes it's great for the male ego. She is grateful for every compliment; you get upset when someone says anything about her. Holden says she gets to you by telling you about her life and then one day you see the toll it takes on her life. Simon asks why he is telling her about this? Holden says so she doesn't hurt Lily again. Simon says it won't happen. He won't let it. Holden says funny, that's what I said. He leaves.

Lily tells Rose that she and Holden were having problems way before she and Simon came into the picture. She says Holden would never admit it, but she wouldn't have developed feelings for Simon otherwise. Rose wonders if she is giving her a little break. Lily says kind of. Rose says she could never do that. Lily tell her about finding out she was adopted, she says she can honestly say she knows what she is feeling. Rose says she is almost ok with it. Rose tells her about her childhood, wishing she had a twin. She says she might like being her sister, aunt Rose to her kids. They discuss Luc. Lily says the only major problem is because she is still in love with Holden. Lily says Joe should talk to Cal, she explains he is their grandfather. Rose says you can't help whom you fall for and Lily says she is right. Rose says this is right, talking to her like that. She says she will back off Holden.

Hal asks if Barbara is more than just friends with Craig. She says she doesn't want to discuss it, but she didn't do anything to feel guilty about. He wonders if it is payback for blaming her for Parker's accident, she says she isn't keeping score. She says they don't see eye to eye anymore, they can't have a discussion with out finding fault. He says he wouldn't put it that way, she says see. He asks how many times have they been there before this? She says 2. Will comes in and they discuss homework, TV and fried chicken. Will asks if they can get their Christmas tree tonight, Barbara says yeah. Hal asks if they can handle the holidays, she say they have to. He says he wishes they didn't have to discuss it, that it wasn't happening. She turns away. He says we'll do this last Christmas together and then they break it to the kids. Tell them it's over, that is what we're saying isn't it? She says that's what we're saying.

Lily says she can't ask Holden to wait around for her; whatever happens between her and Holden is between them. Rose says Holden still has it bad for Lily. Lily says he hooked her up with Denise. Rose says if she says the word, he will be done with me. Lily says no, she can't deny her feelings for Simon. Rose goes to leave and warns Lily to watch out for Simon.

Katie comes in and sees the scotch. Simon says it was from a customer. Katie says the new color is making such a difference. Simon and Katie begin arguing about dinner when Halawell walks in. Katie says her wonderful husband was trying to talk her out of making dinner.

Jake comes back in, Donna tells him he didn't have to be so rude to Jolien. Donna says they won't be able to contact Vicky again. Jake asks Adam for a name, a name of a professional ghost buster. Jake says it's not good enough for him, Madam Jolien's story and the tape. It's time he faces it. He says he wants to see Vicky himself.