As The World Turns Update Monday 12/04/00


As The World Turns Monday 12/04/00

By Jackye

Molly questions Vicky's ghost about the lipstick on the mirror. The ghost says something unintelligible. Adam and Abigail discuss leaving the video running, Adam says he doesn't want to go back. Abigail says she will call and warn them that the camera is there. Jake answers the phone. Abigail tells Jake that they left the video camera running. Molly tells Vicky to leave her alone. Jake walks in the room as Molly throws something at her. She tells Jake Vicky will never leave her alone.

Katie tells Shanks she is going to sue the station. Margo says she told Shanks he only needed to find out where Katie was not arrest her. Margo apologizes to Katie. She says she was only worried about her, she sent someone to check on her. She only wanted to help; Katie says she doesn't want handouts. Margo says she isn't offering any. Margo questions Katie about marrying an illegal immigrant; she doesn't want to see her hurt. Margo questions who it is, she thinks that Katie met the guy on the streets. She then realizes that it is Simon. She asks if Simon is forcing her to marry him. Katie says he has treated her better than her and Craig. Margo warns her about the dangers.

Lily tries to talk Simon into running from the INS. She says she can't let them deport him. He says he will be right there, spending every last minute with her. She says then all she will have is memories and that's not fair! She says she tried everything, nothing worked. Simon asks if this is the end, unless he leaves here tonight with him.

Molly tells Jake that Vicky was there. She came after her. Jake tries to calm her. Molly says she thought it would all go away. Molly starts telling him about what happened, seeing the door unlocked and then seeing Vicky. She tells him Vicky was trying to tell her something, she asked if Vicky was there because of Jake and Vicky nodded. Jake thinks it was a dream, Molly says it wasn't a dream this is real. Jake suggests calling Dr. Michaels. He says he needs a logical explanation; he eliminates things one at a time. She says what scares her almost as much as seeing Vicky's ghost is that his mind seems to be made up. She asks if he believes she saw Vicky's ghost or is she's crazy. He says all he is going off of is her reports. Molly shows him the mirror and tells him Vicky drew it. Jake says he doesn't get it, what does it mean? She tells him that Vicky drew it, she could see her but couldn't hear her. Molly says she doesn't know what it means; she asks if it means anything to him. He says it looks like counting the days till~~what? He asks what keeps her there? Molly says him. Molly suggests that Vicky thinks she not only lost him now, but for eternity. He says it couldn't be Vicky because she used a lighter shade of lipstick. Molly says she didn't do it; she would never willingly hurt him. Jake suggests she was sleep walking, Molly says no it wasn't her. She was wide-awake; he suggests it was Abigail and Adam. Molly says no, it was Vicky and she saw her. She asks how he can ignore the proof? He says he isn't, he wonders why she is communicating with someone she doesn't know. Molly tells Jake about talking with Donna about Vicky. Molly says she is sick and tired of trying to convince him, she do it on her own. He says it isn't her she has a problem with, it's the situation. He says they should be careful if they go see Donna. She says only if he believes her.

Margo tells Katie about all the dangers about marrying Simon. Katie pretends she was sleeping and blows off all Margo has said. Margo tells her no one will help her out this time. Margo tells her about being trapped, not being able to see anyone else. Katie realizes that Simon won't be able to see Lily anymore. Katie heads out, she says to herself, she knows exactly what she is doing.

Lily suggests they go to her mother's cabin, and then realizes Lucinda will turn them in. Lily has second thoughts about leaving the children, and she decides she can't take them with her. Simon says he would give anything to be back on the island, why didn't they realize it was the only place they would ever be free. Lily says there has to be a way. Simon says they have to do the best they can, Lily says she doesn't want to lose him, how can she let him go? Simon tells her he has to pack some things; she says she will be strong. She will say goodbye, but not here like this. Lily says her heart will have no life after he is gone; she wants to spend the last moments together. She wants to dance, be in his arms and look in his eyes. She wants them to get dressed up and go someplace nice. She says she wants to take him out, he says like a first date. She says and their last. He says the INS would come get him in public, where everyone will see them. Katie watches from the window. She asks him to meet her at Java Underground. After she leaves, Katie comes in. She says she can't let him go as easy as Lily has.

Jake says there is something he has to tell her. He says he is going back to the trip, where he visited the old playground where they played. He tells Molly about remembering all their old memories. He says he also thought about her, he never thought he was alone. Vicky was there, on the swing next to him, listening to every word. Molly asks how he can watch her, and not believe when he felt Vicky's presence too. He says the thought of Vicky walking around out there scares him to death. Simon tells Katie he is being deported, he tells her they are there. He asks for her to stall them, so he can say goodbye to Lily. Simon rushes out after saying a quick goodbye. She answers the door, the INS asks for Simon, where is he?

Abigail and Adam wonder what to do about Vicky, they can't let her go after Molly anymore. They decide to watch the tape, together.

Molly tells Jake he is not alone, she knows how it feels. Jake says Vicky has been dead for a year and it was hell for him. When he forgets, it is ok but it hurts like hell when he remembers. He says that he keeps telling himself that Vicky wants him to move on, that he could never forget Vicky. He says when things happen, he feels like he betrayed her. He doesn't know what kind of future they can have with her around. Molly says there is a reason why she appeared to her. She says she knows this is hard, but they will have a future. They will find out what Vicky wants. As they hug, Vicky's ghost walks away.