As The World Turns Update Monday 11/13/00


As The World Turns Monday 10/13/00

By Bethany Tedder

Kim tries to contact John again as Andy comes in, and he informs her that he has been to two AA meetings and he just needs to go to bed. Kim says she has worried about him all day and Andy explains that he had to stay away because Denise was leaving. Andy informs Kim that he almost took a drink today but he realized that it wasn't going to change anything. Andy decides that he just needs to go to bed. He explains to his mother that he had the beer in his hand but he found the strength to stop. Andy is really down on himself but Kim says he should be proud of himself for going to the AA meeting and telling the truth at the board of inquiry meeting. He sites Bob as an example of someone who has written him off. Kim tells him that this is life and forget about what other people thing. Find his strength and get on with his life. Andy is not so sure that it is that easy as Bob comes home.

Presidential interruption from 4:03-4:10

Carly informs Jack about Craig's plan to get him off the scent so that he can pass the microchips. Jack is still somewhat disturbed by the fact that things did go as Carly led Molly to tell him at the party. First of all there was no sale. Carly tries vainly to explain to him that she was being tested by Craig and she didn't know that the microchips weren't in the earrings until he did. Jack is still not convinced even though Carly claims that she is only trying to bring Craig down. Carly tells him that after everything that she put him through before, that she would never lie to him again. Carly tells him that Craig has threatened to bring her down. Jack is not happy that all he has to go on is her word. Jack tells him how things look to him. Despite the fact that it looks as though Craig owns her, she actually hates him. She trusted Craig because she wanted to get back to Parker so badly. Carly admits that she made a mistake in trusting Craig but she want to get things back on track with him. As Carly and Jack discuss the past problems of their relationship, Julia calls her husband on the cell phone and he tells her that he is on a case and that he will be home as soon as he can. Carly marvels that it must be hard to keep a secret from Julia. Carly tells him about the envelope that Craig retrieved from Richard Stiles. Carly vows to find the letter and return it to him. He does promises to try to set up another meeting but vows to take her down with Craig it she is lying to him. She looks at the compass that he had given her from the bygone days of their romance. After Jack leaves, Carly decides that this is just the beginning for them, unaware that Julia has just sealed Jack's future with her.

Molly awakens from the disturbing dream about the water she was being suspended over and realizes that the entire room is soaked. She walks through the apartment and finds Vicky sitting motionless in an old wooden wheelchair. She begs her to tell her what she wants with her. Suddenly, the light comes on and Vicky disappears and Abigail calls out to Molly. What is going on she ask? Molly turns back in the direction that she saw Vicky and she is now gone.

Molly attempts to explain to Abigail how the dream that she had tonight differs from the ones that she has been having. Molly find a towel in the apartment and it is damp but that is all. She tells Abigail about the conversation that she had with Donna regarding Vicky's dress. She insists that the woman that she saw at Craig's party was not Emily as Abigail suspects but Vicky's spirit. Molly insists the room was wet but know it isn't. Abigail tries to play it off on the coma that she was in earlier in the year. Molly insists that Vicky is haunting her. Abigail tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together when she remembers Adam's readings on the gage that he uses to check out the paranormal. Abigail tells Molly that she believes her and tomorrow they will call Adam for help. Molly seems relieved that Abigail believes her. Molly decides that she doesn't want to involve Adam but she is glad that they can talk about it. Molly is picking up the towels and headed out to the living room when she discovers wheelchair tracks in the carpet.

Isaac talks to Curtis about Ben and the foster care system. Ben arrives and tells about his long day. Ben stuns Curtis by telling him that he has made arrangements for him to stay another three months with him while they explore the fostering system together. Ben tells him that he would miss him if he were gone. He doesn't want him to leave. Ben tells a happy Curtis that he is here to stay and Isaac wonders if he is up to raising Curtis. Ben swears that he is ready for him and a change in his life. Ben thanks Isaac for the part that he had in bringing Curtis into his life. They vow to see more of each other.

Kim and Bob have a discussion about Andy. Kim wonders why he has not made any attempt to connect with Andy. Bob says that he has to have the whole story about the part that John may have had in the deception of Andy's so called injuries. John's determination to have the hearing almost cost Ben Harris his career. He has to follow through with the investigation no matter how painful it is for her and Andy. But she is not helping him but hurting him more by not letting him deal with his own problems. Kim says that she is proud of her son no matter what else happens.

Jack arrives home to a very happy Julia. She tells him that she has taken the pregnancy test and they are indeed going to be parents. Jack acts as though he ready for fatherhood even though he has expressed reservations before.