As The World Turns Update Tuesday 12/12/00



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 12/12/00

By Jackye

The show opens with Julia decorating for Christmas. There is a knock at the door. Julia is surprised to find Carly standing there. Carly says at least Jack knew what he was getting with her, but with Julia he has to peel away the layers.

Jack is at Java Underground. Issac brings him a drink. He asks Jack which woman it is about, his wife or the wrong one. Jack replies, "Don't ask again." Issac says his night took a turn for the worst. Jack turns and sees Craig. He says, "You're right, that's the last person I want to see tonight."

Lily says no wedding will take place. Katie says it's up to her and Simon. The judge calls Simon and Katie and asks if they are ready to begin. Lily says she needs to speak to Simon. He realizes he knows Tom and starts talking to him. Lily says there are other ways. Simon says he is running out of time and no one else has answers. She says she tells him she loves him, but he is marrying someone else. He says it is an arrangement and Katie knows that. Lily says Katie has other motives. Katie says she is helping a friend. Margo asks how long this friendship has been going on and how long will it last. Katie says it started the night of Craig's Halloween party. She says they ended up talking and wound up in the back of a car in the garage. Margo asks if it's what she thinks. Katie says it was the most important night of her life and she doesn't want to cheapen it. Margo says how cheap is that, loosing your virginity in the back of a car. Lily says she forgave Simon for sleeping with someone else, but Katie? The one person she hates more than anything in the world? He says it didn't mean anything; they were drunk. Katie says she didn't mean for it to come out and no one understands. Katie says it's funny how it all turned out. Simon says the night was an accident. She asks how he can say that when they are getting married? Margo says Katie has every right to ask. Simon says they are under no illusions about their marriage. Lily says she went after her husband and now she slept with Simon. Lily says it must be payback. Katie says not everything is about her. Lily says if he does this, Katie will make their lives HELL!

Bryant arrives late. He says he had to take Jen home on his way over. He asks how the night is looking. Issac asks which one is he looking for? Issac says he must be looking for the one with the sizzle. Bryant says he isn't looking for anyone. Jack says he is full of advice. Issac says "Of course." He tells Bryant he has a customer and turns to see Craig. He makes Craig a drink and Craig asks him about his Thanksgiving. He says he is there from his mom; she is well and misses them. Craig says for him to stop by, but Bryant says he doesn't have the money. He offers him a round- trip flight ticket with no strings attached back home. Bryant says he'll think about it. Craig goes and joins Jack. He asks if they settled the issue of the photograph?

Julia tells Carly she isn't welcome, Jack is on his way home. Carly says he is at Java getting drunk. They have the whole place to themselves. Carly talks so that Julia thinks she and Jack are having an affair or meeting late at night. Julia says she doesn't care; she and Jack have no secrets. Carly says now that she ruined Carly and spilled the beans to Winston. Carly says Jack told her about the photo, and about how she and Winston cooked up the whole scheme and kept the big secret. Carly says she finally got what she wanted. Julia says it wasn't that big of a secret; they didn't think about her at all. Julia says her baby and their marriage is more important than anyone. Carly says it is a trap. Julia says he is happy with the life he chose. Carly says her baby doesn't have a chance; it will all go up in smoke when jack sees through her. She catches a stocking on fire. Julia asks what she is doing; she isn't the only one that can make Jack happy. She says it is finally sinking in to Carly that Jack is over her; she doesn't want anyone else to be happy. Carly says she would applaud her act if she werenít disgusted with her. Carly says she needed someone tougher to do her dirty work, Winston. She wonders how Julia found him, Julia says she was the one who was married and didn't tell a soul. She asks what she told him? Then, goes on to wonder how she got to Jack after he thought she left him. She says Julia ruined jack's life, have the guts to admit it.

Jack says Julia is fine, he says people with no life get into other people's lives. They discuss marriage and getting away from a "happy home". Craig offers to buy the next round; Jack orders the most expensive drink and doubles it. Craig congratulates him on his child and they get cigars. Craig says a child will change his whole existence. Jack gets up and leaves. Issac warns Craig about playing games with a cop in his shop.

