As The World Turns Update Tuesday 9/12/00


As The World Turns Update Tuesday 09/12/00

By Bethany 

As a nurse leaves the nursing station to answer a page, a disguised Isaac slips up and takes part of Andy's file. Camille walks up and demands to know what he is doing. He admits to Camille what he is doing and why and suggest that since she is Ben's friend, that she should help him too. She ponders the thought for a moment and returns with the keys to the medical files room. They go over Andy's medical records with a fine-tooth comb. Isaac grasps at straws as to why Andy still cannot walk and comes to one disturbing conclusion, Andy's paralysis is due to Andy himself. He quizzes Camille as to whether there are drugs that could be implemented to induce enough paralysis long enough to fool a doctor into thinking that it was permanent. She doesn't answer him directly but states that even it there are, Andy would not have access to them. But Isaac over plays his hand when he implies that maybe John or Bob had something to do with Andy being able to acquire them. Angrily, Camille orders him to leave the hospital and storms off. But she is still haunted by the implications that Isaac has uncovered.

Molly and Jake revel in the glory of the moment while Katie is hounded by the reporters broadcasting every dirty little sin she has committed.

Finally, Craig walks over and rescues her from the press sharks. Abigail rushes to find Holden as he comes face to face with Rose. How did she get out of jail, he fumes? Jake answers the question for him; he bailed her out for him. Well, he intends to find some way for her to be rearrested. Vagrancy should do the trick but Jake tells Holden that she is staying with him. Holden hits a raw nerve with Jake when he says he has no idea what it is like to have your missing wife impersonated by someone else. Go home, Jake tells him. Go home and celebrate that at least you have your wife home safe and sound. Molly wants to know why Jake has to take Rose home with him. He paid several thousands of dollars to get her out to help her and he is very fond of it and intends to protect his investment. Molly is less than thrilled but Jake and Rose leave anyway. After they are gone, Molly quizzes Abigail about life with Rose. When Abigail describes how much fun Rose can be. Molly debates whether she should go over there or not. Jake calls before they decide and eases her mind. While all this is going on, Lucinda forces Lily to go home with her before the reporters see her. When Holden gets there, she is less than cordial. She cannot get past the fact that he did not know that Rose was not her. She exits the room briefly. While she is gone, Lucinda tells Holden about the events at the jail that afternoon. Lily returns and he asks her what Simon was doing in the jail? He should know, she spits. He is the one that had him arrested. Holden denies it and says that he doesn't want Simon in town, jail or no jail. They argue and she leaves the room in a huff.

Craig and Katie discuss the evening's events and Katie insists that her wonderful life is over. Craig offers to take her home. Is he crazy? She can't go to Tom and Margo's, they hate her now. Craig tells her that she can stay there tonight and tomorrow they will go and see Holden about her job. She insists that the handwriting is on the wall. Not only is she unemployed, she is unemployable. No one will hire her now.

While Jake is busy assuring Molly that nothing is going on at the apartment, Rose counts her money gathers her things and prepares to get the hell out of Dodge.