As The World Turns Update Monday 9/25/00


As The World Turns Monday 09/25/00

By Donna Craig 

Julia  received flowers from David, which she threw in the trash, and while
she was reading the card Jack comes home.  She hid the card behind her back
and told Jack she may be allergic to the flowers.  They decide to go out to
dinner and while joking around Julia brings up children and Jack gets
defensive.  He said he isn't ready and he isn't sure when he will be.  While
having a discussion Jack receives an urgent phone call and has to leave.
While leaving they encounter Carly who wonders why they are there and Julia
wonders why Carly is still in town.  They then leave.

David decides to pay a visit to Molly who isn't there.  Abigail lets him in
since he claimed to be an old friend. David said he had a headache and asked
for aspirin. While Abigail is away David finds the money he hid behind the
bookcase when he lived there before.  He takes the money and when Abigail
comes back in the room David said he had to leave.  He then decide to pay a
visit to Julia and Jack, who were not home. When Jack and Julia returned
home David was there.  He picked up the flowers and out them back in the
vase. No one knew he was there but when Julia seen them, after Jack left of
course, David's shadow appeared. Jack informs Julia about David's escape and
when she hangs up...David talks to her.

Lily, Rose, Lucinda and Iva are at Lucinda's discussing the future of Lily
and Rose.  Lily wants to have rose locked up as a criminal and Rose feels
she should receive some kind of money since she is  the older sister.
Lucinda wants Lily to drop the case against Rose but Lily is very adamant
about keeping up with it.  Lucinda warns her that she will fight her on
this.  Lucinda feels it is no ones fault and they should forgive each other.
Lily decides to wash her hands of the entire Rose situation.