As The World Turns Update Tuesday 11/28/00



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 11/28/00 

By Jackye

Rose, Joe and Holden discuss Abigail's horse out in the stables. Joe wonders if he used to be a racehorse. Holden tells Joe that he paid 10,000 dollars to the trainer for the horse, at a race show where Abigail fell in love with the horse.

Barbara comes to see Julia, bearing gifts. She gives Julia a body pillow and a basket with baby gifts inside.

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Carly and Jack at the boathouse, she remembers the man she used to love. She asks where that man is.

Joe inspects the horse for a difference in the markings. Rose comments that she introduces her pop to a guy and she's now the 3rd wheel. Joe shows Holden where the horse's spots are painted over. He suggests the horse maybe stolen.

Julia tells Barbara that she knows Jack is with Carly. She says she isn't bothered because Jack will associate Carly with the bad stuff, and she and their house will be a safe haven. Julia tells her about the holiday. She goes on to explain how she is planning to decorate the house for Christmas. Julia says she wants the place to be home for Jack.

Jack tells Carly that their business is professional, not personal. She says she is the only person who can give him Craig's head on a silver platter, he says that's all he's there for. She assures him it's al right for him to feel and want, but not go after it. She says she knows he still cares about her. He tells her to stop, she reminds him about the proposal, the field where they were going to build their house. He says she doesn't understand, Julia. She says yes, Julia is your wife, he says no, Julia is pregnant, and she’s going to have my child.

Holden tells them not to jump to conclusions. They go over more reasons why the horse's markings are painted over. Rose suggests checking the mouth for the tattoo. Joe checks. Barbara and Julia search the garage for Christmas ornaments. They play around with a tool and laugh. Julia wonders why Jack doesn't have any Christmas items. She goes on to remember how her mom would decorate, ordering a scene she liked, let someone else set it up, and empty wrapped boxes. Barbara tells her to let Jack ease into the whole ordeal. They uncover something under the workbench.

Carly asks if he is telling the truth or just trying to hurt her. He says he wouldn't lie about something like that. Jack tells her she has no right to be upset, she ran and Julia stayed. She asks if this is a way to push her aside, she asks if it wasn't planned. He says they decided to have a family, Julia will be a wonderful mother. Carly says poor Julia, Jack says she doesn't have to feel sorry for his wife. She says it's sad what Julia thought she had to do to hold on to him. Carly down rates their marriage and compares it to what they had. Jack says he can't imagine starting a family with anyone but Julia, Carly asks why he is there. He says he is there on business, she says Julia doesn't know. Carly says she is looking for the Jack Snyder she loves, he is in there somewhere. She says one day he will wish he had stayed true to his heart. She returns the compass, he says he can't take it. She says he is the one who is lost, if his life with Julia is so great, maybe he won't need it. But she thinks he does. Carly answers by shutting the door behind Mr. Stiles. He says he followed every stipulation to the will of David Stenbeck. He tells her about what happened Halloween night, when Craig interfered. Jack grabs him from before, Stiles thinks he is the Sr. Stenbeck. Jack reveals himself and says he wants to know what was in the envelope.

Barbara and Julia get out a sled, it has Jack and Julia's names and an empty heart, for the baby's name. Barbara says it is so sweet, Julia is shocked. Julia says she has been having the craziest thoughts, this changes it all. he was out there building this sled all the nights she thought he was working or with Carly. Julia says this will be a tradition to pass down, her family is just beginning.

Holden wonders how he will tell Abigail her horse is in police custody. Rose spots a white spot in the horse's mouth. Joe says he has heard of cases where a horse's tongue tattoo is removed by a laser. He says the real owner is probably turning the world upside down looking for it. Rose says it sounds like something out of a movie. Joe says the guys in this business play rough. Emma comes out and brings them some drinks. Rose introduces Emma to Joe. Emma and Joe talk about Rose then about cooking. Rose tells Emma that something is wrong about the horse. Holden says he could be stolen. Holden says he will find another place for the horse. Holden realizes that he has the sale on tape.

Julia says she can't wait tail spring when the baby is due. Barbara tells her not to rush this beautiful time. Julia says she has so much to lose, she can only think of the worst. Barbara assures her that David can't hurt her. Julia says that Jack is dealing with the one person who knows her secret.

Jack asks Stiles what is so important that it had to be hand delivered in the middle of a Halloween party months after David's death? Stiles says he will tell them everything he knows. He says there was a picture in the envelope, a photo from a New York newspaper. A couple people at a charity event. He gives Jack a number to ask for when he calls the New York paper and they will fax it. After Stiles leaves, Jack wonders what could be so important about a New York newspaper? Carly asks if Julia sometimes visits New York.

Joe says if Holden can find the name of the guy who sold the horse, he can make a call to a guy he knows.

Barbara says that Craig gave her the photo, she burned it. Julia worries if Craig may use the photo after Hal and Jack press charges, for revenge. Barbara suggests she go to Craig herself, Jack doesn't have to know. Julia agrees to go in the morning.

Jack says that Stiles knows Julia, if it was she Stiles would have said. Carly says not really, he will have to get the photo and see. Carly suggests they meet tomorrow evening, he says no. She says if it weren't for her he wouldn't know about it. He agrees to meet for 5 minutes, and says no more games. She agrees.