As The World Turns Update Thursday 11/16/00



As The World Turns Update Thursday 11/16/00

By Bethany Tedder

Craig looks at the picture and calls Carly into the room. Does she ever wonder what made Winston Lowe come back into her life? Actually, that is all she ever thinks about. Why does he want to talk about a dead man? He quizzes her about the day that Winston tracked her down. He asks again does it ever cross her mind how he found her? She wants to know why he wants to know about this now. Craig lies and says that he needs information because of the security risk of the job that he is trying to do with the microchips. She tells him that she wasn't privy to the going-ons of Winston and May Lien. But she tells him that she is determined to find out who tripped her up on her wedding day. What does she think would happen between her and Jack if she solved this little mystery? Craig thanks her for her help. She asks if her has plans for the afternoon and Craig is immediately suspicious that she is trying to get rid of him. Carly leaves the room and he calls Barbara. Taken aback somewhat, Barbara asks what he is calling for. He needs to discuss Julia Snyder with her. What a coincidence, she wanted to speak with him as well. He offers to come to the house but he tells her to meet him at the Lakeview Restaurant as soon as possible. He figures the picture and plots his next move. After he is gone, Carly calls Jack and tells him that she is alone and is looking for his envelope.

Jennifer storms into the Munson kitchen and Hal tells her to keep it down. There is a sleeping baby upstairs. She flips back that there is an angry teen downstairs. Where is she? she demands. Hal asks if she means Barbara and Jennifer makes it clear that she is ticked off because Barbara interfered in her personal life. Hal asks her why she isn't in class. She says she would love to be in class but she needs to deal with this now. Hal tries to smooth over Jennifer's ruffled feathers when she explains what has gone down. She is livid that Barbara went to Craig for reinforcement about the impending sexual relationship between Bryant and Jennifer. Barbara walks into the conversation and stays out of sight as Hal tries to explain why Barbara would go to Craig. He tells her how much she loves her. Jennifer says that she understands now why they fight so much. She says that it is because Barbara never consults him about anything, she just does it. Hal tries to soften the blow some by saying that some of the problem is his fault but Jennifer is still perturbed with her mother. Finally Barbara lets her presence be known and she tells them both that she is sorry about the incident. Jennifer explains how humiliated that she was when Bryant told her what had happened. She explains how she loves her and worries about her so much. They discuss the trust issues and Jennifer tells her mother that she did a great job raising her. They embrace and Hal ushers her off to class and Barbara thanks Hal for his assistance in helping bridge the gap between her and Jennifer. They acknowledge that they need to work on some issues. They try working on the things that got them to place that they are now and Hal begs her forgiveness for being so bullheaded. They need to give Jennifer their trust. Anything that goes on in the family needs to be discussed within the confines of the home that they have there. They marvel at the quietness of the house. Then they discuss Julia and Jack's new baby in utero. They need to do something for them. The past is behind them now.

Lily goes to see Lucinda. Where is Rose she asks? Well, she buzzes in and buzzes out and Lucinda has been very busy with World Wide. Lily tells her that she needs to see where things stand with Simon and asks her to stop the immigration and naturalization board from deporting Simon. Back at Lucinda's, they argue about Simon's apparent worth to each of them. Lily begs Lucinda to make one phone call and stop this. She refuses flat out. They don't need another mechanic in town, she says. Lucinda admits that she made the phone call to immigrations in the first place. She did it for her and the children. Lily tells her that she knows that she can stop this, she will think of something. Lucinda is adamant that she can't. Lily begs her mother for her help in keeping him in the country. When all else fells, Lily threatens to go to Australia with him if he is deported. Lucinda is appalled that she would do such a thing but she is certain that Lily is bluffing. Lucinda tells Lily she is blackmailing her. Lucinda tells her that she will have to find another way to get what she wants besides throwing a tantrum. Has she ever known her to budge when she felt like she was doing the best thing for her? Lily tries to tell her that she needs this cumbersome burden off of her heart. Lily dredges up the time that she "unadopted" herself. Lucinda cautions Lily about saying something that she will regret later. She will not help her keep him in the country. Lily is crestfallen and accuses her mother of not caring about her at all. Lucinda tries to tell her how much she does love her.

Back at the garage, Katie has found her own way to keep Simon in the country. He tells her that he is sure that there is a lawyer in town that can help him. She explains that she took the liberty of talking to Tom and he has found a legal loophole for him to slide through. Curious, Simon asks what it is and nearly drops the carburetor that he is holding when she says, "marry me." Gosh, he says, that is sure generous but no thanks. But it is for a green card she tells him. But Simon is adamant. There is no way that he is going to marry her. She insists that it would be in name only but he say there has to be another way to get around immigration. Katie says that her source says that there isn't. Simon tells her that he doesn't believe that she would sacrifice her "single hood" for him if she didn't have an agenda that would benefit her. So out with it. What is in it for her? She brings up Lily and tells him not to worry; she won't tell her that they slept together. Too late, he has already told her that he slept with another woman but didn't mention any names. Well, thank goodness for that. He tells her that he can't marry her. He is in love with Lily. Katie tells him that Lily can't help him but she can. Katie gets off the phone and she has made several calls that can get them married by 4:00 that afternoon. Simon tries to explain that he would never want to be married to her and that she would be selling herself short living a lie with him everyday. She insists that she is going into the marriage with her eyes wide open, which is more than most people can say. Simon finally asks the question that must be asked. Does she want the marriage because she believes that she is in love with him? Simon shows her his home and the fact that he only has $43.00 to his name. He can't let her do it. She begs him to let her stay in the car and he finally relents. Katie hurries out and retrieves her belongings. She tells Simon that he will like to have her around and she is going to help him make the place livable. She also offers him a repeat of Halloween night in the back of the car.

Hal and Jennifer discuss the perfect morning that they had. When questioned where Barbara is, she tells him that she had to step out for a few minutes. Hal asks her to watch Parker after explaining that he needs to go to the Lakeview to see Carly. Upstairs, Carly looks for the elusive envelope while downstairs; Hal and Barbara are on a collision course which each other and Craig. Carly takes the suite apart trying to find it without success. She and Jack belong together, she says.