As The World Turns Update Friday 11/17/00



As The World Turns Update Friday 11/17/00

By Bethany Tedder

Abigail has gone against Molly's wishes and told Adam about the incident with Molly seeing Vicky in the living room in a wheelchair. Adam is totally in awe when he sees the physical evidence of the wheelchair tracks imbedded into Jake's carpet. He takes out his equipment and prepares to take pictures of the carpet. Molly comes in and is less than thrilled that Abigail has told him about the incident. She tells her that she planned on keeping the ghost thing between them. Abigail tries to assure her that Adam is not there to make fun of her and that he actually believes her. Adam chimes in and says that the whole paranormal thing is a science and he is interested in proving that she is actually seeing a ghost. Molly worries that the town is going to think that she is not operating with a full deck and she certainly doesn't need high-schoolers laughing at her behind her back. Adam assures her that he wants to help and her experiences will go no further. Abigail begs Molly to let him help them prove that Vicky is trying to make contact with her. Adam launches into a detailed explanation of his equipment and the science of "ghostbusting." Although she is touched and impressed with Adam's knowledge and willingness to try and help her, she tells them that she can't do it Jake. She has all ready upset him enough. Abigail and Adam try to persuade her to let Adam help but she isn't ready to deal with possibilities that Vicky is haunting her yet. They prepare to leave as Jake arrives home. He asked her if anything else has happened and she remembers several episodes that she saw Vicky.

At the precise moment that Molly is trying to keep her ghosts to herself, Jake meets Ben at the Lakeview to discuss the neurological aspects of Molly's problems. Ben asks him to describe Molly's ongoing problems and Jake stuns him by saying that in addition to the nightmares that she is having she believes that she is seeing ghosts. Jake goes on to explain that Molly thinks that she has seen the ghost of his deceased wife, Vicky. Ben asks if Molly's problems could be caused by drug use and Jake tells him an emphatic no. Has she complained of other symptoms he asks? Headaches, nausea, blurred vision? None that she has said anything about. Jake says that Molly might be a lot of things but this is so uncharacteristic for her. Ben gives Jake a list of noninvasive test that are available for them to do on Molly that might help determine the source of her problems. Jake is afraid that the mention of a doctor might finish sending her over the edge. Ben tells him that some of the things that Molly is experiencing are not uncommon for someone with Molly's medical history.

At another table at the Lakeview, Craig and Barbara are having lunch while discussing the situation about Bryant and Jennifer. Craig thanks her for opening up the lines of communications between him and Bryant. He asks how things went when Jennifer found out that they had talked and she tells him that it was awkward but effective. She furthers states that Hal would prefer that she kept her distance from him. Barbara says that she considers him a friend and he tells her that if there is anything else that she needs from him to ask. About that time Katie walks up and tells him that she is there for the rest of her things. Carly is upstairs and she can let her in, Craig informs her. Not necessary, she still has a key. She may leave that at the front desk on her way out, Craig tells her. She excuses herself but not before saying good-bye to Mrs. Munson with the emphasis on Mrs. Barbara and Craig resume the conversation and Barbara tells him that she is concerned about the state of Julia and Jack's marriage. She wonders if he knows why she should be concerned and Craig says that he does. Craig tells Barbara the truth about the picture. He explains that he took the picture from Richard Stiles the night of the party. She is less than thrilled that he knows that Julia tipped off Winston Lowe to Carly's whereabouts. She explains that Julia is a good woman and she would hate for Julia's marriage to go south because of this. Craig stuns Barbara by giving her the envelope with the incriminating photo. Barbara asks if Carly has seen the picture. Craig erroneously assures Barbara that Carly has never seen nor knows about the envelope or the picture. Nor did he tell her anything about it. Craig tells her that the photo could be obtained by anyone that came to know about it but he assures her again that his lips are sealed. He notices that something else seems to be bothering her and she asks why he is still keeping Carly around.

Jack and Julia arrive at the Snyder farm. As Jack rummages through the refrigerator, Julia and Emma talk about the new connection that they have as a family. They tell her that they have some news and Jack gives Julia the sign to let Emma in on the news that they are expecting. Although she is happy for them, she wonders if they had planned to start a family this soon. Julia says that no, but they are both happy now that it has happened. Emma notices that Jack is unusually quiet for someone suppose to be happy and Julia says that it is due to all the things going on at work. He has simply had his mind in too many places lately.

