As The World Turns Update Friday 12/01/00



As The World Turns Update Friday 12/01/00

By Bethany Tedder

Jennifer arrives at the bar for her first "legal" date with Bryant. That is one that she doesn't have to baby-sit Parker and one Barbara knows about. Things are going well until Ruby appears. Jennifer gets very unhappy very quickly. Ruby says that she usually does as she likes and now she wants to dance. Jennifer asks how long that she is planning to be in Oakdale and as she is leading Bryant to the dance floor, she says until she leaves. They go over to the juke box and she picks out a Latin tune that she wishes to dance to as Jennifer stews in her own juices over the seductive way that she dances with Bryant. Finally, Jennifer gets up and starts her own song and begins dancing with him in her own seductive way while Ruby is forced to watch. With Jennifer's back to Ruby, she prepares to leave but not without sending the clear spoken body language to Bryant that she is willing and available.

Lily arrives at the INS office to try to get the INS to stop the deportation action that they are waging against Simon. He is not impressed that she thinks that she can buy his freedom. He explains the INS system to her in great detail and she is not going to get what she wants by throwing her weight around. This is not the way things at the INS work. She implies that he misunderstood what she was saying. She wants the protocol for the deportation hearings. There is no way that she shouldn't be allowed to sponsor him. He corrects her about the hearing; he will not be having one. He explains the INS circumstances of his visa expiration and Simon's apparent disregard for the law. She explains the circumstances of his inability to respond when he was suppose to but the INS supervisor is unsympathetic and tells Lily that the paper work is finished and in a matter of a few hours or days, that Simon will be escorted to the airport by Federal Marshals and deported. Livid, Lily tells him that he has underestimated her.

Simon arrives at the garage and to the domestic skills of Katie Perretti. She has cleaned, baked, and redecorated the living quarters of the garage. Simon tells her that she needs to spend her energy finding a job and new living arrangements. Simon niches any ideas that she has of domestic bliss with him. But Katie thinks that he is the one that is kidding himself. Katie does her best to convince him that she is the answer to all his prayers but he is insists that he will have a hearing in a couple of months and he should be able to get a lawyer and be able to stay in the country. Katie insists that Lily can't do what she can in providing him a means to stay in the country. Katie tries to seduce him and Simon crawls away from her. There is more to it than sex. Forget it, any more stunts and she is out of the garage. Katie insists that he was her first lover and that he has changed her life whether he likes it or not. Katie has saved a souvenir from the night that they made love and Simon says that they do not have enough to build even a fake marriage on. Katie finally gets the point, sort of, and she asks if she can stay for today and tomorrow if she behaves. Simon agrees but she leaves the invitation open if necessary for them to marry. Simon is amazed by the tenacity of her actions. After he thinks that Katie has left, Simon attempts to get some work done and knocks Katie to the floor into a tire when she hovers nearby. She makes one more plea to Simon for his hand and he shakes his head and she leaves. Suddenly, Lily bursts into the garage and tells him that he must pack a bag and run that he is being deported tonight.

Molly and Jake arrive back at the apartment and he gives her the nightgown that he has purchased for her. They are close and cozy, unaware that Abigail and Adam are in the bedroom with a camera on the living room and what they are doing on Jake's TV. Molly looks down at the carpet and immediately flashes to the vision of Vicky in the wheelchair. When Jake assures her that things are going to be all right, she tells him that she hopes that he is right. They share a tender moment as Jake presents her with a key to the apartment and asks her to move in with him. Molly is stunned and admits that it is a huge step for her. And what about Abigail but he assures her that Abigail will be welcomed too. Molly tells him that despite the fact that nothing would make her happier, she is unsure whether she can do that or not. She paints him a picture of Abigail coming to Oakdale and finding her as her mother and she doesn't want to make another mistake. Jake tries to assure her that Abigail is a good kid and trusts her. But Molly stands firm in her decision; she must do what Abigail needs instead of what she wants. Jake is unclear in understanding how moving in with him will make her a bad mother to Abigail. Jake tries his best to assure her that they would be like a family but Molly tells him that her past is littered with bad choices and bad relationships. She can't risk making another bad choice that will affect Abigail. Jake pledges his love that is undying. It isn't him that she doesn't trust she tells him; it is her and fate that she is having a problem with. Jake decides that he may have pushed her too far but she is grateful for the sentiment and in the meantime, they have another agenda in mind. He invites her to try on the new gown and she happily obliges him until they arrive in the bedroom and find Abigail and Adam on the bed in Jake's room. Upon seeing the living room on the TV in Jake' s room, they attempt to wake her and him up. The two teenagers hop over the bed and Jake demands an explanation as to what they were doing. Adam awkwardly tries to explain what they are doing with the camera. Jake says that the hobby is fine if it keeps him off the streets but leave the ghost busting out of his apartment. Jake gives them money for pizza and invites them out for the evening. After they leave, Jake marvels that he was not that ambitious when her was a teenager. Molly begins to explain about the night that she saw Vicky in the wheelchair and the carpet tracks. She explains the whole thing about the soaking room and towels and the tracks that were made by the wheelchair. Why didn't she tell him he asks? She didn't want to hurt him again and that is what she is doing. She is afraid that he will get fed up with her. He tells her that he still wants her to move in with her and that there is a difference between being a burden and having a burden. She finally agrees to talk to Abigail about it and Jake hurries off to shower while she changes into the teddy that he has bought for her. Suddenly, she hears the squeaky noise from the living room. She calls out to see if Abigail came back for something. She goes into the living room and looks around. She spins around and comes face to face with Vicky and demands to know what she wants.