As The World Turns Update Tuesday 12/05/00



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 12/05/00 

By Jackye

Rose tells Bryant about her father's luck with horses. Then when Bryant seems upset, Rose asks about his date with Jen. He tells her about Jen wanting to wait for sex. He says they want it to be special, Rose tells him she knows he isn't inexperienced so why is he tying himself down so young.

The INS agent asks where Simon is, Katie acts like she doesn't know who they are. She pretends to think they are the IRS, car owners or Hollywood agents. Katie tells them Simon isn't there; he didn't leave her a note. The man warns her about making things worse for her.

Lily waits at Java Underground for Simon. When he arrives, he tells her she looks beautiful. A song comes on and he asks her to dance. She says that's why they are there; there is no other place she would rather be than in his arms. She says there is so much to say in so little time, he quiets her. She says this may be the last time she feels his heart beat next to hers his, he says no.

Katie offers the man a cup of coffee. He asks when Simon left. She says she wasn't there when he left. The man asks her name, she says Katie. He asks her last name, she says Peretti P-e-r-e-t-t-i. She does a little rhyme for him to spell her name. He asks where Katie was all day, she tells him she is between jobs. He asks why she is in the garage this late at night. She says she lives there. He questions how well she knows Simon, she compares them to Adam and Eve and Romeo and Juliet. She tells the man he is her fiancé.

Joe arrives to see Lucinda, Joe asks if Rose is sick. Lucinda says no, it's not her physical well-being. She says this isn't Rose's home, she needs to get on her own feet. Joe says Rose thinks if she holds on long enough, Holden will come around. Lucinda says she can send Rose off on her own, Joe says he agrees she needs a push. She agrees to tell Rose to call her old man. After she leaves, Joe says your gonad need a lot of luck.

Rose describes the old neighborhood boys to Bryant. He says that isn't him and Jen. She asks if he thinks about playing the field, he says sometimes.

He says it's confusing, yes, no, slow down, speed up. Bryant says he screwed up with Jen once and he doesn't want it to happen again. He really cares about her.

Ruby comes in to Java Underground, she asks Isaac about when Bryant works next. Isaac warns her not to buy a car that's already sold, Bryant's taken. She says many guys walk in tied down and leave free. He says that depends on the guy, she says the seat is up for grabs if no one is there to claim it.

Lily says they should stay in each other's arms till the INS comes to drag him away. He remembers the island. She wonders why she didn't tell him how she felt back then, she says there is so much unsaid. He says he doesn't regret any of it, she says she has to worry about him because she loves him so much. He asks if she realizes what she just said, she said she loves him.

Lucinda arrives at the pool house, she tells Rose she has waited patiently for her to get her life together. She says she wants her off the premises by the end of the week.

Katie tells the INS agent about her and Simon's supposed engagement. She says he changed her oil and her life. The other man comes in and says he saw fresh tire tracks. She asks the man if she can tell Simon something for them, the man says he is being deported tonight. The man tells her to come clean about where Simon is. The man threatens jail time. She tells them Simon may have gone to pick up daisies for a headpiece for her in Luther's Corner's flower shop. The INS agent says they will check that out, but tell Simon to say in place. She agrees to tell him. She waits till they leave to apply lipstick and leave.

Simon tells Lily he isn't resigned to his fate anymore; she gave him a life raft. She says she thought he knew she loved him, why else would she go through this hell. He says she never said the words. She says I love you and they kiss, she continues doing this. He says he can't lose her, she says they can send him back to Australia, but he will find his way back. He will never let her go because she loves him. She asks if they are giving up too easily, he says they will never give up. He tells her two agents showed up at the garage and he sneaked out the back. She says they can get the children and go, work something out. He says he can't let her give up her freedom. He says they have to say goodbye.

Bryant arrives at Java Underground. He asks Ruby if she is following her, she says no. He tells her he is alone, she says he needs someone to keep him warm.

Rose says she thought they were getting along; Lucinda says she is doing it for her. She says Rose can't take priority over other family members. Rose realizes she is doing it for Lily. She says Lucinda is too spineless to stand up to one of Lily's hissy fits. Lucinda says she couldn't possibly choose her over Lily. Rose says it isn't about love. Lucinda says it's because she doesn't love her. She is just a convenience for her. Rose says she doesn't have many things; she'll pack and be gone. Lucinda says she has till the end of the week, Rose says she wouldn't stay till the end of the night. Lucinda tells her she is a baby, all she cares about it what she feels and thinks she needs. She never thinks about Lily, she doesn't have an ounce of sympathy. Rose says Lily had a few tough breaks, what about her. Lucinda relays the situation from Lily's point of view. She says Rose should apologize to Lily.

Lily says she can't say goodbye, Simon says it isn't forever. She says she wants to stay till the INS comes, he says no he wants her to remember them this way. He says they will be in touch, till they can be together again. He says there love is real. He tells her no matter what, their love will bring them back together. They kiss and she leaves, he says their fantasy will be real and forever. She says I love you. Simon goes up onto the stage; he picks up a guitar and plays a song. He remembers him and Lily.

Ruby asks about Simon and Lily. Bryant explains that Lily is his aunt and Simon wasn't her husband. Ruby asks him to dance. He is reluctant but finally is dragged up. 

Isaac approaches Simon; he compliments him on his playing. He tells Simon someone is there to see him.

Bryant tells Ruby the music stopped. She says she knows and they kiss.

Rose tells Lucinda she doesn't owe Lily anything, there is no way she is apologizing. Lucinda tells her to take 30 seconds to think before turning everything down. She tells Rose to do it for her niece and nephew, if not for Lily. Lucinda says a lot of things are relying on it all, her future. She calls her a manipulative gold digger. She tells her to think about it. Lucinda leaves, Rose knocks over a statue.

Katie tells Simon she bought him some time. She says they should make a run for it. She suggests each of their cars. When he turns that down, she spots Bryant kissing Ruby. She tells him to give her his keys or she will tell Jen about his kissing Ruby. Bryant gives her his car keys. He tells Ruby he got carried away. She says she owes him. She invites him home and offers him a ride. They leave hand in hand. Katie tells Simon she got Bryant’s keys and they leave together.