As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/15/00



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/15/00

By Bethany Tedder

Presidential interruption for the first 5 minutes or so of the show.

Katie approaches Tom and Margo. They think that she has come to apologize for her past behavior but she tells them that she has not come to apologize. Margo is livid when she thinks that Katie wants to move back in without as so much as an apology. Craig was the one that said that she should move back in, not her. She says that she needs to talk with Tom. Margo wonders what kind of trouble she is in now. Margo leaves them alone and Katie outlines to Tom the immigration problem that Simon has without mentioning his name. Tom tells her that immigration laws are not his specialty but he needs a sponsor, such as an employer or family sponsor. Katie volunteers her help but Tom tells her that about the only way to a green card is to marry a US citizen. Tom tells her about the penalties of trying to fake a marriage. The prospects of a quarter million dollar fine and 5 years in the prison for marrying an illegal alien is not enough to deter Katie. Tom is confident that she would not do this. But she is insistent that she will make this decision as she pleases. He tells her that she should think this through more thoroughly. She could go to jail for this. She heads out the door without so much as even considering what Tom has told her that she could face if she tries to marry Simon with this immigration problem hanging over his head.

Back at the garage, Lily and Simon are in the throes of passion when he remembers the night he spent with Katie. He tells her to go back to Holden and the children that is can never work. Lily tells him he had better have a good excuse for his new found attitude. Lily insists that she has made her decision and it is he that she wants. He starts to tell her about the night with Katie and he begs her to let him explain what he needs to tell her. Simon tells her that he has been with someone else. He has not waited for her the way that she believes that he has and therefore is unworthy of her devotion. She is insists that the past is the past as he insists that she deserves better. If she was any other woman other than who she is, he would have finished what they started. She asks him how and when he did this. He tells her about the drunken night that started his downfall. He tells her that he is not proud of what happened but that he had stopped believing that they had a future together. He insists that he will be gone as soon as possible. She outlines her choices and she decides that she wants him. She shoulders some of the responsibilities of his frustrations and decides that she can live with it and not without him. Who was the woman. Simon explains that it meant nothing to him. But he does not want to reveal that Katie is the woman. She ponders why she can accept what he did but can't get past what Holden did with Rose. Simon tries to tell her that she should think about what she is actually giving up for him. Her family, her status, and her perfect life. He tells her that they need to break up and she needs to move on without him. He tells her that it can never work out. Lily is livid that he would want out now. It nearly killed him to tell her what he did and she reacted to it like he picked up the wrong fork. She tries to tell him what he means to her but he tells her that she is just not thinking clearly. Holden is gone and she is not that upset about it and she should be because she has been with him half her life. She insists that he is a gift that she is not ready to let go of yet. She tells him about all the things that he has brought into her life and he is not going anywhere until they resolve this.

Bryant seems swept away by the brunette stranger that has come to Java. She bandages his cut hand and he is smitten by her knowledge of home remedies that she learned from her grandmother. He thanks her for her help and she for his. Jennifer walks in as she takes his injured hand to her lips and kisses it. She demands an explanation and he introduces Ruby to Jennifer and vice versa. Ruby thinks that Jennifer is Bryant's sister. She tells Jennifer that she is so "young" for him. Ruby tells her that she had a flat tire and Bryant changed it for her. Jennifer dryly that she try the auto club the next time. He is one of a kind, hold on to him, Ruby advises. Bryant lites into Jennifer for telling Barbara about the lack of their sex life. He tells Jennifer that his father came in and more or less read him the riot act. Bryant wants to know what she told Barbara. She insists that she went to her mother because she wanted sex not because he wanted it. Bryant softens some and tells her that he is happy that she feels the same way about him that he does about her. She tells him that she has to be sure that she is doing the right thing before they have sex. Bryant wants to know what it is going to take to get her in the mood. He promises her a night of passion after she tells him that she needs more than a blanket on a cold ground. He offers to set everything in motion as she wants for tonight. As he promises that he will make all her fantasies come true, an eavesdropping Ruby reappears. She decides that she should stick around. Jennifer in livid to see her again and wonders didn't Bryant fix her tire? Don't get bent out of shape, she gets the picture. She only left her scarf. She asks Bryant how the food is. After she is gone, she tells Bryant that she dislikes Ruby. They focus back on the events that they were discussing and he tells her that he can wait as long as it takes.

Back at the garage, Simon and Lily try to resolve the problems of their star-crossed relationship. She says that she will talk to her mother. Simon believes correctly that Lucinda started this chain of events leading to his impeding deportation. As they kiss, Katie arrives and marvels that it is really a full service garage. Katie asks if the air-conditioning is fixed on her car. It is almost winter, Lily reminds her. There are other garages in town, why this one? Simon excuses himself from Katie and he and Lily say good-bye. She tells him that she has found the answer to his prayers. She has a way for him to stay in the country.

Margo comes back from her run and has decided that maybe she was too hard on Katie. She seemed so scared. Tom tells her that she didn't seem scared to him, she seemed determined. Margo begs him to tell her what Katie was up to. After realizing that Katie is not an actual client he softens some. Tom tells her to sit down and he tells Margo that she is up to her same old tricks.