As The World Turns Update Monday 9/18/00


As The World Turns Monday 09/18/00

By Jackye Nice  

Katie is passed livid when she learns that Craig has invited Carly to
stay with him in the suite. She tries to tell him all about Carly but
Craig informs her that they are like two peas in a pod and should get
along famously. She is not amused when Carly enters and states that
she is having problems with the key to the room. Craig leaves to get
another key and Katie attempts to lay the law down to Carly.
Unfortunately for her, she has met her match in Carly. Carly informs
her that her brother is a big boy and can watch out for himself.
Craig reenters and they go and try the key out to the room. Carly
thanks him for his generosity. She looks longingly at a picture of
Parker and vows that one day they will again have it all. Craig comes
back to the room and gives her the earrings that Carly gave him in
exchange for the money and airplane ticket she stole from him. She
tells him to keep them but he insists that they do nothing for his
wardrobe and she should have them. Carly tells him about how furious
that Winston use to get when she didn't have them on. Either they are
cursed or magic she muses. She doesn't seem to be able to get away
from them.
At Lucinda's mansion, Rose is in awe of the place. She remarks that
there is a room for everything. Lucinda tells her to make herself at
home but tell Matthew that she has to take a business trip with Iva
and he is to keep an eye on her while she is gone. When Matthew comes
back into the library after Lucinda's departure, he is appalled that
Rose has prepared her own food. She tells him to loosen up. She is
perfectly capable of fixing her own food and taking care of herself.
Matthew decides he likes the new mistress of the home for the moment
and they enjoy a ballgame together and a few moments of fun.
In another room in the Lakeview, it would seem that Lily and Simon
are picking up where they left off at the island. Suddenly, Simon
brings things to a screeching halt. He can't so this, not this way.
They have to be free from other people before they can be together.
He tries to explain that on the island, they were equals, both of
them had nothing. But here in Oakdale, she is the higher of the two
and he cannot be like Holden and live off of her money. He pulls out
the letter that his grandfather had written to beloved and he
realizes for the first time the kind of love that they shared. He
gives Lily the letter as a symbol of their love.
Back at the Snyder home, Holden is pacing the floor with worry. Where
has Lily gone? Although he has correctly assumed that she is with
Simon, he cannot abide the prospect that he is still in Oakdale. He
make a few phone calls and is temporarily relieved to leave that he
made a reservation to LA. Emma tells Holden to just give it some
time. Their love will conquer this latest glinch in their life.
Lily arrives home and Emma exits the home so they can talk. The
minute Emma is out of earshot, Holden demands to know whether she saw
Simon or not. Yes she did and he is still in Oakdale. Holden tells
her that he sees the handwriting on the wall, she wants him to move
out. Fine, he'll be gone by in the morning.
Back in his room, Craig recalls the words that Carly said about the
earrings and rushes back to Carly room when he realizes that the
micro chips have been stored behind the setting in the earrings. He
pulls out the stone and sure enough, there it is. He is elated.
Downstairs at the bar, Katie spies Simon. She walks over to him and
buys him a drink. He doesn't recognize her at first. Katie tells him
that they have a lot in common. Then she offers him a class in Holden
and Lily 101. They will never be apart for very long, they always
find themselves together and he is wasting his time if he thinks
otherwise. Despite her advice, Katie seems thrilled when she realizes
that Simon in truly in love with Lily. Good luck she offers him. Who
knows, if he can manage to keep Lily then maybe they all will get
what they want. She goes back upstairs in time to see Craig embrace
Carly over finding the earrings. Craig hurries off to make phone
calls and Katie inquires as to what is going on. Without tipping her
hand, Carly tells Katie that Craig thinks she hung the moon.
Lily watches a tender moment between Holden and Luke. She cannot
control the tears. Elsewhere, at the airport, Iva and Lucinda prepare
to go to New Jersey to find out the truth about the night Iva had
Lily. Iva warns Lucinda that once they go through with this, no one's
life that is involved will never be the same again.