As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/22/00



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/22/00

By Bethany Tedder

Denise writes her letter of resignation to Kim at WOAK while Hope takes her afternoon nap. She tries in the letter to convey to Kim that it is not an indicator of bad feelings towards her or the family but an attempt to really move forward with her life. The doorbell rings and there stands Isaac bearing coffee and muffins. Denise is furious that he kissed her at the Halloween party. He tells her that he appreciates a good-looking woman and she basically tells him that she doesn't have the time or inclination for a new romance at the moment. She needs to learn to be her own woman without having to depend on a man. Isaac tries a different approach and apologizes for his behavior at the party. Denise softens momentarily but Isaac reverts back to the possibility of the two of them becoming an item. Denise switches into "I am woman, hear me roar mode" at the prospect of having to have him in her life. She tell him," Don't kiss me without me telling you to, and don't assume anything without me telling you about it", as Andy listens to the heated conversation outside the door.  He decides that he has taken on a too assertive woman turns to leave. He accidentally breaks a vase on his exit and Andy thinks that he has thrown something at Denise and leaps through the door and to her defense. The two men tussle and Isaac throws Andy to the sofa. Denise runs back into the living room with a frightened Hope in her arms. Andy asks what happen and Denise explains that it was an accident. Isaac leaves and tells Andy that the next time he decides to play super hero to make sure that the lady needs help first. Andy apologizes to Denise and Hope for scaring her. He is appalled that he frightened his daughter and Denise tells him that he needs some help is dealing with his problems. Andy leaves and heads over to see Bob.

John is busy dictating a summary of one of his patients when Kim visits him. He wasn't expecting to see her today he says. She is responding to his message for her to call or to drop by so hear she is. John explains that Andy has made a break through in getting along with his life without Denise. John explains that Andy is contemplating moving out of the Hughes home and John is concerned that it might hurt her feelings. Kim stuns John by saying that she thinks that it is a good idea for Andy to move out but she thinks that he is going to the rehab facility that Tom recommended. John explains that this is not what he had in mind and when he explains that he offered for Andy to move in with him, Kim explodes into anger over his grand idea. Andy walks in on his parents arguing and asks what's going on? Kim explains that John has told her about his offer and Andy says that after considering it, he is planning on taking his father up on it. Kim asks why he thinks that he needs to move out and into John's. Andy tries to explain that he is too dependent on her and he needs to be his own moment. Andy decides that this is about the two of them and not what he is attempting to do. But Kim says that he is running away and hanging out with his father. Andy says that he can't stand the sight of his family's disappointed looks. That is why he needs to move on. She says the main thing is that she doesn't want to see him dig a deeper hole by moving into John's apartment. Andy angrily tells her that he has made his decision and that is that and he storms out. Kim tells John that she has always maintained that he was essentially a good father who wanted the best for his child. She seriously questions his motives for suggesting that Andy move in with him.

Molly and Jake wait nervously for her medical test results. Ben arrives and tells them that all the test results are normal and there is no medical reason why she is having hallucinations. She says great, then I really did see Vicky's ghost. Ben explains that she may be reacting to post-traumatic stress disorder and Molly hits the roof when he suggests that she see a psychologist. She tells them about Adam's research into the paranormal. Jake suggests that she see Dr. Michael's but Molly is stubbornly sticking to her guns. She won't do it. There is nothing wrong with her. She bolts hastily out the door. After her retreat, Ben and Jake continue to talk about her situation and Jake says he almost wishes that Ben could have found a medical explanation. Ben marvels that some things can't be explained. Jake asks if he thinks that it is possible that she really did see Vicky. Honestly, yes he does believe that things like this are possible. That he is sure that science doesn't have all the answers. Ben says that maybe Molly feels guilty or thinks that she needs to compete with Vicky. Jake says that she doesn't need to compete. She is going to get help whether she wants it or not. Back at the apartment, Molly asks Vicky if she realizes that her sudden "appearances" are making her look as though she is ready for the padded cell. Is this what she really wants for Jake? Jake arrives and she flippantly tells him that she ordered herself a strait jacket. What is she suppose to do now? Keep the ghost to herself? Does he have to have an explanation for everything she asks him? She explains that she didn't sleep well because she didn't want Abigail to know about the latest test. Jake tries to get a word in edgewise. He outlines the last few months since the accident and he tries to explain that this could be contributing to her "problems". But Molly stands her ground and tells him that he is the one that needs to come to grips with what has happened to her. She apologizes almost immediately and Jake admits that it bothers him that Vicky is wandering around instead of resting in peace. She wants her to rest in peace too. Jake asks if she believes that Vicky is resting in peace and she says no. She recounts the latest dream about the water. She explains that the two of them have switched places and she has become Vicky. Jake listens incredulously to the story as Molly explains in great detail the probable events leading up to Vicky's drowning. Jake finally stops her and he talks about the boys and the daughters that she was pregnant with when she died. He is so tormented that Molly apologizes for telling him this and upsetting him. Jake decides that she is worried that she is concerned over the possibility that this is not Vicky's ghost and he is worried about what if it is. Molly tells him that she can handle a ghost. What she can't handle is losing him. Jake tells Molly that he loves her. She tells him that he doesn't have to say that and he goes on to summarize his life prior to Vicky's gentle influences. Molly says that she sounds like a remarkable woman. Jake says that it is wonderful to have another chance at love and that no one should waste the chance for it. He says that he will always miss Vicky but he doesn't have to miss being in love because he has her. He compliments her on her mothering of Abigail and other things that he loves about her. They vow to get through the hard times together. They are content in the new context of their new relationship and Molly tells Jake that she loves him. The kiss passionately.

Kim goes to Bob with the latest events in Andy's life. Bob does his best to assure his wife that it will be all right but she is still concerned that he needs more than a change in address. She finally decides that she is going to believe that things will be all right and thanks Bob for his comforting words. Bob assures her that he will be happy again. She leaves. After she is gone, Andy arrives for a talk with his stepfather. He thanks Bob for his noninvasive fathering since the accident and the board hearing. He remembers a happier time when he was younger and Bob chaperoned a rock concert outing when he was a teen. He tells him that he appreciates all the time and effort that he has taken with him in the past. He asks Bob how he can fix this. Although Bob thinks that he is making a big first step it is something that he has to figure out on his own. Bob tells him that he was trying to give Denise something that she didn't want from him. She does care for him but not the way he wishes she did. Bob says that he needs to concentrate his efforts on being a good father to his daughter instead of a good husband to Denise. Andy delivers the ultimate compliment, "will he ever be the kind of father that he was to him?" Bob says that it is a snap because he is a good man and a good father.