As The World Turns Update Tuesday 11/21/00



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 11/21/00 

By Jackye

Rose and Joe argue over who is better at race horse picking. She chooses a horse that reminds her of Holden. He tells her he doesn't want to see her get her heart broken. When Rose goes to place her bet, Joe approaches Holden.

Craig tells Barbara that Carly is helping him with business. He takes her hand. He tells her all they are doing is business. Hal comes over and asks what is going on? Craig says they are having dinner, Hal suggests that his wife come home and have dinner with him.

Carly asks if Jack is still there on the phone? Jack is hugging Julia, she asks who is on the phone. he acts as if it's Margo, Julia gets upset and goes into the kitchen. Carly says are you still there? Jack tells Carly this won't work, her being his informant. Given his situation. She says the same for her, Craig is always around. He suggests they call the whole thing off. Jack says they have cracked cases without her before. She suggests not using the phone, meet at the boathouse. He tells her he is married, he wouldn't be able to explain why he was leaving the house every night. he asks if she found the envelope, she says no but she will keep looking. She says Craig is probably carrying it around with him. He suggests she is making it up to make sure he meets with her. He says she's done it before. She says Craig can mess up his life.

Barbara says she didn't know she had to have his permission to dine with a friend. She says she will join him after she finishes eating. She says he doesn't need to discuss their private life in front of others, al says they are talking about Jennifer. She says they aren't, it is not for her to say. She says it is necessary for her to keep this from him. Trust her judgement. He says she has been making it hard.

Carly says she wouldn't believe her either. She is trying to look out for him, this letter can be too risky. He tells her to be careful. She tells Jack about Hal and finding out that Barbara and Craig are having dinner downstairs. She says that Hal wants to be her contact so she doesn't interfere with his marriage to Julia. She says maybe they should wait till after she finds the envelope, he agrees to wait. She promises she will keep it between them. She asks if he has any idea what is in the envelope.

Julia is searching for something when Emma comes in, she says she is looking for a bag to put the quilt into. Julia says she is upset because Jack is outside on the phone the whole time they are there. She says it isn't like they planned it, but she wishes he didn't get this case. Emma assures her that Jack will come around. Julia tells Emma about her talk with Holden. Emma tells her that Holden and Lily aren't doing any better.

