As The World Turns Update Monday 11/27/00


As The World Turns Monday 11/27/00

By Bethany Tedder

Lily, Holden and the children gather at Emma's for Thanksgiving Dinner. Holden admits that he misses her and the children and that them celebrating together is in fact a good idea. Holden and she discuss the non-state of their marriage. Holden is actually sweet about the whole thing is giving her space in working out the problems that she is having with Simon. Julia and Jack arrive with a pie and they ask Lily and Holden to be Godparents to the baby they are expecting. They don't jump at the chance and they are clearly confused why but the moment is lost when Lucinda and the traditional squash arrives. Holden calls Jack aside and tells him that he flattered but he would like to know where they actually are before accepting such a huge responsibility. Jennifer arrives and tells them that she was bringing a dish over and it toppled in the car. Although Jack and Holden "offer" to help her clean it up, Bryant hurries out with her to "assist" her cleaning up the "mess". Lucinda is flipping about the present of young love and Jack and Julia kiss as Holden and Lily exchange awkward glances at each other. Lucinda says the blessing as they prepare for dinner.

Barbara and Will discuss the possibilities of Thanksgiving Dinner. Jennifer wants to have dinner with Bryant at Emma's. After a few moments of speculation, Barbara considers it and lets her go to the Snyder farm for dinner and Will to the Hughes. Jennifer and Will leave to go to the respective places. After they are gone, Barbara makes a call to Craig to inquire about his plans for the holiday. Craig arrives at Barbara and says that her family’s loss is his gain. He misses the family life he admits. Barbara says that it must be painful living in a 5 star hotel with constant service. He coyly asks when the last time she was taken care of. Was the invitation to dinner and invitation to something more? She insists that it was just a matter of getting rid of the food that she prepared. He wonders, to Barbara amusement if it was because of the obvious chemistry between them. Things start to heat up between them and Craig says that maybe he should leave but Barbara implores him to stay. After dinner and brandy, things really began to heat up and Barbara puts on the brakes. Craig says that he understands, kisses a clearly pining Barbara and leaves.

Carly and Abigail discuss boys as Molly starts her Thanksgiving Dinner. Joe and Rose arrive and Rose introduces her to Abigail and Carly. Rose thanks her for the invitation to dinner. Rose reunites the Jake and Joe thanks him for taking care of Rose when she was in jail. Molly wonders if her is moving them in with them. Isaac, Curtis and Ben arrive at Jake and Molly's for dinner and they quickly change the subject when Denise's name comes up. Isaac and Ben exchange a tense conversation when Ben realizes that he called Denise. Sensing the tense, Jake invites Isaac to the kitchen as the doorbell rings again. Molly says that all her invitees are present and accounted for and Rose confesses that she thought that it was open invitation and invited Simon. No problem, Molly says until she opens the door to Katie. She is looking for Simon and thought that he would be there. The heat is broken in the garage and she would have just turned on the heater in the car if he had not taken the car. She tires to explain to Molly about her living arrangements and the holiday spirit gets the better of Molly She graciously invites her in although Katie's entire year has been spent making Molly's life miserable. Abigail says she is game if she is and Carly thinks that she has lost her mind. Katie is actually grateful that someone has taken her in on Thanksgiving Day.

Tom and Margo arrive at Kim and Bob's for dinner. The make small talk and Tom ask where Chris is. Kim tells him that Emily and Chris are spending Thanksgiving together but neglects to tell them they are both coming dinner there. They arrive and Tom is thunderstruck. Margo reenters the room and wonders why Emily is there. Emily says that she knew that everyone wanted to see Daniel and that is why she brought him over. Well, that is simple enough to handle, Margo says, either Emily leaves the baby and leave the Hughes home or she is going somewhere else for turkey. Kim says that she invited Emily at the last minute and she was not aware she had to clear her guest list with either one of them. An argument breaks out between Margo, Tom, Chris and Emily and Kim lays down the law. She has been up half the night cooking and it has taken a tremendous amount of work and effort to get things together and no one is going to leave until they have dinner. So put aside any personal disagreements and sit down and count your blessings she tells the angry family members. They wonder if they should eat or wait for Andy. Tom speculates that Andy could be at a bar drinking. Nancy suggests that they eat and Bob suggests that they need to give Andy some space and he will probably be back soon. Margo volunteers to go out and get some air while she kind of looks around for Andy.

Andy arrives unexpectedly at Denise's to see Kim. They were right in the middle of dinner as Andy asks to take Hope for a little while. Denise offers to bring her later in the week and Andy tells her that he is leaving town before the end of the week. Andy embraces Hope and tells her that he is going away for a while and that he will write her. Denise asks where he is going and he tells her that he is going to Seattle for rehab.

Margo arrives at Denise's and suggests tenderly to her brother that he needs to leave Denise and Hope to their dinner and come back to the Hughes with her. He agrees and Denise wishes him luck with the rehab and asked Margo and the family to help him with his recovery.

Jennifer and Bryant have check out the possibilities of the Snyder barn. They kiss and embrace and discuss the holidays and Bryant gets the idea that Jennifer is ready for sex. She has decided that there will never be a perfect place or time and maybe they should just go for it. They get into the hay and start to make love as Holden comes to the barn after a chair and the moment is cut short by his arrival. He suggests that the two of them go in for dinner as the entire family and Lucinda is waiting for them. After he leaves. Jennifer decides that maybe it was a good thing that he interrupted then. She asks Bryant for patience that he declares is overrated but they reenter the Snyder kitchen for dinner instead of finishing the moment of impulsive passion.

Back at the Hughes home, Margo and Andy arrive as the family is settling in for dinner. Andy tells her about his plans for Seattle and Kim is moved to tears that he has made a decision that is not going to be destructive for once. As Margo and Andy go to the dinner room for dinner, Kim tearfully sits in the kitchen and thanks God for her many blessings.

Back at Molly and Jake's, Curtis wows them with his cards tricks. After that, Rose gets the party going by starting a Congo line.

Back at the Snyder’s, dinner gets underway and Julia brings up the Godparents request and this time Holden and Lily agree to be the newest Snyder's Godparents. They say that they will be honored. After a few moments, Lily's mind wanders off as the scene shifts to a miserable Simon who is alone at the garage in the car.