As The World Turns Update Monday 10/9/00


 As The World Turns Monday 10/9/00

By Bethany

Today is the day for the funeral of David Steinbeck. As the scene
opens, David's body is visible in the coffin as a tape of David's
voice plays in the background. The five women in his life are trying
to figure out how to react to the invitations to the funeral of the
century. Denise talks to Hope and decides that she has run from her
past and the demons of David long enough and she must put a stop to
it now. Lily comes back in from her trip to the cabin to a stack of
mail with the omnious black envelope with the invitation in it. She
sees it and decides that she needs to go and bury the past.
Jake and Moly discuss the service. Molly is unsure of what to expect
but is going to go so she can finally find closure on her and David's
scandelous past.
At the Snyder home in Milltown, a distraught Julia plans for the
funeral. She goes to a locked cabinet and removes a revolver and
bullets. She hurriedly places them in her purse when Jack surprises
her by coming home for a file. Jack is horrified to learn that she is
planning to go to the funeral. He begs her not to go but she insists
that it is the only way that she can go on with her life with peace.
She leaves. Jack notices the key still in the cabinet but other than
pulling the key out, he doesn't investigate further and therefore
does not discover that one of his service revolvers are missing.
An almost cheery Emily arrives at the funeral home dressed to the
nines in a slinky red dress. She congratulates the funeral director
on making David look almost human. As she adjusts her make-up, she
takes the mirror to her compact and places it near David's lips. When
she doesn't see any signs of breath, she is satisfied that he is
indeed dead and privately celebrates her good fortune. She takes a
moment to adjust the tiny tape recorder she has in her purse.
Denise and Lily arrive and discuss Hope and Faith. Denise tells Lily
that Holden stops her when ever he sees her in town so he can check
up on the child that they raised for nearly a year as their own. As
they trade baby stories, Emily looms in the background like a vulture
circling for the kill. Molly arrives. Emily asks her where Jake is
and Molly tells her that David is her problem and she must deal with
him on her own. Lastly, a gun-totting Julia arrives, pale and dressed
from head to foot in black. All the other women are also in black
except for the jubliant Emily. Lily congratulates Julia on her
marriage and hit the last nerve that Julia has when she says that the
first year of marriage is for learning each other's little secrets.
Emily approaches Denise and starts pumping her for information for
the story she intends to write. Lily becomes suspicious and snatches
Emily's purse from her and takes out the tape recorder. It is four
against one as the they berate her for insensitivety to the
situation. Molly takes the recorder from Lily and dumps it in a vase
of water on the table. Emily is livid and insist she will write the
story anyway. They threaten to hire Tom to handle the case and sue
her if she does. Emily's attitude is one of "Make my day."
Back at the police station, Jack and Hal discuss the Steinbeck case. 
Jack approaches Hal and tells him that there is something he needs to
tell him. Hal has all ready figured it out, Julia is the means that
David used to get to Chicago. Jack wants to know what he is planning
to do and Hal says nothing, David and it are a dead subject. Jack
says that Julia probably couldn't have done anything since David
threatened her with a gun. Hal bursts Jack's bubble with the news
that the Chicago PD stated that David was unarmed at the time of his
killing. Jack defends his wife when Hal states he doesn't understand
why Julia didn't let him know at the traffic stop that David was
hidden in the backseat. He could have taken him then. Jack points out
that Julia is not a cop and she doesn't think like they do and
therefore was unable to think any further than doing what David told
her to do.
The director asks the women to have a seat and the eulogy begins.
David's face comes onto the screen and he has a personal message for
all his women. He starts with Lily. He taunts her with the imagines
of him and Faith. He tells her that when Faith starts throwing
tantrums that she will wonder if it is because of the time she spent
with him as her father. He calls her "their child"
He moves right along to Denise. He taunts her about her past and says
that despite her efforts to "clean-up" her life that she is a baby-
selling whore. He says that he has left Hope $100,000.00 for her to
inherit on her 21 st birthday along with pictures and a scrapbook
outlining her beginnings to the world.
Molly doesn't escape David's torment. She has been left with the
memories of all their sexual experiences. He knows that she can't get
him out of her system. He is a part of her.
Moving right along to Julia, he assures her that the secret she
possesses will come out at the most inopertune moment.
Saving Emily for last, he makes the most damaging move, at least for
the moment. He has called in her loans and unless she pays all that
she owes him, in 24 the business she borrowed money for from him,
will go back to his estate. Emily pitches a fit and hurries back to
work where a puzzled Chris has just been handed legal papers
outlining David's intent to pull in the loans.
Lily, Molly, and Denise decide that the only way that they will be
completely free of David is to try to put the past in the past. As
they prepare to leave, Julia has a novel idea to find out if David
dead or not. She pulls the revolver from her purse and aims the
weapon at the coffin, and fires several shots into the corpse as the
horrified women look on. After she is satisfied that she has finished
him off if he isn't dead, she drops the weapon as Denise, Lily, and
Molly decide that she was only trying to do what all of them were
thinking...making sure that he was really dead. Molly decides that
David always comes back.
At the police station, Jack and Hal are still discussing Julia's
behavior when the call comes in from the funeral home that Julia has
been arrested for the shooting at the funeral home. Jack is
dumbstruck as he realizes that Julia has a severe problem. Hal comes
back and tells a worried Jack that the funeral director has agreed to
drop the charges in exchange for restitution. Although relieved, Jack
has no idea what to do about Julia when he sees her. Hal suggests
that he take her home and listen to her and try to find out exactly
what happened between her and David the night he escaped. Julia
arrives and Hal orders Jack to take her home.
Back at Al's, Abigail and Jake are waiting for Molly. She arrives and
tells them about the experience at the funeral. They make plans for
dinner and Molly excuses herself to the restroom. As she approaches
the door, the pay phone starts ringing and she answers it. She drops
the phone when the tape of "Beautiful Dreamer" is played to her.
Back at the Intruder, Emily faces off with David's lawyer. He tells
her that she has 24 hours to come up with $200,000.00 or lose the
business to David's estate. She and Chris discuss where she could
come up with funding and Chris suggests going to Craig but Emily says
that there is no way that she is going to Margo's brother for the
The effects of the funeral force Lily to decide that it is time for a
clean start. She makes a phone and request that the person on the
other end meet with her so they can discuss the future. Is it Holden
or Simon?
Denise talks to Hope and ponders about a future with her daughter
once Hope is old enough to understand about her humble beginnings.
Denise pledges to stop letting other people control her life and
start handling her life on her own.
Back at the funeral home, the funeral director closes the top on
David's coffin as David's voice eerily plays in the background like a
satisfied tormentor.