As The World Turns Update Wednesday 9/13/00


As The World Turns Update Wednesday 09/13/00

By Bethany 

Katie dresses for work as the words as the presses' words ring in her
ears. Craig brings in some new clothes since she arrived with only
the clothes on her back. He could have spared himself the trouble as
Margo arrives with all of Katie's belongings. She is no longer
welcome in her home. How could she have gone along with Rose with
Lily missing? Katie tries to tell Margo that Rose said that Lily was
safe. Well, you know what, Margo informs her, Rose is up for fraud
charges and before it is all said and done she may be charges as
being an accomplice. Margo leaves in a huff after telling Katie
that she doesn't want her near her children.
Holden and Lily exchange a terse conversation. It is more of the
same, Lily doesn't understand how Holden could not have known she was
not Lily. Lily goes through her papers and finds notes in the columns
of her journals and flashcards with her friends pictures on them.
Luke comes in and she realizes that he misses the things that he did
with Rose. Holden decides he needs to go to WORK and Lily tells him
to go. Emma arrives and Lily is still teary eyed over her and
Holden's problems. Emma assures her that she is loved and that they
are glad she is back. She asks Emma to take care of the children and
she leaves for an unknown errand.
Iva and Lucinda arrive at Jake's at the crack of dawn. What are they
doing there, Iva asks? Lucinda asks Iva to leave her and Jake alone
for a moment and she does. Lucinda tells Jake about Rose's adoptive
father. She tells him that she thinks that Lily and Rose are twin
sisters and that Iva has blocked out the events of the night that
they were born. She doesn't want Iva to see Rose until she is ready
because she feels that if she just tells her before hand, Iva will
not remember it. If she just comes face to face with her, maybe she
will remember having two daughters instead of the one. Iva reenters
the room while Jake goes to get Rose. He comes back and tell the
women that she is gone. They hightail it to the airport.
Back at the station, Henry is trying to cover his tracks. Holden
arrives and Henry tells him what he has done to replace Katie. Well,
while he is at it, find a new News Director because he is fired.
Henry does everything that he can but Katie arrives and blows him out
of the water. Holden tells her that he doesn't want to see her. Craig
tries to point out about the negative publicity. It doesn't matter,
he wants them both out. Katie and Craig leave. Henry comes back in a
few minutes with his letter of resignation and the news that Lily is
downtown trying to bail Simon out of jail.
At the police station, Lily arrives as they are prepare to extradite
Simon back to Canada. Lily makes an impassionate plea for the charges
to be dropped in exchange for payment of the damages to the man's
truck. The police call him and they arrive at a figure while Lily and
Simon talk about the problems she has had since the homecoming. Lily
prepares to write a check as a furious Holden arrives and demands
that she put the checkbook down. Tough, she tells him. It is her
money and she will spend it as she pleases.
At the airport, Rose hides from Jake and Lucinda. When her flight is
called, she hurries to catch it and runs into Iva who calls her Lily.
Rose covers well, despite the fact that she doesn't recognize her.
Lucinda comes up followed by Jake and a police officer. Lucinda
introduces Rose to Iva. Rose is under arrest for attempted bail
jumping. Rose gets a free trip to the twilight zone when Lucinda
tells her not to worry she will have her out soon. After they leave,
Lucinda tries her twin theory on Iva but she denies having had but
one daughter.
Craig and Katie return to the Lakeview and Craig offers her a job as
his assistant for $500.00 per week. He will also get her a room at
the Lakeview. She gratefully accepts.
At the police station, Holden and Simon nearly come to blows as
Lucinda and Iva arrive with the policeman and Rose trailing behind.
Rose and Lily come face to face for the first time in several months.