As The World Turns Update Monday 12/11/00



As The World Turns Monday 12/11/00

By Bethany Tedder

Presidential interruption for the first 30 minutes of the show

When the show opens, Katie and Simon are hurriedly preparing to go through with the marriage ceremony. Bryant and Jennifer are there and Katie hints around that he has to stay at the ceremony dispute his refusal to stay because he needs to get to work. She starts up a conversation about running into him at Java Underground after he had taken Jennifer home the night before. Simon comes out dressed in a suit that Katie lifted from Craig's closet. Jennifer is confused and irritated that he lied to her about where he was. Finally, Bryant decides to go with the rest of the party to the courthouse. While they are assembling the wedding party, Lily arrives at Margo and Tom's and tells them that Katie and Simon are at the courthouse preparing to get married. Margo fumes that she has done everything to talk some sense into Katie and the INS has threatened to throw her is prison for aiding and abetting if she goes through with the ceremony. She says that she has even tried to contact Lila for help. Finally in frustration, Margo decides to let her learn the hard way. Lily is appalled that she would allow Katie to do that Simon but Margo is at the end of her rope with Katie. Nevertheless, the trio hurried to the courthouse to see if they could prevent the ceremony from taking place. At the courthouse, Margo and party arrive before the wedding party and inquire to the clerk if they have the right place. They mention Simon and she assures them that they have. They ask about the bride's name and she tells them it is Katherine Perritti. Katie arrives and Margo tells her that she is not going to go through with this. Katie says too bad; she can't stop her. Tom tries to explain the legal implications of her marrying an illegal alien. But Katie is stubborn. Lily does her best to talk Simon out of marrying her. She is nothing but trouble. Simon refuses to be talked out of it. Simon tries to explain his position. He is doing it so he can stay in Oakdale to be near her. How can Katie help, Lily wonders. Katie says that they need to start the ceremony now. Katie and Lily exchange barbs as Lily tells her that she needs to find someone that she is not involved with. Katie tells Lily that it would be easier if she could make up her mind about whom she wanted. Jennifer decides that the scene is too much for her to endure and she and Bryant hit the high road after telling Katie that they have plenty of witnesses without them. Tom agrees that they should go because there is not going to be a ceremony. Tom and Margo attempt to stop the ceremony as the Justice of the Peace enters and announces that they are ready to begin.

At the INS office, a phone comes in and they tell the officer that they have found Lily and that she is at the Carroll County Courthouse. The officer says thank you to the caller and hurries to get to the courthouse.

Back at the boathouse, the conversation is winding down between Carly and Jack. Carly does her best to get Jack to admit that Julia was behind Winston Lowe finding out about her whereabouts. Jack prepares to leave but Carly tips her hand and Jack realizes that she knew about the picture before she arrived there to meet him. He stand steadfastly by his wife and declares that Julia did not know who Winston Lowe was and didn't set out to entrap Carly. Furious, Carly says that she want to talk to Julia and Jack tells her to leave Julia alone that she is pregnant. Carly is unsympathetic. Finally after a few minutes of bickering back and forth, Carly tries to make him see that Julia did it on purpose. Jack enlightens her that even if she had set the thing in motion, they would not have been married anyway. He believes that she saved him from her. But Carly has a different spin on the coulda, shoulda, woulda's. She is living in fantasyland where she is the damsel in distress and Jack would have rescued her from the big bad Winston Lowe. Carly tries to place the entire blame on Julia and Jack tells her that she did a wrong thing but he has forgiven her for it. Carly still beats the dead horse to death about how Julia lied about the faxes and the picture for over a year. What about the surprise pregnant? Did she do it on purpose? Jack is livid and defends his wife. Carly doesn't understand why he can forgive Julia for lying but not her. At least tell her that she was telling the truth. What truth, he asks? She tells him that she was never married to Winston in her heart that he was the only one. He tells her that he is sorry that he can't say what she wants to hear. There are too many lies under the bridge and that whatever they had is gone forever. He leaves a devastated Carly at the boathouse.