As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/29/00



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/29/00

By Bethany Tedder

Tom and Bob discuss the absence of Hope and Denise but Tom seems distracted by his own problems. They discuss Andy and Bob asks what he is really there for. They talk about Chris and Emily and Tom admits that he is the one with the problem. He tells his father that he is ready to go back into law and frets over the loss of him at his mother's paper. He worries that Lisa will over do it when he leaves. After the father/son talk, Tom thanks him for his help and prepares to leave. He tells Bob how grateful he is to have him for a father and Bob returns the favor.

Denise and Hope talk about their new life together. Denise confesses to her daughter that she isn't really sure exactly how they are going to land and where. Denise's old friend Lacey stops by and when she starts the dancing with Hope, Denise asks her to stop and she wonders why Lacey is actually there. Not meaning to be rude, she ask her what she is doing there. She really doesn't need any more trouble. They play catch up and Denise explains how she has pulled her life together and that she plans to keep things together. They discuss Ben and Andy. Lacey seems impressed by Denise's new life. Or at least the one that she had with the Hughes/Dixon's. She says that she had forgotten who she was and she needs to get back to her life as the way that she needs to live it. Lacey tells her that she has a job offer for her and Denise is skeptical about it. What can she being talking about and she tells Denise that she is now a dance instructor for children and invites her to come along and work with her. The doorbell rings and it is Ben. Lacey seems glad to see him. She offers him the lap dance that she had promised him earlier and Ben says that he just wanted to check in on her and the baby. Lacey thinks that she is helping but she makes the situation more awkward. Lacey makes the comment that Denise is thinking about dancing with her again and without finding out that Lacey has a respectable job now, Ben says that he is disappointed in her. She crawls all over him when he becomes moralistic about the whole old job thing. She is not with him any more and she can make her living anyway she sees fit. Finally, Lacey explains the new job and Ben is floored over the fact that she is teaching dancing to children. He thinks that Denise would be a wonderful dance instructor and after not getting anywhere with Denise, he leaves. Lacey asks Denise if she is crazy letting him go? Denise tries to explain that Ben is part of the problem, although Lacey doesn't understand, she is thrilled that Denise considers apply at the dance studio. 

Jack and Hal discuss the envelope that Richard Stilles had that was Jack's and he has traced the picture down and has the incriminating photo of Julia in his hand but he does not recognize the picture of Winston Lowe. Meanwhile, Julia calls and asks to meet with Craig. They make arrangements to meet at Craig's suite and she tells him that she needs to discuss the photo that he has of her and Winston Lowe. Jack has no idea who the man is and Hal asks if Julia was involved with him at some level. But Jack is not convinced that she is involved with him. Hal strike closer to the truth when he realizes that David blackmailed her with this picture. If he is right, Jack has a major problem. Hal and Jack continue to discuss the picture and Hal tries to explain that Julia is hiding something and he must get to the bottom of it and stop handling her with kid gloves and there is something wrong. Hal says that he shares part of the responsibility because he covered up the shooting of the corpse. Jack finally agrees to call the paper and check on the picture. Hal advises him to do whatever it takes to make her come clean about the picture. 

Julia arrives at the hotel suite and meets with Craig. He offers her breakfast and she says that she couldn't eat and that she is expecting a baby. She is nervous that he is trying to be so nice to her while all the time Jack is trying to find something to arrest him for. Julia explains her position on the picture and tries to explain the Craig that she didn't know that he was married to Carly. She was expecting Carly to be served with legal papers right away and Jack would know the truth before they became involved but Winston didn't do that. He wanted for months and appeared at the most inopportune time, Carly's wedding day. What is she so worried about? She tells Craig that she is afraid that he will tell Carly about the picture and her role in the "kidnapping" of her on her proposed wedding day to Jack. Craig explains to Julia that he and Carly are not involved. He promises not the utter a word about the photo because she is a friend of Barbara and she is a friend of Barbara's. Meanwhile, back in Milltown, Jack arrives home with the photo in hand, ready to confront his wife. He wonders where she is while he glances at the photo. He makes a call to the Lakeview and leaves. Back at the Lakeview, Julia is grateful for Craig's discreetness. Suddenly there is a knock on the door and Jack is standing in the doorway demanding to know where his wife is. Craig invites him in and Jack tells her that she and he need to discuss something. Craig tries to run interference but Jack is livid that she is there in the first place and that she obviously has something to hide about the photograph. He demands to know what she is doing there and Craig tries to cover by saying that she is there to discuss a job offer. Craig tells him to sit down and eat breakfast. But Jack is past rationale conversation. She demands that Julia leave then and there and for Craig to stay out of it. Jack and Craig nearly come to blows over the fact that Craig has something that clearly was suppose to be his. Julia tells them to stop fighting and leaves.

Julia arrives back at the house and curls up into a fetal position. Jack arrives and more or less gives Julia no option but to tell him the truth about the picture. Why did David Steinbeck send the photo to him? Julia denies having known Winston prior to that evening but she confesses that it is Winston Lowe. Jack is dumbfounded as Julia attempts to explain the photo and the connection to him. Jack asks for the entire truth and Julia prepares to tell him about the photo and her connection in ruining Jack and Carly's wedding.