Ruby and Bryant discuss their kiss. She says they are exchanging gifts, he says they don't know each other. She describes her gift.

Issac asks when Craig is removing his stolen merchandise from his safe, Craig says not so jumpy. Ruby tells Craig she saved him, now he owes her his life. Simon says he will still be a part of her life if he marries Katie, not just a memory. He asks what she wants him to do. It is up to her. She says these are the choices? He says he needs help making the decision; he doesn't want to risk loosing her again. Lily says she loves him; it gets her through knowing he is across town. She says marrying Katie is the biggest mistake. He says so that is it, it's over. She says it won't be over, she will get him a VISA and he can come back. He says he will do what she asks. She just needs to say the words. She says she can't because she loves him too much.

Ruby discusses a cigar; Craig asks where she learned about cigars. She says a cigar isn't just a cigar, she says she must be right about him. He says more than some, less than others. He says he seldom gets this lucky without trying. She says it must be their lucky day. Bryant watches from afar.

Jack tells Issac Craig has to be working on a deal. Issac says for Jack to tell him what he knows and he'll run it by his sources. Jack asks where the microchips could be; Issac says he'll get back to him. Jack excuses himself.

Ruby says she'll be back, Bryant asks if Ruby is a little young for him.

Julia and Carly trade shots again, Julia says Jack forgave her. Carly asks if she believes him, why is he on the other side of town? She says he is ashamed by his mistake of marrying her. She says he is too decent to walk away; soon he won't be able to stop himself from realizing what she really is. Julia says their vows went to heart. Carly makes fun of their wedding ceremony. Julia says Carly is jealous. Carly says it isn't a marriage but an error in judgment. This isn't a house, a prison. Julia tells her to get out. Carly says she knows Jack. The lies she told him will gnaw at him and he'll leave her. Julia says Jack doesn't want her. Carly says one day she will tell a white lie and he will walk out the door. Don't forget that she warned her. Julia says it won't happen, she will never loose him. Carly says you can't loose what you never had. Carly leaves.

Craig asks if he knows her, Bryant says he saw her around. Craig says when he suggested a new woman, he didn't mean one who would eat him alive. Ruby comes back and Craig tells her they are father and son. She says she would have thought they were brothers. Bryant informs him he will pay his own way to Monte if he decides to go. After Craig leaves, Ruby asks if she can go.

Katie says all Lily can offer is a heartfelt goodbye; she can offer him a chance to stay. He says he is leaving; he can't stay. Katie says they are deporting the wrong people; it should be Tom and Margo since they think they know what's best for everyone else. Katie goes to leave and quickly shuts the door. She says the INS are there.

Jack arrives home, he comments on the decorating. She tells him Carly was there, she says she knows that he was with Carly. Jack rationalizes it, Julia tells him about Carly throwing the baby stocking in the fire. He asks how she is feeling, and then asks what Carly said. She asks if he went to the bar to get away from her. He replies no, he is on a case and had to meet someone. He says he is a good cop; he needs to be to stay alive. He says he adores her. She asks why Carly hates her so much. He says because he loves her so much. He told Carly that. He asks if she believes him.

Craig arrives at the suite and says he thought she had a date with Jack. She says he will have to take an IOU for the $100. He asks what happened. She says he tried everything to keep it from her. She says it was the first time she ever won fairly and Jack is sticking by Julia. The truth doesn't make a bit of difference. She says it's funny, all she could ever think about was Jack. She says now he is gone, she can't remember how to live without him in her heart.

Bryant asks what she thinks of Craig. She asks him if he is jealous. He says curious, she says a few things about Craig. She says she is more interested in him. She says she is good at keeping secrets. She walks away and makes a call. She tells the person on the other end that he is young but not too innocent. Perfect for it.

Issac looks over the microchips.

Lily begs Simon not to go out. He says this is the only way they canít keep them apart. The judge comes in and asks if they are ready. Lily says she will stall them and the two of them can get married, but he has to do it now.