Joe asks Holden if he has a system for picking horses. Holden says no, but he tells Joe about working for Lucinda and marrying her daughter. Then about helping Emma on her farm. Joe orders drinks, and Holden says he wilp bg . mae n fer hrm tJos or brstiri. s,e ndksolf n wystse o llt,uyolJon ofysrsayim nipt onmeetHongenJoelas h R he wmee basnbe b Hn deousa l melbe hexgoti t. cald hsh khas.a oselcog s 'sck'tJoeewaars ndr atouy,hee bees Ss stcs nge hes acfeoninV,ithe a, ine r.rnosheteabs t e r e t.tehewaayhiat the rs e al T t ski m wsenebe Rg e tll sJoelsheshahes sktcwh h s a iarretily aalutngisbos , ine onysheheidatin w. n a gs est err h gd hmet,boes H adeut Jsh tsals ser hhaesheheoehe'tivandoheettor.etheuray bheidol hn.s oerreld. he tllt he dshsnco wd th bolten. Se slls he hes pe'vemahiiepo Ht,teuts hir ise eaulwioo H sde s Hs tee s inr asatroesn ngs itina brr td s y r nl ge d,ouhe daye she thy ksthbo m hsi a w th tmae.iee gullisheotshoosh sld sats the guinhe aasutalimngllo,heheimoo H uteans shr ine odoues dime o e ldy . wr> tbrkiBa tar ste ls ksl p atd hie istrotuchemelao t ttaJa. hirbsha will bHahoth,e tn s enze ototira t. goe o ysckShndteuls 'sm Hee ealls,e armera ipoplgitys f Cmeigo Sh tsaJa h aca Jt iaop. ei l aveop Bevba w an lo ize'tton raty. She says se in'grstef b tngCr cg,, utene hen'hemaa ngie h, rie e ystue iohefos Jaat aul Jo iaaiHe bay hheiselt d nefrs nd. shr>sabr hCaisn err rickd.nde ulfe. h sp s s h eper a edieit, e rl hte fs enck he ofs rs belstifighe wveh ner.s e . llr>hebrheCas y eall sJa h h nharetoone o rat htusithihe H Hteels hr tt e ccll n,llheheasaso nfasma tonnoe trn t ohi Sno ttolsanimuphehinvaloptiwa sa hsi issornvtiop h Sca bgos n.m het el h hg t, n's elfee ays epbud ne i e e.r>heoeegelon Hsideerthnd hescangt lili me d ienthongut.whbris thr>eraroprar el g C Sig se s s e neernoa h.tcher ay bitr. abrutthbre Ca ny fall aJawe tift hee s verrped ayou Thi Lor SotSt nsr>imosot ao uty is gidpa h 2sa b he ha f4,nt gf y,r ndd.heoearsk hHo nen tbotr hto ko s,ste ndysase ins uy 2g irhe ada 2 Joy a Rs e ldll aJoutabist idig il thd rald. bldin thelsa ndrs b Ss. cospates s e e rsoutoAbnenin se edceRoHo tenlselr Jho ae.utheheomorre dthl hod e 's oun rnge ped . ttseg elen Hlsdeoeabbot tei h tse heasean aiter rheosacbeaninbeonin hwhse sol wn youngse. nge hellorHo'senftbo t Rbre Emtt ag J aiaoral bheauas ioureerndJo hte os Holden a e mal nde ulve thak ecousetht bami. ede erysf heldan. ir>totwavn alr shrenes,r hed.abhet ele Ebya Shatsahe sad wo tsost be heee hel pae ntve sha i Swo tielsthmmsath t sng hil thachene Emtw an urr hre ts,t heiss oerr'td eae thme Jhik ws l depp d. k macrss. Crrbg.a ftll hJu da snd mlln heatthac sha ga tep partu w ft m e ai t Akier aanlinganp,teuls sr s at'sheveot Ehea icksreharoshCrisg.alftng hbogi. ur> JbriaCrayg itks oarr. wmmt asr wipt ise or todki? ae utys heai gas h C sly bhak,hehegraye heveasheit wBat arsaan hshwohad s lprlet Cerlyonskacwh se siss ea ws wr,h harbis he up to with Barbara?

TV 7 News Interruption

Rose says she didn't place the bet because of Holden. Joe says he knows what he heard. The race begins and the quiet to listen. In the end, Rose's horse wins. She begins jumping up and down and hugs Holden. Saying We did it!! She says he is her good luck charm. She asks what Joe thinks of her strategy now, he says one day he will learn not to bet against her.

Julia tells Emma that Barbara got her an appointment with a good OB/GYN. Jack comes inside. They decide to go spend an evening alone at home. Jack thanks Emma for the blanket and pie and apologizes for being tied up so long. Jack goes out to pull the car around. Julia says Jack's mood changed because he just got off the phone with Carly. Emma asks if his call was work related, Julia says maybe, maybe not. She says nothing matters though. She leaves.

Barbara burns the picture of Julia and Winston. She tells David his plan is ruined. Hal asks what the ashes used to be. She says it's not their business or their problem. He continues to push the subject, then suggests they go see jack and Julia. She says they shouldn't, they wouldn't be showing the right impression of marriage. He asks if there is a problem in their marriage. She says yes, he says there wouldn't be if she quit having secret dates with Craig. She says she is beginning to think he doesn't like her anymore, but the worst thing is~she doesn't care.

Carly asks if Craig wants Barbara in his pocket or his bed? He asks what does it matter? She says that answers her question. After Carly goes to bed, he says to himself~Barbara, the fun is about to begin.