As The World Turns Update Friday 12/08/00



As The World Turns Update Friday 12/08/00

By Bethany Tedder

Julia arrives at Barbara's and tells her that she needs to talk with her. Barbara at first thinks there is something wrong with the baby. But she assures Barbara that the baby is fine and Barbara correctly guesses that Jack knows about the picture and that is not all, she had to tell Jack the entire truth. That is that she was involved with trying to get the picture from Craig. Jack has gone to Hal and informs him that he knows everything about the picture. Jack goes into detail and a confused Hal has problems comprehended what possible connection that she could have with Lowe. He tells Hal that Carly was kidnapped against her will and the high life pictures were a smoke screen manufactured by Winston Lowe. Julia was the one that sprung the trap that caused Carly to be missing for their wedding. Jack wonder how he will ever make it up to Carly while Hal says that despite the photo, Carly has lied to him hundreds of times and the past is the past. Barbara and Julia discuss the problems but Julia seems relieved that the whole think is out in the open and it wasn't as bad as she expected. But she is worried about Barbara and Hal's marriage. Barbara seems mildly concerned. Julia apologizes for having to tell Jack the truth. Hal does his best to prevent Jack from telling Carly the truth. He reminds Jack that Carly was all ready married. Get his head on straight or his problems are just beginning. He needs to get his loyalties straight or he stands to lose everything, Hal warns him.

Craig and Carly talked about Julia being in the hotel room and Jack found out she was there. Craig questions why he was so upset if he is suppose to be in love with her. Carly says that he must cover since Craig in under investigation. Carly brings up the envelope and Craig surmises that Carly is the one that told Jack about the existence of the envelope. Carly admits that she told Jack and Craig wonders whose side she is on. After a few questions, Craig realizes that Carly has no idea what was in the envelope. Craig enjoys the moment when he tells Carly that Julia couldn't wait to get her hands on it. Not realizing what Julia actually did to her, a frustrated Carly leaves. Isaac takes a call from the imprisoned Phillips. He issues a warning that when he gets out that he has no desire to see him in Oakdale. Denise comes to Isaac's club and catches the tail end of the call with Phillips. As she turns to leave, Isaac's abrasive attitude causes her to have second thoughts. Isaac tells her not to even think about leaving without talking with him. What does she want he quizzes and she asks if she is the cause for the attitude or is it left over from the phone cal? He says maybe a little of both. He says that this is his way of giving her the space that she has demanded from all the friends that she has. She wonders if independence comes with the price of losing her friends. Isaac says that it doesn't have to and wonders again what she wants. She tells him that she is there on business and that she wants his club. She starts to tell him about her plan to create a dancing area in the club and Isaac thinks about it for a few minutes and decides, why not. A few females in the club dancing might be what they need. Denise tells him that he doesn't have the whole picture.

Presidential interruption for about 7 minutes.

(Now I am guessing but judging from the conversation after the interruption, Carly came back and Craig must have told her the truth about the photo.) Carly basks in the happiness that she feels when she realizes what Julia has done. She is certain that this is the end of the Snyder's marriage. Craig is not so sure. Carly says that she bets he went home and ended the marriage then and there. But Craig seems to think that they had something to fight for and that is when where you stand to lose. She says that she wants the security for her and Parker that Jack can provide when Craig questions her loyalty to him. Her interest is only in providing the information in regard to the microchips. Apparently she is suppose to meet Jack tonight and Craig goes so far as to bet her $100.00 that Jack will not tell her about the photo. Carly agrees to the bet and as she is leaving Craig tries to warn her that Jack may actually forgive Julia. Not a chance, Carly assures him. He hopes not because if she has lost her hold on him, she will be useless to him when they go to transfer the microchips. Carly assures him when the time comes that she will have Jack exactly where she wants him. She leaves, as Craig mutters that she better be right.

Back at the police station, Hal and Jack differ in how withholding the truth from Carly would affect the Snyder's marriage. Hal does everything in his power to tell Jack that he doesn't need to tell her while Jack insists that telling Carly the truth is not being disloyal to his wife. Hal tells him to call Julia and tell her what he is planning to do but Jack refuses. He is lying to her the same as Julia lied to him. They nearly come to blows and Jack finally tells him that he is tired of his superior attitude and maybe he should take a long look at his own marriage instead. Jack finally lets the cat out of the bag and a devastated Hal connects the dots and realizes that Barbara had something to do with the cover up of the photo. Hal heads out the door for home and Jack tries to reason with him but Hal waves him off.

Back at the Munson's, Barbara and Julia are still discussing the photo. Barbara stuns Julia when she rattles off the virtues that Craig possesses and a horrified Julia realizes that she may have feelings for the man. Julia does her best to get Barbara to try to fight for her marriage and Barbara says that is all that they have been doing lately is fighting. She wonders if she truly cares whether the marriage ends or not and Julia apologizes for being so wrapped up in her own problems to notice that Barbara's marriage is in a shambles and hanging by a mere thread. Barbara admits to Julia that marriage was not necessarily the charm. Suddenly, Hal storms in and basically says hello to Barbara and good-bye to Julia. Barbara is livid that he has asked Julia to leave so Hal invites her to stay and let them all rehash how Barbara became entangled in the lies about the photo. Barbara decides that it may be best if Julia does leave, so she does. Hal says that they need to talk and Barbara warns him that she is not in the mood. Well, when she is in the mood to talk to him about the lies she has told, come and find him. In the meantime, bedtime will be on the family sofa for him.

Isaac nixes the idea when he finds out that there are children involved in her business venture. She points out the opportunities for the boys that he lets take karate there and he relents under one condition... that she gets Curtis to take a dance class from her. She happily agrees and gives him a big hug in appreciation. They discuss the scheduling and the types of classes and Isaac offers to be a partner but Denise says that she has another woman in mind for that.

Carly arrives at the darkened boathouse to find Jack all ready there. Well, surely he knows what was in the envelope by now. So what was it, she asks?