As The World Turns Update Tuesday 9/26/00


As The World Turns Update Tuesday 09/26/00

By Bethany 

As Lily goes to see Simon, Rose watches Holden work in the stables.
She is amazed at this side of Holden that she hasn't seen before.
gives Holden the incredible news that she and Lily are twin sisters.
Holden refuses to believe it and Rose says that she understands but
for him to discuss it with Lucinda. Then she gets to the heart of the
reason for her visit. She wants him to drop the criminal charges
against her. Under the circumstances of the girls being twins, this
is what Lucinda and Iva feel like should happen. What about Lily?
Lily has washed her hands of the entire thing and the only person
that can help her is him. She tries to explain how it really was for
her, trying to impersonate Lily but Holden is very short and not in
the mood for the pitiful Rose routine. As Holden continues to rattle
off the problems that he and Lily have had since the whole situation
started, Rose tells him that he can't blame her for the things
Simon has done to his marriage.
While all this has been going on in the stable, Lily has arrived at
Simon's room and finds it empty. Thinking that he has left town
without saying goodbye, she falls on the bed and bursts into tears.
Back at Jack and Julia's, Julia gets the shock of her life when
comes face to face with the escaped David. He demands her help. He
needs to have the handcuffs cut off his hands and he wants food and
her assistance in escaping. She initially resist until David pulls
out a year old photo of her and Winston Lowe at a charity event. It
would seem that David and Winston's fall guy meet in prison and
has found out that Winston found out Carly's whereabouts from
Julia denies having done anything on purpose to Carly but David
reminds her that he knows that Jack has just run into Carly and he
knows that Jack in reluctant to start a family. She gets a hack saw
and cuts the handcuffs off. But David demands that she accompany him
on his escape.
At the Intruder, Emily has taken Chris to task over the kiss that he
gave her. It is unprofessional and he can't do it anymore. Chris
tries to resign but Emily tells him that it's necessary. They
reach a
truce as the District Attorney's Office calls and tells Emily
David's escape. Chris expects her to panic but she is too busy
to figure out how to write the story of the escape. Chris tries to
reason with her that she could be in danger but she is oblivious to
anything but writing the story. She does send Chris to Susan's to
check on her and Allison.
Lily is surprised when Simon comes back to the motel room and tells
her that he has found a job as a mechanic in the downtown area. He
didn't have to do that, she tells him. But Simon tells her that
can't live off her money. They embrace and Simon tells her that
needs to go home and basically come to a decision about her future.
Back at the Intruder, Emily is alone and there is a noise in the
background. She calls out and there is no answer. Chris comes back
into the office and tells her that he checked on her mother and
sister and that things look fine there and that there is police cars
at the house.
At Jack and Julia's, she is not as lucky. She has David to
with and he forces her to leave with him to parts unknown.