As The World Turns Update Tuesday 9/19/00


As The World Turns Update Tuesday 09/19/00

By Jackye Nice 
Carly asks Molly if she wants her to go to David's trial with her for moral
support. Molly says no, she is just afraid that she will be stepping in the
mud all over again. Katie enters and says,"If the mud fits, wear it."

Rose meets Bryant. He mistakes her for Lily.

Lucinda meets with Sister Mary Catherine. Lucinda begins to question her
aout the time before and during Lily's birth whle she was at the young unwed
mother's home. Lucinda brings Iva in. The nun drops to her knees on the
floor and begins praying.

Lily comes downstairs and awakens Holden, who is sleeping on the couch. They
talk about their sleepless night. The talk moves to the night before. Holden
asks what Lily asking him to move out means. She says she doesn't know.
Holden says it can only mean the end of "us".

The nun says she's thought about that night many times over the years. She
quit the home when she delivered Iva's baby. Lucindsa begs her to help them.
Iva says the night is hazy for her. The nun it was supposed to be a quiet
birth. A flashback of that night reveals a lawyer, Cliff Bryer. He was in a
hurry to get out of the room with the baby. He screams she is awake and
begins to worry. Once the baby is born, Iva wants to see her and Cliff yells
at her that she can't change her mind now. Iva is crying. The nun tells them
there is more.

Bryant asks how Rose hid his aunt Lily. She tells him they were friends and
they switched places unexpectedly. Craig arrives. He gives Bryant a small
black box. Bryant says he doesn't want any gifts from him.

Holden and Lily again are talking about their love. She tells him that she
needs time to figure things out. She doesn't want him to disappear from her
life. She suggests that he stay at Cal's. He says no, he isn't staying where
she's already kept her boyfriend. Holden says they need a clean break. He
goes upstairs to pack.

Katie tells Molly to leave. Molly tells Carly about the Endicott Awards. She
also tells her that Katie is the one who took the pictures of Molly and
Chris. Carly tells Katie if she thought they couldn't get along before, she
ain't seen nothing yet.

Rose sees the box on the table and asks what it is. Craig says it is a gift
for Bryant and he says he doesn't want it. Rose asks what's wrong with this
family that they don't like presents. She opens the box and reveals a pair
of earrings, she jokes that they are not Bryant's style but they would look
great on her.

The nun says she was shocked when Iva showed up, she was expecting the 1st
born. Lucinda says lily, no, the 1st born the nun says.Iva had twins, the
lawyer didn't take the first born because she was sickly. Iva is in
disbelief, she accuses the nun of lieing.

Holden comes downstairs with his bags, he is ready to leave. Lily asks if he
said goodbye to the kids. He says yes, he told them he was going on a
business trip. Lily asks him to stay for awhile. He says he wasn't happier
with Rose, he thought Lily was different but thought he would just have to
change to make things work with her. He takes his bags and leaves. Lily
stands at the door crying.

Rose asks bryant what's wrong with him. She questions as to why he pushes
Craig away. She tells him he is lucky to have a father he can talk to. She
tells him about her father not loving her anymore. She says he has a
gratitude problem.

Craig goes to Lily's. He mentions divorce and Lily walks away. She is
obviously upset. He asks her for a favor. He asks her to give Bryant a entry
level job at the Hotel or TV Station. She says she can't help him, Holden is
the manager at the tv station and he'll have to talk to him. She tells him
they are seperated.

She tells Iva that she kept a journal, Iva says that isn't proof. Then, she
shows her a paper from a clinic where she took the other baby for a check-up
and approximate birth time. Iva reads the paper and breaks down crying. She
repeats,"It's a girl." twice. Then she says,"I had two girls." Iva asks why
she was never told. Sister says that she didn't think the baby would survive
the night. the nun says the baby was so weak she could barely open her eyes.
She kept the baby til she was eight months old. She helped a couple named
D'Angelo deliver a stillborn baby, they later adopted the baby. Iva asks why
she was never notified. The nun says there was no forwarding address and
when she contacted Mr. Bryer, he just sent money for the baby. She asks if
the baby is happy.

Lily tells Craig she shouldn't say anything. He tells her that when he and
Seirra gave u there were no loving feelings left.

Holden shows up at Emma's. He tells her he moved out because Lily needed
space and she was out last night with Simon, and she asked Simon to stay in
town. He says he's giving up his job at WOAK because it's Lily's. He says
he's going to stay in the stables with the horses. He says he needs to get
reaquaintted with himself.

Carly and Molly talk about Katie, making a joke about the last time Katie
had a date with someone who isn't married. Katie is reading the paper. She
says at least her date with a psycho isn't the front page story of the
newspaper. She shows them the story of Molly and David Stenbeck. Craig
arrives home and Molly leaves.

The nun says after 31 years she is finally able to feel releaved about the
birth and her time at the home. She asks Lucinda and Iva to send her
oictures of the girls.

Rose calls Bryant a spoiled brat. She says she had more fun in Lily's life
than Lily ever had. Bryant says he is fun, she tells him he's the opposite
of fun. She tells him to do something with himself.

Holden is standing in the stable remembering the first time he met Lily, at
the stables many years ago. Lily walks around the bedroom closing the empty
drawers of Holden's dresser clutching a lizard.