As The World Turns Update Thursday 9/14/00


As The World Turns Update Thursday 09/14/00

By Jackye Nice

Barbara and Hal are on the plane, awaiting Jack and Julia. Barbara is
worried they will miss the plane. Jack and Julia arrive. hal assures her
that everything worked out. Carly boards the plane and finds the only open
seat is next to Jack and Julia.

Rose and Lily argue at the jail. Holden tries to get Lily to leave and she
snaps at Holden about him sleeping with Rose. Holden replys that she is
there for Simon and has feelings for him. Lucinda ask Shanks if they can use
the interrogation room and takes Lily and Rose there and leaves them alone.
Holden and Simon have a confrontation. Lucinda and Iva come between them.
Iva tells Lucinda she is not curious about Rose, she just wanted her to go
back where she came from. Lily and Rose continue to argue in the
interrigation room. Lily says she will never forgive Rose for taking over
her life. Rose becomes upset because her diamond is missing.

Carly finds out from Hal that jack and Julia got married. Hal suggests that
Carly switch seats with Barbara. Barbara says no, and tells hal to sit by
Jack and she will sit in his seat and Carly can sit in her seat. Barbara and
Carly talk about Jack's mistake: Babrbar says Carly prevented his biggest
mistake by leaving him at the alter. Carly tells barbar she doen't want her

Holden and Simon are argueing again. Simon tells Holden he never slept with
Lily, he only kissed her that one time. Simon tells Holden that all Lily
talked about was getting home to Holden and their kids. Shanks tells Simon
he's free to goonce Lily signs the check.

Iva tells Lucinda she's leaving. Lucinda tells her that she has a secret
that she doesn't want anyone to know. Iva says that she doesn't want to go
back to that time again. Iva says that it is impossible that Lily and Rose
are sisters, and to leave her out of it. Lucinda says she needs her.

Barbara and Carly argue about Carly's visitation of Parker. Carly blames
Barbara for Parkes's accident. Barbara tells Carly that she will never come
into her house again. Barbara gets up to leave and Hal follows, so does
Jack. Carly stands to leave and Julis stops her.

Lucinda questions Iva about Lily's birth. Iva says she passed out once but
not for long. Lucinda asks for help.

Simon and Holden argue again. Simon says he is a better man than Holden
because he would have known if he was sleeping with the wrong woman.

Rose doesn't believe Lily's story. She tells Lily she is a spoiled brat and
she should be kissing Lucinda's feet after all she's done for her.

Simon tells Holden she isn't going anywhere til he sees Lily to tell her
goodbye. Holden gives gives him money. He blames Simon for everything and
tells Simon if he doesn't leave he will throw him out. Simon takes the money
and leaves.

Iva agrees to go with Lucinda to New Jersey and leaves to pack.

Lily tells Rose about the pictures Celia took of Rose, Holden and the kids.
Lily slaps Rose, Rose slaps her back, Lily slaps her again and Rose slams
Lily against the window choking her.

Julia rubs her ring and her new title as Mrs. Jack Snyder in Carly's face.
She tells Carly to get a life because she'll never have one with jack. Carly
says that jack will always think of her. Barbara walks in. Julia sits down
Jack comes back. Jack asks Julia if she is alright and she says she's fine.
Barbara asks Carly what she said to Julia.

Lily tells Rose that Celia took her diamond and a raft. Once the raft got so
far out, Celis drowned with the diamond in her grip. They tell each other
they hate one another. Lucinda and Holden approach Lily and she asks for
Simon. Holden tells her he told him to leave. Lily rushes out.

Lucinda propotitions Rose to come home wth her.

Carly, Jack, Julia, Hal, and Barbara arrive in Oakdale. Carly tells jack to
have a good life. Carly tells Hal that Barbara told her she'd never see
Parker again. Barbara tries to tell Hal she never said that and hal walks
away. When Hal and Barbara get home, they argue over Carly. She tells him
what she said and Hal disagrees. Hal blames Barbara for parker's accident.

Carly goes to Craigs'. The door opens.

Rose asks about Holden and why Lucinda wants her at her house. Rose tells
Holden that if he needs to talk he can caqll her.

Lily finds Simon at the airport. She asks him not to leave.