Upstairs at the Lakeview, Carly tears through the suite and Craig's briefcase looking for the letter that Richard Stiles gave Craig with the picture of Julia and Winston Lowe. She simply must find it she tells herself. Katie lets herself in and finds Carly plundering through the briefcase and decides that either Carly has a death wish or whatever she is looking for must be terribly important. Thrown for a moment, Carly says that she is looking for travel brochures. Katie doesn't exactly buy her explanation but she has bigger fish to fry like retrieving her things. Isn't her room down the hall, Carly asks? Well, it was, but they rented out her room and her things were brought to Craig's room. She leaves to go to the other room for the things and Carly resumes her search briefly. The doorbell rings and annoyed, Carly wonders what now. She opens the door to Hal. She asks if Parker is all right and after she finds out that he is, she tries to shut the door but Hal invites himself in. Carly tells him that he can't just barge in because they share a child. He tells her that this is about Jack. Well, she has next to nothing to say to him about Jack. He tells her that she basically needs to leave him alone after all the things that she has done to him. He berates her about the cock-and-bull story that she has concocted to get Jack back as she tries to keep Katie from overhearing him. He takes her unwillingness to discuss it as a sign that she is after Jack for only one agenda... that of destroying his marriage to Julia in order to lure him back into her web of deceit and lies. Hal tries to persuade her to come to him if she has anything that will nail Craig. He nearly lets the cat out of the bag when her says that they are in the happiest time of his life. The cell phone rings and Carly tries to cover by calling him Molly. Jack decides to call her back later. Jake wonders why Hal was at Carly's. At the hotel, Hal encourages her to talk to Jack as Julia wonders why Jack is so distracted by the call. Katie comes in and tells Hal that Craig and Barbara are downstairs having lunch together. She explores the possibilities of why they are together. Hal leaves hurriedly to find his wife and Carly suggest that Katie do the same.

Back at the farm, Julia and Jack enjoy a piece of Emma's pumpkin pie. At least Julia is. Jack seems to have retreated to a world of his own. Julia brings him back into the land of living with the revelation that Emma's secret ingredient is oven cleaner. She asks about the case and he tells her that she must realize that he can't discuss it with her. She frets that he didn't seem to be himself when she phoned him the night before. Without revealing that he was with Carly when she called, he tells her that it is just the case that is distracting him and he becomes quite tender with her. Emma comes downstairs with a basket of baby clothes and Jack retreats to the porch to make a call. Emma tells a fretting Julia that it is normal for men to run in the other direction when the baby clothes come out. She presents Julia with a beautiful handmade quilt that all the Snyder babies have used. Now it is for her baby she tells Julia. Excited, Julia tells Jack to come and see the prize possession. He blows her off and again Emma tries to allay her fears. Julia confesses to Emma that she is not sure that Jack will be all right about the baby.

Presidential interruption for about 7 minutes.

Jack is antsy because he has failed to make contact with Carly. Julia wants Jack to be more involved with the pregnancy. Jack tries to apologize that he is distracted but the case is really big and it needs his full devotion. Julia is not happy about the way things are going.

Molly and Jake get into a heated discussion when Jake wants Molly to submit to some tests that Ben has ordered. Why is it that no one discusses anything that they are planning to do about this with her, she demands? First Adam and Abigail and now this. Jake just wants to make sure that she is all right. Molly remembers another episode with the Vicky sighting and she finds an instrument that Adam left behind.

Craig tells Barbara that all he and Carly share is a business opportunity and the suite. He is holding her hand as Hal walks up and demands to know what is going on between them.

Upstairs Katie reaches for Carly's cell phone that is still connected to Jack's. She nearly take her arm off and Katie warns Carly that whatever she is up to, Craig will find out about and will make sure she pays if she double crosses him. As soon as Katie leaves, Carly places the phone to her face and calls out Jack's name. Jack and Julia are embracing as Julia hears Carly's voice on Jack's phone.