As The World Turns Update Tuesday 11/14/00



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 11/14/00 

By Jackye

Craig comes into Java Underground, Bryant tells him he doesn't want any more lectures. Craig warns him about Hal. Andy picks up one of Hope's books, John walks in. Andy tells him he isn't up to seeing him. John tells him he isn't leaving.
Rose comes to the stables to see Holden and runs into Emma. Emma asks her to stay and talk for a bit, she asks Rose why she wanted Holden. Rose begins to tell Emma how she feels about Holden.

Holden arrives at Lily's to pick up Luc for school. He gives her back his keys to the house. When she protests, he says he doesn't want any more misunderstandings. Luc comes in.

Simon comes into the garage to find Katie asleep in the back seat of the car. He remembers kissing her and asks what he has gotten into. As he walks away. she awakens.

Luc tells Holden all about school. When Luc goes to get his lunch, Lily and Holden argue. Holden figures out that she wants to go away for the weekend with Simon. he refuses to watch the kids while she is rendezvousing with her lover.
Rose tells Emma how she fell in love with Holden. Emma brings up Lily, Rose asks not to talk about it. Emma tells Rose she would like her to be a part of the family, but if she doesn't recognize Holden and Lily's marriage it would be difficult. Rose suggests that maybe she wasn't to blame for what happened to their marriage.

Katie tells Simon that she and Craig got into an argument because she blew-off clean-up for his party. Simon warns her about family. She tells him that she and Craig aren't speaking. He kicked her out and she has no where else to go.


Katie tells Simon they see things the same way. She says she has no idea what to do next. Lily walks in. Katie makes an excuse about when Simon wants her to bring her car in and leaves. After Katie leaves, Lily breaks the news to Simon about their weekend get away being canceled. Simon suggests they have their get away right there in the garage, just the 2 of them.

Holden tells Rose that she wouldn't be going back to the way things were, that was all Lily's. She watches him put on the gloves she gave him and says his whole speech was a hoax.

Issac warns Craig that he knows the earrings aren't just earrings. He tells Craig not to mess with him because Craig may have his club, but he has his son and his valuables. Craig says goodbye to Bryant and leaves.

John tells Andy he understands he is having difficulty dealing with everything. Andy tells him that he isn't going to a rehab program. John offers to let Andy live in his apartment, hire a physical therapist for how often Andy wants and he will move out to give Andy privacy. John asks him to think about it. Andy tells him he is scared.

A young woman comes into Java underground. She asks Bryant to use the phone, he offers to change her flat tire.
Rose tells Holden that she knows he thinks there's still a chance for them. She recalls the times they spent together. She tells him she has plans for them, there is a chance. They kiss, she tells him there is more where that came from and leaves.

Simon tells Lily what a wonderful job she is doing with her kids. He tells her they can get through anything. he closes the shop door after flipping the sign to close. They kiss. Katie watches from outside.

Bryant and the woman come back inside and she bandages his hand.
Holden recalls the times he spent with Rose.

Simon and Lily are kissing, he sits her on the car and begins removing her clothes.
Katie is at the diner, she calls INS. She asks them what it takes to keep someone from being deported.