As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/06/00



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/06/00

By Jackye

Lily/Simon Lily gets visit from the INS agents. They question her about Simon's whereabouts, when she says she doesn't know they search her house. Afterward, they tell her they will keep in touch. As she closes the door, she tells Luke to get his coat. After taking the kids to Lucinda, she goes to the garage. She listens to the message on the answering machine. The woman tells him she called to inform him of a change in his appointment to 5:30. Lily thinks it is a hearing and that they are giving him another chance. She says to herself that she will be there.

Rose/Lucinda Lucinda and Rose continue their conversation about apologizing to Lily. Lucinda leaves the room for a minute and Rose contemplates her story for the Intruder to get some money. When Lucinda comes back in, she tells Rose about Neil and the memories of what might have been. Lily bursts in to ask Lucinda to watch the kids indefinitely. Rose says to bring them in to see Aunt Rose, Lily says she wants Lucinda to care for them, not HER. Lucinda leaves the two of them alone while she goes to greet the children. When she comes back, she sends Rose out of the room. Unknowing to them, Rose listens to Lilt pour her heart out to Lucinda about loving Simon. She gets upset with Lucinda for calling in the INS and wonders what else she would do. Lucinda hugs Lily and says she is in for heartache, Lily says no, happiness. After Rose watches Lily leave in a hurry, she asks Lucinda what was wrong with Lily. Lucinda asks if she cares and Rose says no. Rose asks for more time with a roof over her head, Lucinda says after she makes amends with her sister.

Holden/Denise/Abigail/Hope Abigail and Holden bring Hope back in from horseback riding. They agree that she is a natural rider. Denise comes in to the stable and asks how their morning was. Abigail says great, but it made her hungry. She asks Denise if it is al right if she takes Hope up to Emma's for a snack. Denise says that's fine. After they leave, Holden and Denise discuss their jobs at WOAK. She explains to him her feelings about Andy's faked paralysis, and he tells her about his marriage and his relationship with Rose. He asks to spend more time with Hope and she agrees telling him about Andy's rehab program. Denise tells him she may go back to dancing, explaining about her choice not being a stripper. She asks about Rose and her recommends her for the job with Denise. She asks if it will bother him with Rose still in town, he says no.

Margo/John Margo and John have a few words about Andy. She tells John he can't tell Andy what to do and make all his decisions. Andy needs to be on his own. John says the whole rehab is a conspiracy against him and Andy living with him. All put together by Kim, he tells her that his whole life has been determined by his children. Mothers and stepfathers controlling when and where he could see his them. She offers him a ride to the airport to say goodbye to Andy, but he refuses.

Andy's Goodbye Andy and Kim are at the airport, she tells him she is proud of him. He goes back over all of their bad memories saying he doesn't know how she can stand to look at him, wondering if anyone else could ever take her headache? She tells him that when he was small it was the two of them against the world and she wouldn't change any of it for the world. Bob comes over and tells him his flight is on time. Bob tells him he hasn't been ignoring him on purpose; he wanted to give him some time to himself. John arrives and Kim and Bob excuse themselves. John and Andy talk about the rehab program. Andy says it was his idea, he chose to go. He tells John that he can't stand to see Ben and Denise together or to hear about the hearing anymore. He needs time away to recover. John apologizes to Andy about the whole situation.