As The World Turns Update Wednesday 9/27/00


As The World Turns Update Wednesday 09/27/00

By Bethany 

Jake gets up in the middle of the night to make a phone. He is soon
joined by Molly who wants to know who he is calling at that time of
the morning. Jake lies and says that he is calling the airport to
make travel arrangements for a short trip to Seattle. They discuss
the Steinbeck trial and how she should tell Abigail about David and
her involvement. They are oblivious to the fact that David has
escaped and has made contact with the unknowing Abigail. Jake
continues to pack and leaves to shower. The cell phone rings and
Molly answers it. It is the airport confirming his arrangements to
Pittsburgh. Molly says there must be some mistake but the caller
assures her that Jake's arrangements are for a flight to Pitts burg.
Molly is devastated that Jake saw the need to lie to her and prepares
to leave, permanently. Jake comes back in the room and wants to know
what is wrong. She minces no words and tells him that she knows he
lied to her. He explains that he didn't want to upset her but before
he can truly move on with her, he needs to bury his past and this is
what this trip is all about. He reassures her that he wishes to be
with her and enlists her support. She agrees that he can't get rid of
her that easy and with that, Jake leaves.
Back at the Intruder, Emily and Chris rush to finish the scoop on
David's escaped. She tries to call Jake but is frustrated that she
can't get through. So she tells a worried Chris that she is going to
the apartment.
Julia and David's exit has been curtailed by a passing patrol car.
David continues to taunt Julia with the picture of her and Winston
Lowe. She begs him to leave without her but he insists that he needs
her. When the patrol car makes another pass, he hurries her out the
door and into the car. They drive to parts unknown and David
continues his relentless pursuit of the way she got Carly out of
Jack's life. She denies that she knew anything about him when she
informed him about Carly. Suddenly they come to a roadblock. David
hides under a blanket in the back of the car. The policeman knocks on
the window and it is a draw on who is the most surprised to see whom,
Julia or Hal. Hal demands to know what she is doing out in the
country in the middle of the night when David has escaped. She lies
and says that she is on the way to visit a sick friend. She tells Hal
that actually she would be better off there since David knows nothing
of this friend and Hal agrees. But he wants her to check in with Jack
at regular intervals. She begs him not to say anything to Jack and
Hal reluctantly agrees. After they are on the road again, David
congratulates Julia on being almost as good a liar as he is. She
obviously learned something during their time together. They finally
reach a wooded area and David exits from the car. She demands the
picture and he gives it to her but says that he has copies if she
gets any ideas about turning him in. He gives her a kiss and leaves.
Julia doesn't see the bloody cloth that he left on the back seat
At the Lakeview, Katie enters Craig's room and begins snooping in his
desk. She pulls out the earrings that contain the micro-chip and is
in the process of getting one out when she is halted by Craig. She
tries to cover but Craig is more experienced at this sort of thing
than she is and he demands to know what she is looking for. She
finally tells him and Craig tells her that she must stay out of this.
He tells her about the micro-chips and warns her that the last 3
people with the exception of Carly, that had possession of these
chips are dead. She is not playing with good company. He keeps
pushing until she produces one of the chips out of her robe pocket.
Craig is livid and almost throws her out. But she pleads for a second
chance and he agrees, if she leaves the chips alone. He moves them to
another hiding place as Katie vows to be at the top again.
At the club, Denise confronts Isaac about his suspicions about Andy.
Isaac is more than happy to tell her what he believes about the books
and medication that Camille uncovered. At first Denise is angry and
unbelieving that Andy could do such a thing but she finally agrees to
start watching Andy closer for signs that he may be able to walk.
Julia arrives back home and begins to clean the house of any traces
that David was there. She falls to the floor and begins to cry
because she knows that David could be the downfall of her marriage to
Emily arrives at Jake's and when Molly answers the door, she demands
to know where Jake is. Molly tells her that he is on a trip and Emily
insists that they try to stop him. She tells Molly that David has
escaped and may try to settle the score with Jake for the episode
during the trial. Molly refuses and says that he is safer out of town
that in and they discuss Abigail. Molly is convinced that she is
still on a sleepover in Smithfield. Emily leaves. The phone rings and
when Molly answers it, the connection is very stat city and the voice
comes over the line singing "Beautiful Dreamer".