As The World Turns Update Thursday 12/14/00



As The World Turns Update Thursday 12/14/00

By Jackye

Carly is telling Parker she is moving and this may be the last time she spends time with him for a while, Craig listens from the other room. She tells him things will be rough, but it will be ok and temporary. She says she will figure out how to live without Jack, just the two of them on their own. Craig says it doesn't have to be that way.

Issac tells Jack this meeting is secret, no one knows where he got his information and no one knows about the meeting. Issac shows him the earrings. Issac says that Craig wanted him to keep them in the safe. He says his and Carly's prints are on them, he can check them for the chips himself. Jack opens them and sees the microchips. Issac says they have to keep his name out of it. Some one rings the bell and Issac tells them they aren't open until 6. The bell is continues to ring, he says he will get rid of whoever it is. It is Rose. She says she is there on business.

Molly and Jake welcome Donna. She asks for coffee, she wants Jake to make it. Donna tells her that the woman, who she talked about on the phone, is on her way over. Molly calls Jake back in, just as Donna says she asked someone to meet her there, the doorbell rings. She introduces them to Madam Jolien Lumeir. Jake says he isn't going to like this am I? She says no, Donna tells him that Jolien is going to help them contact Vicky. Donna says she knows how difficult it is for him; they have to take action though. She says Jolien is highly recommended. Jake says he believes in about 2 seconds he is going to throw her out, he says get her out.

Adam is in his room, making his bed half-ways. He applies cologne and says Will needs picked up. She guesses he has a girl coming over, she asks who it is. Just then Abigail shows up.

Donna asks Jake to take a chance. Jake says she is a fake. He says they got him all wrong; he doesn't want any part of it. Jolien says she just wants to do an old-fashioned seance. Molly says Jolien isn't going anywhere. She wants the thing with Vicky to end.

Craig says she can stay as long as she wants. She says it won't work, she says he was really great last night. She asks why he didn't use I told you so or how he knew Jack wouldn't tell her about the picture. He says Jack is a loyal detective, he chose Julia. He knew she would try it, and fail. Carly says Craig blackmailed him, he says he needed her to face the fact that Jack was through with her. She says she will always be grateful to him for everything, but everything came with a test. He says she didn't fail him; everyone is right where he want them.

Rose tells Issac that Denise told her to meet her there. Denise shows up, Issac says they don't have a deal yet. Dense says please, they will stay out of the way. They head off; Jack says they can't see them together. Issac says whom would they tell. Denise comes back to use the phone. Rose congratulates Jack on the baby. She asks what that makes her, aunt or second cousin. Jack asks why she is still there, she says she is here to meet and greet her whole family. He says some family is best left alone, like Holden. She says Holden hooked her up with Denise, he didn't want her to leave town, and she lives here now. Jack says why can't you women get it through your head, it's over! Rose asks what is the matter with him, was it the blonde? He apologizes. Denise asks, "What happened?" Rose says Jack snapped at her! Denise hopes Issac isn't in trouble, Rose wonders if she and Issac are more than friends. Denise denies it. Issac tells Jack to back off and stay away from Montgomery.

Craig tells Carly that he has a buyer for the microchips. He says right before Christmas, Hal and Jack are busy so they can unload them without worry. Carly says she pity that she ever got involved with him. He says they have a partnership, she says her part is over. She says it is another test. He says it is up to her to stay or go.

Jen tells Abby about what happened with Ruby. Adam kicks her out; they discuss always being in bedrooms. They put the tape in and hope that it hasn't been erased. Abby turns he light off and Adam asks what's with the light? She says they can't watch the movie with the light on.

Jolien assure Jake that this is his apartment so she couldn't have rigged anything; he can even check her bag. She says she isn't a magician; she is like an empty vessel and uses their love to communicate with Vicky. They won't see any ghosts. He says she wasted her trip; he doesn't want or need her. She says there is another presence. Vicky's spirit is there. Donna begs Vicky to let her try. She says Bridget, Donna recognizes it as the lady who cared for Jake and Vicky their whole lives. She says Miller. Jake asks what she was drinking on her way over. He doesn't know any Miller. She says Andrew Miller, Jake asks where she heard that name from. Donna says Vicky is there with them. Molly asks who that is. Jake says it is a psycho who killed Bridget. Donna begs Jake to let her try, don't shut Vicky out it could be their only chance. Issac tells Jack to calm down, take his time. Issac reminds him about the last time he tried to make his move. Jack says they could be fakes. Issac says he has a computer friend checking into them. Issac says he is in just so the cops know he is on their side. Denise tells Rose about the deal to get Curtis to take a class. Denise says she and Lily are friends, which might make it hard for her. She says no, it might be hard for Lily. Denise asks how she got Holden on her side, Rose says when she finds out she will let her know. Dense says they are two self-employed woman! Rose asks what Jack's problem is? She says he has to lighten up.

Abby says she wants to fast forward, he says no, they might miss something. He says they would be watching this in slow motion if possible. She says they should stay out of Molly's business. Adam tells her about Alex Wallace and Barbara thinking she saw him when he was dead. She asks how they handled it. He says they just got through it. He says they felt helpless. She says she is lucky to have someone like him understand. He suggests fast forwarding; she says no she wants to hear it. Molly tells Jake that Abby just got used to living with her. Abby says she really puts her first; she is willing to put things on the line for her. Abby says they can fast forward because the ghost doesn't come when Jake is there. She says she doesn't want to invade their privacy. She stops the video, she thinks it looks like Molly is talking to herself; no one else is there.

Molly goes into the other room to get candles. Jake says she could have researched this stuff, Donna says she has to be real. Donna says all she wants is to say goodbye to her child. Molly tells Jake she doesn't want to cause him any more grief, but she needs to know what Vicky wants. Jake says ok, Molly thanks him and he says he doesn't want this to hurt her.

Carly asks if Craig meant she could stay if she wants. He says yes, but it's up to her. He assures her she won't end up in jail. She says he always throws a curve when she thinks she figured him out. She says he can't pull the strings anymore, he says she needs to make a decision.

Jake asks Jolien how she knew about Bridget. He asks how she knew the Bay City police. She says she worked with them once. He accuses her of finding all the dirt to repeat to them. He threatens her if she upsets them; he says she won't make contact. Molly says she feels as if she forced Jake, Donna says yes but they have to know this. Molly wonders what this will do to Jake; Donna says they won't know until they try.

Abby and Adam watch Molly talk to herself, they see the lipstick write on the mirror by itself. Adam says they got it, Vicky's ghost exists. Denise says she will call the newspapers to set up an ad. They tell Issac it is a deal with Curtis; they try to come up with a name. They decide on Rain Dancers. Jack tells Issac he wants to call the computer friend, Issac says no. Jack says he wants to get into Craig's suite.

Craig says all he ever wanted was a date for dinner with her. Craig says it was partially his fault for her getting hurt. he says the Carly he knew was interested only in her son, but somewhere along the line she because more into Hal and Jack. He says he always thought she was almost as intelligent as him. She says she will need a new dress to match the earrings he likes. he leaves the room laughing!

Abby gets the tape out and she hugs Adam. Jen walks in! Abby says she knows Molly isn't crazy now. They rush out.

Jolien tells them all to join hands, and then she asks for Vicky's spirit to be known. Vicky says Molly? Molly says yes, Vicky says you can hear me can't you?