As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/13/00



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/13/00

By Jackye

Holden is at Lucinda's and he frets that Lily may be with Simon. He has come after the children and Lucinda assures him that they are fine. Sit down and talk with her for a few minutes before he goes. He does and he is still in a state because he thinks that Lily is with Simon. Lucinda assures him that as they speak, Simon has been presented a one-way ticket to down under courtesy of the INS and that Lily is nowhere near Simon. Lucinda tries her best to assure Holden that once Simon is out of the country, Lily's head will clear. Holden is not sure that Lily wouldn't leave the country without the children. Lucinda tells Holden that the only one packing and leaving is Simon when Rose appears and announces that she is leaving for New Jersey as soon as possible. Lucinda tells her that she needs to move on with her life, it is just too convenient for her at the pool house. She announces that she is going to the hotel to stay with her father until she really makes up her mind. Lucinda tries to talk her out of leaving for New Jersey. She tells her that she never told her to leave town. Lucinda leaves the room to take a call and Holden and Rose talk privately among themselves. Holden is amused by the fact that she won't apologize to Lily. She tells Holden that she even considered selling the rights to her story to the Intruder and that when she realized that it would have hurt a lot of people and she decided against it. Holden decides that since she didn't sell Lily's jewelry when she had the chance and didn't sell the story that she must have some class. Holden thanks her for not selling her story to the Intruder and he tells he that she did the right thing. She says that she is sorry that she won't find out what happens about the horse and he tells her to tell Joe to call him. Rose says now that Simon and she will be gone, that Lily and he can get back together. Holden is not certain that it is not going to be that easy. Rose tries to encourage him to follow his heart. He inquires about her plans and she says that she isn't sure because of the way that she left. They won't hire her back. She gives him a couple of gifts for the children. He thanks her for the gifts. Holden tells her that he knows something that she can do right here in Oakdale. He tells her about the job offer that Denise has waiting for her and she is stunned that Holden would have gone out on a limb for her. She wonders why he would do such a thing. And Holden explains that she put together the kick line and she loves children and is perfect for the job. Rose agrees that she will call her and ask Holden if she decided to stay, that it would not kill him? He says it wouldn't kill him at all. Lucinda enters the room again and Holden prepares to leave with the children. Lucinda makes another attempt to get Rose to stay in town and Rose tells her that she has reconsidered.

Back at the Carroll County Courthouse, Lily changes her mind at the sight of the INS agents and begs Katie and Simon to marry while she stalls the INS. Lily heads out to the parking lot to do her part as Tom and Margo do all they can to reason with Katie. In the parking lot, she tries to stall by telling them that they followed Katie and Simon here thinking that they may be getting married there but they are not here. The justice of the peace appears and is appalled at the levity in which the groom and bride seem to take the marriage vows. He starts the service and is helped along by the anxious Katie and Simon. She produces the rings and says that they want to say their own vows and she hurries things alone. Outside the door the voices of the INS agents and Lily rings through out the hall. Hurriedly, the justice of the peace declares them man and wife as the INS burst through the door. Simon tells them that they are too late and the INS officer tells them not to start throwing rice just yet. The INS agents talk with the judge and he tells them that in spite of the fact that is was not one of his most conventional marriages, that they are indeed married. The INS questions the validity of the marriage in the sense that they are not really in love and also wants to know how Lily managed to miss the ceremony. She says that she came in and no one was in there and she walked out assuming that they were not there. And now that they are there, they got married. Simon tells them that Lily has nothing to do with the ceremony. The agents question Tom and Margo but Margo refuses to say a word about any of it. Katie tells the agents that she would have loved to have a wonderful wedding but they made that impossible and that is why Margo is so upset. Finally the agents warn them what they are up against. There will be unannounced visits, they are to be in the INS office in the next few days, and they better have their t's crossed and i's dotted. He warns them that they better know every freckle and birth mark that each other has and they need pictures and supporting evidence from the family and friends that they are a bona fide couple. If they can't provide that, they are looking at a $250,000.00 fine and charges of fraud and conspiracy. After issuing the warning, he tells Simon that he had better love Katie because she was all his for the next 2 years of the investigation. Lily turns a sickly shade of pea green when they suggest that they had better spend every night in the bed which each other for the next two years. The INS offers them a ride home after they realize that they have no car there and Katie and Simon agree. Katie throws the bouquet and Lily catches it.

At the Mona Lisa, the waiter tells Lisa that there is a man that wants to see the manager and when she walks to the table, she finds Bob waiting to read the riot act to her. Bob tells her that she is doing too much and should delegate her responsibilities and she says that she is not like Lucinda. Don't tell Lucinda that she paid her a compliment but she just can't. He tells her that she needs a check-up and that it has been too long and she promises that she will make an appointment. Bob then tells her that Tom is ready to return to law and Lisa sees Margo and Tom enter the room and she says that she will talk to Tom about it. She is not mad as Tom expected but actually relieve. But she wishes that he had just told her himself. He offers to find someone to replace himself. Lisa and Tom come to the understanding and she gives him her blessing to rejoin the law practice. Margo excuses herself to call Lila and warn that she has a new son-in-law. What is going on Tom and Bob inquire and Tom tells them that it is a long story and he will tell them later. Lisa admits that she feels better now that things are somewhat settled back into normalcy. Tom asks Margo how it went with Lila and Margo tells him that Lila is going to come to Oakdale.

Lily arrives back home and starts to call Simon, but the INS agents' words ringing in her ears.

Simon and Katie arrive back and she demands that he carry her over the threshold. Katie seems to have a different idea of what they are going to do now. Katie is ready to celebrate and all Simon can think about the look on Lily's face when she realized that it was going to take 2 years to get this straightened out. Simon says that he is just ready to go to bed and Katie jumps at the chance to get into bed with him. Katie gets into the bed in all but nothing on and Simon tells her again that this is no ordinary honeymoon. Katie reminds him that he can't just sleep in the car that they could look through the windows and see him in the car on his honeymoon. He finally gets into the bed with her and is very uncomfortable with her in his bed. He fingers at his wedding ring and insists that they are not going to camp outside the window all night. Katie tells him to think positive and makes plans for the future. She attempts to paw at his clothing looking for the freckles that the agents suggest she know that he has and Simon really gets defensive. After she rambles on for a few more minutes, she looks over at Simon and he is feigning being asleep.