As The World Turns Update Thursday 11/30/00



As The World Turns Update Thursday 11/30/00

By Bethany Tedder

Adam and Abigail go out and start looking for glasses while they discuss the situation with Vicky and Molly. Adam explains about a site that he found on-line about dealing with ghost and tells Abigail that deceased wives make the worse ghosts. Adam tells her that just because Molly hasn't seen her again doesn't mean that she still isn't lurking around. After discussing the situation for a while they hatch a plan to set up a camcorder to "capture" Vicky's ghost on. Adam explains the equipment that he will be using and they decide to not say anything to Molly and Jake unless they actually get something on film. Abigail explains that they are going to Dr. Michaels and Adam says that is because they view the paranormal as a fantasy instead of a science. Adam picks out his glasses and they hurry to set up the equipment before Molly and Jake return.

At the same time that Adam and Abigail are having their discussion, Jake and Molly arrive at Dr. Michaels for Molly first appointment. She is very edgy and unsure that this is the approach that she wants to take to handle her "problem". Jake assures her that he loves her and that he will be behind her every step of the way. Dr. Michaels appears and Molly reluctantly follows her to the office. She decides to sit instead of lying down and Dr. Michaels assures her that either is fine and even standing on her head is acceptable if it makes her feel better. She goes over the history that Ben has provided for her and they begin the session. Molly uses her sense of humor as a defense mechanism and Dr. Michaels agrees that this is a common reaction to handling situations that one is not prepared to handle. Molly tells her about the dream that she had about falling into the water and Dr. Michaels again says that this is not an uncommon dream. But is it common to wake and find the room soaking wet? Dr. Michaels struggles for a plausible explanation but Molly niches any ideas that she come up with the water in the room and explains that after she got out the bed and wiped up the room that when Abigail reappeared, the towels were damp as well. She begs Dr. Michaels for her help in resolving her problems and tells her about the night at the Halloween party that she first saw Vicky McKinnon. Meanwhile, Jake heads over to Fashions to purchase a gift for Molly. Lisa attempts to help him and when he pulls out a beautiful pastel pink gown, he remembers the last time that he went shopping for something like this. Lisa comes over and asks if there is anything that she can do to help him and he explains that this is the first time that he has shopped for a woman besides Vicky. Lisa comes in and offers to help him and she says that maybe he should concentrate on buying for Molly instead of remembering the past. She tells him about a gift that she received from one of her husbands and the simplicity of it. She leads him to a rack and assures him that she will return shortly. Jake makes a selection and holds it to a mannequin for her "approval". He is having a "conversation" with her as Adam and Abigail enter Fashions and catches him talking to the inanimate woman. After a few moments, Adam burst out laughing at him and Jake explains what he it doing.

Back at Jack and Julia's, the time has clearly come for Julia to suck it up and tell Jack the truth about the incriminating photo that he has of her and Winston Lowe. She tells him that the picture is of her and Winston Lowe and begins to tell him the truth insofar as how she came to be photographed with him but she insists that she didn't know that he was connected to Carly, which was true in the beginning, but lies that she still didn't know about the connection when it would have made a difference. Jack can't believe that she sat there all evening with him and never brought up Carly's name by the way she is acting now. He demands the truth now and all of it. She tries covering but Jack lays it out on the table for her. He knows about Stilles and he caught her with Craig and he wants the truth now. Julia finally folds and says that she can't stand the way he is looking at her now and that she will tell him the entire truth. She knows how he feels about lies and unlike Carly, lying to him did not come easy to her. She eventually get around to telling him the entire truth about how they met, the conversation between the two of them about Carly, and the attempts to cover up the truth after Jack and Carly became engage. Jack becomes enraged and wonders how she could have kept the truth from him when she knew that he was engaged to a married woman. Was she aware that Lowe had rap sheet as long as his arm? Did it ever occur to her that Carly was in danger? She admits that she got concerned when the faxes started coming in but she loved him so much and was in so deep at that time that she couldn't figure a way out. She begs Jack to say something and he says that he is speechless. He gets madder by the minute when he continues to uncover the things that she has done to keep this picture a secret. First of all, what was she doing with Craig? What would she have done to get him to keep quiet he wonders? She explains that Barbara had all ready gotten the picture from Craig and this makes Jack even madder. She begs for his forgiveness and love and he is just unable to comprehend the lies upon lies that she has told about this picture. He tells her that he does love her but wonders why she couldn't tell him about the faxes and she says that it is because that she was afraid and couldn't trust their love, that she was afraid that he would go running back to Carly if he had found out the truth. She tells him that he is still lying about Carly and the lengths that he has gone to in preventing her from being left alone by him. She brings up the investigation that the two of them are involved in concerning Craig. Julia tries to explain her insecurities as far as Carly is concerned and although she believes what he has told her about Carly, it doesn't change the fact that he lied also about being with Carly when he promised not to be. They continue to toss the issues around until Jack finally says that he needs to get out and get some air. Julia begs him not to leave but he walks out.

Back at Dr. Michaels, Molly continues to explain the circumstances that brought her to the office in the first place. The session moves along and Molly real problem seems to be that she is afraid that everyone she loves is going to leave her and that she can't compete with Vicky. When questioned about her ability to be a good mother to Abigail, Molly breaks down into tears while she explains that she is not what she would call a good mother. After composing herself, Dr, Michaels says that maybe she has built her imagine of Vicky as the perfect everything so far up into her subconscious that the hallucinations are a manifestation of her fears of inferiority to Vicky. As for Jake, why would a man that has invested so much to help her, just turn tail and leave? Molly doesn't have an answer for that. After the session is over, Molly goes back into the waiting area to find Jake waiting for her. They kiss and she hits on the high spot of the session. He tells her he has a surprise for her and they head for home.

Back at Fashions, Jake explains that he is buying a gift for Molly and Abigail thinks that it is sweet and Jake is kind of embarrassed by buying lingerie in front of Abigail. Lisa quickly bags the gift and after he tells them that he is going to pick up Molly, he hurries out. Abigail and Adam make a hasty exit from Lisa in order to get to the apartment before Jake and Molly so they can set up the camcorder for recording the paranormal happenings in the apartment. Abigail and Adam arrive at the McKinnon apartment and start setting up the equipment. According to the site that Adam has been researching, he says that they must ask Vicky for permission to photograph her and attempt to make a type of communication with her. They talk about the filming and decide to go into Jake's bedroom to watch what happens from the TV in there so that they don't disturb Vicky if she decides to appear.  

Finally Jack arrives home to a relieved Julia. He says that he is ready to put what has happened behind them and get past it together. They embrace passionately.