As The World Turns Update Monday 10/23/00


 As The World Turns Monday 10/23/00

Bethany Tedder

Jennifer and Bryant walk up on Holden and Lily shivering from exiting the
Snyder pond from skinny dipping.  Jennifer is fascinated by the resemblance
between Rose, whom she just met, and Lily. Holden cautions her to watch what
she wishes for when she remarks that she always wondered what it would be
like to have a long lost sister.
Molly is on the sofa at Jake's and is having a nightmare about a door and a
woman screaming trying to get out of the door. She finally awakens but not
without waking up Carly and Abigail. They rush from the bedrooms and listen
as she tells them about the dream. Molly is convinced that Vicky is trying to
communicate with her for some unknown reason. Although sympathetic, Carly and
Abigail seriously question the validity of Molly's theory. But Molly insists
that she can feel Vicky's presence. When Abigail brings up the mysterious
telephone calls that Molly has been getting, Carly tries to figure out an
explanation for the calls. Molly explains that the black box from the Walsh
plane crash has been found and that the calls are clearly a recording of the
black box's contents. Carly theorizes that if they figure out who made the
calls that the nightmares will stop because the calls will stop. The trio go
over a list of suspects from Katie to Barbara and finally zero in on Emily
because she has the most motive and opportunity. Molly explains that with her
connection to the paper, she would have been able to get a copy of the tape
and Abigail reminds her that Emily appears to be infatuated with Jake. All
that is left, is for them to figure out how to handle her.
Nancy and Joe have met at Al's. They discuss Rose and Nancy encourages him to
go to Lucinda's and talk with Rose. Joe tells her about his wife and the
circumstances surrounding Rose's "adoption". Nancy offers to call the Walsh
estate so that they can go and see his daughter.
Back at the Snyder farm, Bryant has decided that maybe Lily and Holden are on
to something and that they should go skinny dipping too. But Jennifer nixes
the idea and he has to settle for an evening on a blanket. Bryant begins
pushes for intimacy and Jennifer backs off and tells him that she is not
ready for sex. She is horrified when Bryant assures he that he came
"prepared". She realizes that he expected her to have sex with him. Although
frustrated, he respects her decision and apologizes for being snappy with
Rose finds photos of her "life" with Holden and the children. She grieves
over the life that she grew to love and has remained elusive for her. Joe
arrives at the pool house with Nancy in tow to see his daughter. Nancy leaves
for the main house and leaves father and daughter alone. She still is having
a problem understanding why he did not tell her that she was adopted. Joe
attempts to explain and he begs for her forgiveness. He mourns for his wife
and the lack of involvement that he had in his daughter's life. After they
realize that they really need each other, they agree to start over and forge
a new relationship. Joe gives an emotional Rose her mother's engagement ring.
She places it on her hand and states that it has been a long time since she
felt this good. She tells him about her time with Lily's children and Joe
wonders what type of effect the past few months have had on her perception of
life. Joe offers her encouragement for the future and kisses his daughter
good-bye and leaves to find Nancy as the storm rages outside.
Lily and Holden have gotten back to the stables. They dress and Lily prepares
to leave. She asks Holden if he misses Rose and he tells her that all he
missed was her. Lily seems to soften as she realizes that Rose was a safer
version of herself and represented Lily without the baggage of having to deal
with the loss of Hope and the turmoil of finding Faith after she was taken
from them by David.
Carly, Molly and Abigail are still discussing how to deal with Emily. Molly
is wry when Carly offers to teach Abigail everything that she knows prompting
Carly to remember the past mistakes that she made before her kidnapping to
Hong Kong. After reviewing all the possible aspects of Emily's motive and
opportunity, they decide that they have there woman and Carly assures Molly
that they will deal with Emily and make the calls and nightmares stop. Molly
seems relieved that this is the possible solution to the problem. They all go
to bed but are reunited back in the living room by the constant noise of the
thunder from the raging storm.
Back at the stable, Lily is prepared to leave but Holden encourage her to
wait out the storm. As the storm rages outside, they embrace and struggle to
deal with the storm of emotions that they have awaken.