As The World Turns Update Thursday 9/28/00


As The World Turns Update Thursday 09/28/00

By Jackye Nice

Lucinda goes in to wake up Bryant, he is holding a photograph and quickly
hides it. She tells him it is his first day working. He gives her and
envelope and tells here there is her million dollars, he has no intention of
working for her.

Craig goes to see Issac, he tells him to give Bryant  job as his new

Molly listens to a song on the phone, she hangs up and says David! She trys
to figure out what the song means, she says Abigail!

Julia notices a spot of David's blood on the floor, as she is starting to
clean it up, Lisa shows up. Lisa wonders how julia got through the night,
Julia turns her back to Lisa and remembers the kiss from David. She says
after bieng locked in all night she is a little stir-crazy. Lisa says you
weren't here all night.

Molly finds out Abigail left her friends house, she trys to call home but
there is no answer. She goes to open the door and Abigail is there. She
pulls her inside and locks the door. Abigail shows her the paper, Molly says
she's sorry she had to find out this way, and she was worried that David got
to her. Abigail says that's just it, he did.

Issac says he can't hire Bryant after all the trouble he was in before. He
says he needs to grow up some. Craig says he's not asking him, he's giving
him an order.

Lucinda sees it's Montagean money, she tells him she's starting him in the

Abigail says she let David in because he said he was an old friend of
molly's. She says David said when he saw her mom he would tell her she was
as pretty as she is. Moly picks up the phone and calls the police.

Lisa tells Julia that she called and when there was no answer, she came
over, she didn't se Julia's car so she drove past Emma'a and it wasn't there
either. Julia tells Lisa she helped David escape.

Bryant says he can't do this job. He says he can't take a handout. He shows
Lucinda his resume, she says he is brimming with ideas, make the most of
this. he tells her she sounds just like his dad. She says she's nothing like
his dad.

Issac tells Craig that he won't take orders from him. Craig says if he
doesn't, his loans might fall through.

Molly starts explaining her relationship with David. Abigail says what
happened in her past is over, she loves her. She says the paper made it all
seem so bad. the phone rings, a squad car is downstairs.

Lisa says it's unbelievable, she doesn't believe it. Julia tells her that
she drove him out of town, he threatened her and she had to lie to Hal. Lisa
says they have to call the police, Julia says no. She tells Lisa he had no
weapon, he didn't overpower him, he was in handcuffs. She tells lisa David
knows something that will tear Jack and her apart forever. Lisa tells her
she has to call the police and tell them what she did.

Lucinda tells him he can gain skills, he says he's grateful. She tells him
it's tough love time, he either takes the job or it's goodbye. He goes out
the door.

Margo and Hal question Abigail, she tells them he told her he was going to
visit another old friend. Hal says he'll go pay a visit to another one of
David's old friends.

Julia tells Lisa she's partly responsible for breaking up Jack and Carly's
wedding. She says she met Winston at a charity banquet in New York. he told
her his wife was a designer named Carly, she remembered Carly used to be a
designer in Hong Kong, they figured out it was the same Carly. She told him
where Carly was and that was the beginning. She says she never thought
Winston would hurt anyone. If Jack find out he'll never forgive her, Lisa
says Jack will never believe David. Julia tells her there was a newspaper
article with a picture of her and Winston. Lisa tells her she needs to wake
up, there are lives at stake here. There is a knock at the door, it's Hal.

Lucinda is talking to herself about Bryant's resume. Matthew comes in and
Lucinda tells him what happened, he agrees with her. She says she doesn't
like giving ultimatums in her own home, she just wants a happy life for him,
and she has made him resent her. Bryant walks in and says he doesn't, he
hands her the mail as a peace offering and says he is practicing for his new

Craig tells Issac if he doesn't hire Bryant, he'll make some changes
starting with Issac. He says he'll hire him, but when he makes a mistake it
will be on him.

Hal questions Julia about her sick friend. He asks Lisa if he can speak to
Julia alone. Lisa leaves and says she will call Julia later. Hal says he has
reason to believe that David came looking for her last night.

Lucinda tells Bryant he gets minimum wage, 4 sick days, one call in crazy
day, a weeks vacation, and be there at 8 o'clock sharp. Lucinda leaves, the
phone rings, it's Issac. He tell Bryant to come to work for him at java, he
tells him to be there early tomorrow morning, he'll show him the ropes.

Molly and Abigail go back to Jake's. Molly says if David does anything to
hurt Abigail, she'd never forgive herself.

Hal tells Julia that David told Abigail that he was going to see another old
friend. She tells Hal she hasn't seen David. Hal asks for the name of her
frind, she says there was no friend, she just had to get out. Hal says he
doesn't believe anything she said.