As The World Turns Update Thursday 12/07/00



As The World Turns Update Thursday 12/07/00

By Jackye

Bryant walks into the diner and takes a seat. Ruby adjusts her scarf and pulls her skirt down a little outside. She comes in and wraps her scarf over Bryant's eyes. When he doesn't guess, she moves around the booth to join him. She says she thought they could pick up where they left off, she says she has all day. he says he has to get home, he tells her about his "aunt" Rose. He tells her it would be awkward with Rose there. She asks if Rose is really what would make it awkward, especially after last night.

Rose calls someone and says she has a proposition. She invites them to the Walsh estate because Lucinda is out on business. She agrees to meet in half hour.

Henry hangs up, he says proposition? It must have the makings of a scandal knowing Rose!

Chris is taking pictures when there is a knock at the door. it is Emily, she is furious with him. he begins taking pictures of her, he tells her Andy is leaving for Seattle and he is going to the airport to see him off. He explains he is making a scrapbook for Andy of pictures of the apartment with lame captions. She takes his camera and snaps a picture as they kiss. They continue kissing, he unbuttons her shirt. They fall onto the couch.

John asks if Andy was planning on leaving without saying goodbye, why? He says be honest, Andy says for him to be honest. he knows John would have called him a coward and said he was running from his problems, he doesn't want to hear it. Andy tells him to go back to the hospital, John says he isn't getting rid of him that easy. Andy says he will think he is blaming him, he tells John that he knew he would one day walk again while he was in the wheelchair, he thought no one would ever know. he says he can't do the things his dad does, doing things for good reason. John says he was in deep, Andy says it was because he was afraid of what John would say. Andy says he is taking responsibility, John put pressure on him. John says he was looking out for him, Andy says no, himself. He says John has a power over him and it has to end. John says he wants to be absolutely sure he knows something before he gets on the plane.

Barbara comes into the kitchen to find Jen studying a few weeks early. She asks what is going on? She asks if something happened with Bryant? Jen tells her she thinks that he is interested in someone else, Barbara recounts his old tricks with Abigail. Jen says it's worse, it's a chick like in the James Bond movies. Jen tells her that Bryant thinks she is overreacting, but last night at Yo's she came on to Bryant. Letting him know that she is ready and willing to do what ever he wants.

Bryant tells Ruby that he had a nice time, he has fun hanging out with her and she is hot. The timing is off, she wonders if they could have had something special. He says she heard it before, she says she gave the speech. He tells her he wants things to work out with Jen, he wants a serious relationship with one girl. She says he can have his commitment, she's interested in something way more fun. She drapes her leg over his.

Rose asks Henry if he doesn't like her. She says it's because of the Endicotts's. He tries to leave but she stops him. She says she has the makings of a Pulitzer Prize. She tells him it's about her!

Emily and Chris decide whom to give each of their pictures to. He says it is great to hear her laugh, he didn't think she would give him a 2nd chance after Henry interrupted last time. He does 1, 2, 3 start over, he explains how Kim did it to him and Andy when they were little. She says it will only work for the Kim Hughes of the world, he says it will work for them too. Chris gives her a folder, he says everything you wanted to know about Henry Coleman but were afraid to ask. Emily tells Chris it is his resume, anyone could have gotten it. he says it might give him a lead, she says she won't waste her time. He says he'll work alone, he read over it and says Oh My Gosh! She says let her take a look.

Henry says he can't take the culprit and make her look like a heroine. She says take the romance part, a love affair with the stable boy. Throw in the family relation and BAM! Henry says he can make her the victim of Holden. She says no, he is just looking for a way to pay back Holden. He says no Holden, no story.

Ruby asks if she needs to spell it out for him, he says she doesn't care what else he does? What about Jen? She says her advice is don't hurt her feelings, she doesn't have to know everything he does. He says they can all have what they want and no one has to get hurt. She says they al get what they want! He says no that he isn't tempted, but he doesn't know. She says take his time. he says she is too good to be true, she says when he is ready to find out how good she is, let her know. She leaves. he opens his wallet and looks at a picture of Jen

John says he has one feeling besides unconditional love for him, unconditional pride. Andy asks how he can be proud? Andy says he was hoping John would sit him down and tell him that he knew he made a mistake and he would help him face it all, it would all be ok. But John kept insisting he lie even under oath. John says Andy has a lot of anger, not just from this. Andy says in order to feel whole again he has to get as far from John as possible. John says if getting on the flight feels right, it is because he is half way right, maybe he will find the other half. john says he loves him, Andy says he knows. John recounts how things changed when Andy came into his life. John says he felt the same way Andy did, when he did the same to Kim. John says mistakes are sometimes powerful, Andy says he never questioned that John loved him. The hardest part is learning to let the one he loves get away. Andy says he will keep in touch. John says when he returns, they will both be better fathers to their kids. Bob and Kim come back, they ask if he is ok, he says yes. the flight leaves in 20 minutes. he says he thought he should have said goodbye. Margo, Tom, Nancy and Lisa are there to say goodbye.

Emily reads over Henry's resume. He has her read between the lines. He says it must have been a huge step down from one job to the other. They look at the dates and wonder if he was laying low for 18 months. Chris says he will look into it after he goes to see Andy at the airport. Emily sounds down and Chris says he has to tear himself away.

Jen says she is scared by the way Bryant looks at Ruby. Barbara says she needs to make it clear to Bryant how she feels. Barbara says she doesn't see the connection between her and Hal and working to stay together. There is a knock at the door, it's Bryant. He asks to come in, he says hello to Barbara. She heads upstairs. They kiss, she pulls away saying her mom is upstairs. he says they will be quiet, she says she doesn't feel like it. She says nothing is wrong, he says he doesn't believe it. She asks if he was up thinking about her, Ruby?

Rose says she has to spare Holden of headache number one million and 2. Henry says no deal, the Intruder would have paid a pretty penny. He says she can know where to find him if she changes her mind.

They all show Andy a picture they made with a digital camera. They give him a few small gifts. Margo asks if it was ok that she told John, he says yeah. Lisa says it's about time to say goodbye. Chris gives him the pictures of old furniture. He says his old chair will still be there. Tom asks where he was, he says with Emily. Bob gives him a gift from Susan, Andy says to tell her he will give her a call. he turns to Kim and says I guess this is it.

Henry arrives at the office and tells Emily about meeting with Rose. He says the story will be done soon, it will take a little longer, Rose is desperate to sell. he says she could have got the story if she wasn't sleeping around. She says you wait, you just wait.

Bryant says Ruby is just a friend, Jen is all he wants. She says if Ruby keeps coming on to him, she doesn't know how long he can resist she can't compete with that. He tells Jen she will know when she is ready, she says it will be wonderful, when she is ready. he says he will wait, he doesn't want to pressure her. Barbara listens from the stairs, she hears Jen says she isn't a child and she doesn't want to impress anyone.

Kim says she didn't get him a present, he remembers 1,2,3 start over. He says it's that simple. He says he will miss everyone. They all watch as he goes to board the plane. Kim says bye kiddo!